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Itaú Unibanco Holdings S.A. Shivani Arora Colleen Butts Lakshmi Gupta Spencer Jones April 4, 2012.

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1 Itaú Unibanco Holdings S.A. Shivani Arora Colleen Butts Lakshmi Gupta Spencer Jones April 4, 2012

2 Agenda Company Snapshot Company Background Financial Importance Contributions and Outreach Future Outlook

3 Snapshot Headquartered in capital Sao Paulo 104,000 employees and operations in 19 countries Non-governmental financial institution In Brazil, 5000 branches and 30,000 ATMs Largest Latin American bank and one of the 10 largest banks in the world

4 Global Locations Source:

5 Mer Merger with Unibanco Created the largest private sector bank in the Southern Hemisphere Born out of strong identity of values and a converging vision of the future In November 2008, both signed an association agreement for merging the financial operations of the two banks Scale, expertise and strong capital base to reinforce capacity to offer credit to the market in line with demands of both corporate entities and private individuals

6 Insurance, pension plan and capitalization products, credit cards, asset management, and credit and product services for individuals, small and middle-market companies. Corporate and Investment Banking Financial products and services to its non- accountholders. Commercial Banking Itaù BBA Consumer Credit Four Operational Segments Corporate and Treasury Results related to the trading activities in its portfolio, trading related to managing currency, interest rate and other market risk factors, gap management and arbitrage opportunities in domestic and foreign markets

7 Itaú Vision “To be the industry’s best performing Bank, built to last, renowned for being sound and ethical, and distinguished by highly motivated teams committed to customer satisfaction, to the community and to generating competitive advantages.”

8 1960s1970s1980s1990s1945 2000s - Now Continued Growth Rapid growth Acquisitions increase – urban area focus 1st International presence in NY and BA New Infrastructure Itaú Social Program Itaú Cultural Institute Continued International Expansion New Business Strategy 25 years of organic growth Government modernization of financial systems Mergers and Acquisitions Banco Itaú, Banco Sul Americano, Banco da América Transformation Political and Economic Disruption Conservative Stance Adoption of technology: “Electronic Bank” Economic Powerhouse Banco Itaú-BBA 2003-2004 Interbrand ranks Itaú most valuable in Brazil 2008 – Itaú officially becomes Itaú Unibanco S.A. following merger Company Background Banco Itaú S.A. Founded Banco Central de Crédito Headquartered in Sao Paulo

9 Financial Snapshot Net Income Net income in 2010 showed a growth of 32.3% reaching R$13.3 billion. Stock Value On December 31, 2010, shares traded at US$22.84 on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), 5.1% over the closing price in the previous year. Market Value Market value exceeds $80 billion 50% bigger than BofA Bigger than Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley combined

10 Consumer Credit Credit cards have become the primary banking instrument for individuals in Brazil – Itaú Unibanco is among the ten largest credit card operators in the world, administering 56 million active credit cards. – In 2010, 31 Itaucard stores opened with sole task of servicing credit card customers Vehicle financing is largest in Brazil and second in world – In 2010, recorded $58.9 billion in loans to all segments (motorbikes, trucks, etc.) – Controlling stockholder in Banco Fiat, accounting for 46% of the volume of financed cars in the Fiat dealership network

11 Itaú Investment Banking *Itau has a fundamental role in representing Brazilian companies and Brazil to international investors. Petrobas issuance – One of six coordinators of the Petrobas issuance (world’s larger issuance of shares ever) Debt securities – Leads in placing debt securities of Brazilian companies in the international market – Carried out placement for the Republic’s securities aboard (first bank to take part) Fixed income securities – Leader in issuance of fixed income securities of Brazilian companies IBBA provided financial consulting services to 35 merger and acquisitions operations Finances projects of oil rigs, wind farms, highways, small hydroelectric projects

12 MicroInvest (Microfinance) Offers credit access under suitable conditions for the microfinance segment, which has been increasing with the growth of the Brazilian economy. Target small business owners – most of whom are entrepreneurs working in the informal market (without a Corporate Taxpayers’ Registry Number) in the metropolitan regions of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre. In 2010, signed 4,300 new contracts, totaling R$14.9 million. This represents a growth of 14.1% and 12.7%, respectively, in relation to 2009. For the coming years, Microinvest has ambitious targets, such as to increase its market share by 2.5 times Made significant investments in methodologies and technologies aimed at speeding up credit granting and maintaining direct contact with the client

13 For the People Fundação Itaú Socia is its social investment arm More than $156 million in social and cultural investments Itaú owns one of Brazil's largest private art collections Education Programs for youth and customers

14 For the Environment Going paperless: Itau's Paperless CampaignItau's Paperless Campaign Named Sustainable Bank of the Year in 2011 by the Financial Times and the International Finance Corporation – Goal by 2013: 80% of assets compliant with environmental and social criteria.

15 Current Expansion Opening of 123 branches and 43 Customer Site Branches (CSB) 93% in cities with more than 50 thousand population 82 branches and 8 CSB’s in the 4thQ/11 Remodeling of 440 branches to the new service model of Itaù Unibanco

16 Where to Next? Acquisitions: ~US$432 billion in assets HSBC Chile network (4 branches) in 2011 Opening of 19 branches in Latin America Looking to spread presence in Columbia by buying up assets from Santander or BBVA. Standard Chartered ($50B) (capital flows between markets) could also be a target for acquisition.

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