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Performance Management The New JTF System Performance Management The New JTF System 1 Please Sign-In.

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1 Performance Management The New JTF System Performance Management The New JTF System 1 Please Sign-In

2 Law Regulation 5 USC 43 5 CFR Part 430 DoD 1400.25-M SC430 2

3 What is (or may be) New Three Level Rating System: Excellent (5); Acceptable (3); Unacceptable (1) – Note math: 1,3,5, not 1,2,3 Ninety Day Minimum Appraisal Period Summary Level Deviation – Can be rated Excellent even if one objective is rated Acceptable (with JTF Approval) 3

4 What is NOT New System still governed by 5 USC 43 and 5 CFR Chapter 432 Objectives/Plan in Place within 30 Days No Rating without Plan – No automatic rollover – Army/Navy plans ended August 14 th Midterm Appraisal still required Take action whenever employee is failing 4

5 Key Points No appraisal permitted without valid support form in place Minimum appraisal period is 90 calendar days (with support form in place) Two counseling sessions required - initial and mid-point Rating chain signs first – then employee 5

6 Discuss objectives with employees prior to issuance All objectives are critical; do not identify non- critical objectives. Level 3 rating required to give within grade increase (WIGI). No Forced Distribution of ratings (Quota) Key Points 6

7 Employees encouraged to do self appraisal at the middle and end of the rating cycle Objectives and Ratings based solely on performance –not conduct 7 Key Points

8 Annual Appraisal Period 8

9 APPRAISAL "Lousy" is a bit general... Let me tell you what I REALLY think of your work!!! 9 Performance Management

10 10

11 Aligning Work to Mission Organization Vision, Mission and Goals Team Mission and Goals Individual Performance

12 Month 1: Identify critical objectives for the coming year; Identify developmental/training needs Issue the Plan Month 6: Mid-term Appraisal Course corrections as needed 12 Stages in the Process

13 Month 12: Evaluations Awards as appropriate Higher level approval before issuance 13 Stages in the Process

14 Yardstick for measurement-not a repeat of Position Description Based on observable results Relate directly to employee’s role and mission Where possible, objective standards should be used for quantifiable results—percentages, numbers, etc. Subjective criteria should be used for performance not subject to objective criteria 14 Performance Standards

15 Specific: regarding the result (not the activities to achieve that result) S Measurable: quantity (how many), time (how long), quality (how good), resources (how much) M Aligned: objectives draw a line of sight between the employee’s work, the work unit’s goal, and the organization’s mission A Realistic: Can be accomplished with the resources, personnel, and time Relevant: Are important to the employee and to the organization R Timed: There is a point in time when the objective will start, or when it will be completed T 15 Performance Objectives

16 Supervisor drafts standards Employee reviews and comments on standards Supervisor/employee discuss-clarify – Mutual understanding of Standard Supervisor issues after Higher-Level review 16 Process for Standards

17 Employees should complete a self-assessment at the end of the rating cycle – good practice Employees should also complete a self-assessment as part of the Interim Review process – good practice To facilitate completing the self-assessment, employees are encouraged to maintain a record of their performance throughout the appraisal period 17 Documenting Performance Weekly Status Report Outlook’s Task List Notebook

18 Subject to budget allocation, heads of JTF organizations can approve up to $5,000 for employee per year. – Not an entitlement Awards based on percent of pay guidance – Excellent 2.5% to 5% – Acceptable 1% to 2.4% Awards Policy still to be issued 18 Awards

19 Appraisal Form 19

20 20

21 21

22 22

23 23

24 24

25 25

26 26

27 27

28 QUESTIONS? Information about the Performance Management System, the appraisal form and this presentation can be found at under Civilian Personnel -> Civilian Human Resources Center or by emailing

29 Supervisors 29 If you would like to attend an additional briefing session with more specific information for supervisors, please send an email to with the following – Name: – Course Date/Time: – Alternate Course Date/Time: – Pay Plan/Series/Grade: – Military Grade/Branch: – Department: – Office E-Mail: – Office Phone: A confirmation email will be sent to you with the location of the training.

30 Supervisor Sessions 30 DateTime Thursday02-February-20121400-1600

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