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Tracking individual employee skill development S KILLS P ASSPORTS.

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1 Tracking individual employee skill development S KILLS P ASSPORTS

2 T HIS W ORKSHOP WILL FOCUS ON :  The Skills Passport as an employee owned document  Documenting employee skills acquisition  Differentiating between skills and tasks  Using the Skills Passport template (MS Publisher)  Logistics of implementing the Skills Passport in the workplace

3 T HE S KILLS P ASSPORT  “Skills Passport” is another name for an individual work skills portfolio.  It is intended to document the assortment of skills possessed by the holder of this document. These skills have been verified by a supervisor who has directly worked with this worker.

4 W ORKSHOP  Part I Starting your Passport from your memory stick  AInsert your stick into any available usb port.  Click on the Windows symbol on the bottom left corner  Click ‘Computer’  Find (your company name) and click on it  You should now see 4 folders –claim forms- contract- skills passports- training plans  These are all specific to your business

5  BToday I want you to click on the Passport folder  Here you should find a document for each of your workers being trained.  Click on any one of them.  This document is in a ‘Publisher’ format. Publisher is an MS program that is part of Office 2003 or higher.  What you have is a document which has already been formatted and can be used as a template-but you can change it!  If you make any changes, be sure to save it as by another file name so that this orginal doesn’t get messed up!

6  C. Lets look at this first as a sample.  At the bottom of t he page are numbers indication pages  Click through these pages one at a time to see what is on each page.  Other than the fist page and the last page, the pages come in pairs. Ie page 2-3, 4-5 etc.  This is because they represent two pages in a booklet that is printed on one sheet of paper.  Lets play with some of the features on this page. Look at the ribbon on top and find the % window click it +/- and change to 100%. This is easier to read!  There are many other tool bars items to explore but lets move on.

7  D.Each page consists of text boxes. Lets play with them.  1. Click on page 1 Here is your company name or logo.  2. Click on the text – you should see tiny circles on the corners and middle of a dotted line box.  3. Move your curser onto the dotted line – you should see it change to a four pointed arrow.  4. Left click and drag while in the 4arrow mode. You can drag this text over to the side. You can also put it back. Again drag it to the side space.  5. Move the cursor onto one of the little circles (top middle). You should now have a two way arrow which if you left click you can drag up or down, changing the size of the text box.  6. Put the text box back into the page where it came from by putting your curser on the dotted line to get a four arrow symbol, and then click, hold, and drag it back to the original spot. If you have changed the size it won’t fit into the box exactly. Make it fit! Do this by using the techniques learned above.

8  E.Changing Font Color Size etc.  1. Click on a word in the text box. Now look at the ribbon at the top of the screen that indicates text style and size. As you move your cursor over various text sizes you should see these numbers (font size) change.  2. Click ‘format’ on the ribbon at the top screen. On the drop down menu click font. Here is where you can change font features – color – size – style, etc. Click Cancel.  3.Now highlight a section of text - ie Company Name. Do this by click and hold while you drag the curser over the text you want to highlight.  4. Now click format - font on the ribbon at the top. You can now make changes to the text as you see fit. Try it and click apply!  Conclusion: This is possible with any and all text boxes.

9 PART II  Let’s look at the next pages.  Click on page 2 of the ribbon at the bottom of the page.  Page 2 is blank, Page 3 is an identification page.  This page can be edited just like any work document. Highlight the name and key in your own name.  Edit the phone # and address with your own.  Edit the NOC # by entering 0112 which is the NOC for a Human Resources manager.

10  Page 4 is the introductory page and page 5 is a table of contents ( this may vary from one example to another)  You can click on the text boxes and edit as any other word document.  Click on page 6-7 Essential Skills –Section A - are the focus on these pages.  There are two text boxes on these and the next pages. At the top is a smaller box which is the Header. The bigger box is the skills list box and has a wide column and 3 narrow columns. Test is fully capable of being edited and you may make it what you like.  If you move the curser over the solid lines it changes form and allows you to move the lines sideways or up and down. You can re-size the columns and lines. In fact if you go to the insert tab in the top ribbon, you can insert lines or columns as well. You can also delete rows or columns.

11  Section A is about Essential Skills, Section B on the next pages is on Use of Tools or Equipment (generally demonstrating SAFE USE of tools or equipment.).  Section C follows as a section on Working with others and is seen as a Leadership potential series of skills.  Finally the last section focuses on any other skills a worker might acquire.

12 PART III  Adding or deleting pages. Pages come in sets of FOUR! This is because, when printed, you get two pages on an 8x11 sheet of paper. If printed on both sides you have four pages per sheet of paper. This program will automatically arrange these pages so they are printed and collated so that they form a booklet with pages showing up in the correct sequence in the booklet.  Suppose you need more pages than we currently have. Here is how to add FOUR more!

13  Click on Insert at the top. The drop down menu will list ‘pages’.  Click on ‘pages’ and the next drop down menu will show up with the number 4 already in place.  Click ‘OK’  Your document now will have four more pages for you use.  To set up these pages in the previous page format you ‘copy and paste’.  Highlight the text and delete to have a clean page. Another way is to right click and clear text.

14  Whenever you see you have made an error, you can always undo!  Finally, you can save your edited document by clicking ‘file’ or the top right icon, and click ‘save as’ and then enter a new file name of your own choosing. Save this file but be sure it is saved in the flash drive

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