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B a h r a i n C S R N e w s l e t t e r December 2007 Bahrain CSR Bahrain CSR Bahrain CSR BAHRAIN CSR NEWS LETTER Bahrain CSR Bahrain CSR Bahrain CSR.

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Presentation on theme: "B a h r a i n C S R N e w s l e t t e r December 2007 Bahrain CSR Bahrain CSR Bahrain CSR BAHRAIN CSR NEWS LETTER Bahrain CSR Bahrain CSR Bahrain CSR."— Presentation transcript:

1 B a h r a i n C S R N e w s l e t t e r December 2007 Bahrain CSR Bahrain CSR Bahrain CSR BAHRAIN CSR NEWS LETTER Bahrain CSR Bahrain CSR Bahrain CSR

2 BahrainCSR Newsletter Latest News > > C o n t e n t s > > CSR Concept world wide………… …… ……………… 1 CSR definitions ………………………………2 Why Bahrain CSR ………………………………3 CSR impact on society ……………………………… 5 CSR events of the month………………………………6 CSR books………………………………7 CSR ALBUM………………………………8 Your Organization in success BahrainCSR Newsletter

3 Page 1 C S R C o n c e p t w o r l d w i d e In recent times, there has been an acceleration of multinational corporate activity, generating wide attention and criticism. In an era of globalization, Multinational corporations - corporations that conduct business across national boundaries in many countries- are no longer able to conduct destructive and unethical practices under a protective radar. With a dramatic proliferation of media attention, propagation of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and global information sharing, there is a surging demand from civil society, consumers, governments and shareholders for corporations to conduct sustainable business practices. The corporate response has often meant an adoption of ‘a new consciousness’ -- what has now become known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR Concept world wide CSR is an evolving concept that enables corporate executives to create and apply self determined policies to best meet the needs and demands of its stakeholders. CSR represents “the integrity with which a company governs itself, fulfils its mission, lives by its values, engages with its stakeholders, measures its impact and reports on its activities”. Companies are now expected to perform well in non- financial arenas such as human rights, business ethics, environmental policies, corporate contributions, community development, corporate governance, and workplace issues. Some examples of CSR are: safe working conditions for employees, environmental stewardship, and contributions to community groups and charities. The problem is that many companies that claim to be socially responsible often do not live up to such a standard. Because CSR is becoming more commonplace among corporations, there are concerns that some companies promote an image of CSR whether or not they have a true strategy in place and the results to show for. Accountability and transparency are key to conducting business in a responsible manner.

4 BahrainCSR Newsletter Page 2 C S R D e f i n i t i o n CSR is about how companies manage the business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society. Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large CSR is about capacity building for sustainable livelihoods. It respects cultural differences and finds the business opportunities in building the skills of employees, the community and the government CSR is about business giving back to society CSR is a concept whereby organizations consider the interests of society by taking responsibility CSR Impact on Society Environment Marketplace Workplace Community Government NGOs Local Communities Shareholders Customers Employees Unions Financial Analysis Corporate Social Responsibility CSR Definitions:

5 BahrainCSR Newsletter Page 3 W h y C S R i n B a h r a I n It is our commitment of our business to contribute to sustainable economic development, working with employees, their families, the local community and society at large to improve their quality of life. What is becoming increasingly important in the corporate world is not only the bottom-line, or financial corporate earnings, but also the triple-bottom line. This refers to the corporate commitment to be a responsible citizen of the world around us, thinking not only of turning a profit, but also about how to give back to the community in which we operate. This is why Bahrain CSR program attempts to offer long term business benefits to the community and their families while making a positive contribution to the development of Bahrain society. By Sama Al Alawi Chief Editor

6 Page 4 S i g n i n g C o n t r a c t S I g n I n g c o n t r a c t > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > W E W I L L S T A R T O N 16 TH D E C E M B E R BahrainCSR Newsletter

7 Page 5 C S R I m p a c t o n s o c i e t y Impact on society: The entire history of humanity has never witnessed a better, more disciplined, organized and cooperative society than the one established by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) because it was based on the Holy Qur'an. If we are aspiring for a virtuous society that collaborates in promoting philanthropy and piety; where equality and civic engagement prevail while poverty and unemployment diminish, we have to be intellectually and religiously committed to the teachings of Islam. Family corporations also make gifts to charity organizations, an act that has developed into a family tradition that is passed on from one generation to another in an attempt to improve the living standards of others through financial and in-kind contributions. This giving spirit manifests itself at its best during the month of Ramadan, on other religious occasions and in response to local or regional emergencies when Muslim values of humanitarian and emotional compassion upsurge. Some private-sector corporations in Gulf countries are devoted to their roles in giving back --roles that emanate from a firm belief in Muslim culture and values that endorse philanthropy. Accordingly, they demonstrate their commitment to the value of giving by supporting charity organizations or by making gifts to deserving and underprivileged individuals.

8 BahrainCSR Newsletter Page 6 C S R e v e n t s o f t h e m o n t h CSR events 08-October-2007 Bahrain’s leading Telecommunications company and a major supporter of the Bahraini community is among the leading philanthropic companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain and is committed to its responsibility to assist those who are in need. Recently, they distributed gifts to children at Salmaniya Hospital on the occasion of Gargaoun and stated that “they were delighted to bring gifts to the young children who were in-patients at Salmaniya Hospital during Ramadan.“ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ceremony of Busaiteen Sports and Culture Club held at Mena Telecom's Head Office in Manama on 18th October, 2007 On this occasion Mr. Abdul Razak Jawahery, Executive Manager Kuwait Finance House – Bahrain (KFH), representing KFH as Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Mena Telecom; commented that “Mena Telecom is keen to work with the Busaiteen Sports and Culture Club to develop an innovative and culturally sensitive rehabilitation program. Through this initiative, Mena Telecom aims to empower the less fortunate and hopes to contribute to rehabilitation process of drug addicts in the Kingdom, so that they may ultimately become independent and active contributors to society. It is very important for our organization to participate positively in the community and a project like this allows us to give value back to the community that we operate in.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CSR KUWAIT - 28.10.07 The Higher Organizing Committee of Kuwait Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award announced on 28th October, 2007 the commencement of the application period for Kuwait CSR Award 2006-2007, for companies and institutions based in the country. "The CSR Award is the first of its kind in Kuwait and the region, and seeks to raise corporate awareness on the importance of social responsibility by increasing social activities and coordinating related events."

9 BahrainCSR Newsletter Page 7 C S R B o o k s CSR Books The Corporate Responsibility Code Book By: Deborah Leipziger The Corporate Responsibility Code Book is a guide for companies trying to understand the landscape of corporate responsibility and searching for their own, unique route towards satisfying diverse stakeholders. Good Book to read

10 Page 8 C S R a l b u m BahrainCSR Newsletter Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

11 BahrainCSR Newsletter The end For further details: Please visit:, call: 17 532 884 & Fax: 17 532 883

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