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Department of Labor HSPD-12 Created: October 27 th, 2006 Last Updated: August 20, 2007 A guide to what you can expect from the PIV-II process Audio commentary.

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2 Department of Labor HSPD-12 Created: October 27 th, 2006 Last Updated: August 20, 2007 A guide to what you can expect from the PIV-II process Audio commentary included

3 2 What does this guide cover? HSPD-12 Overview and Goals(3 minutes) Personal Identity Verification (PIV) I and II(3 minutes) PIV-II Badge Technology(3 minutes) What to Expect: Process Overview(3 minutes)

4 3 What is HSPD-12? Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) is a mandate for all federal agencies. Issued August 27 th, 2004, First Phase took effect October 27 th, 2005, Second Phase took effect October 27 th, 2006 Phase II began with new employees and contractors on 10/27/06 at Frances Perkins Building and Postal Square Building in Washington DC. By 10/27/08 Phase II will apply to all employees and contractors.

5 4 What are the goals of HSPD-12? Enhance security Reduce identity fraud Protect personal privacy Provide a secure and reliable form of identification

6 5 Why was HSPD-12 Implemented? Each Federal department and agency has its own standards for ID badges, which vary in consistency and security There may be several badge variations within an agency

7 6 Common ID Badge Benefits Key Benefits: Secure Identification - The ability to authenticate a person’s identity, before issuance of a badge, provides greater identity validation Standardization - Processes and technologies to determine identity and appropriate level of access will be standardized across the government

8 7 PIV II Badge Issuance Requirements A Sponsor is designated in order to validate that each employee or contractor requires a PIV-II badge. Rigorous identity validation is necessary to minimize identity fraud risk. Expanded background investigation is required; a minimum of a National Agency Check with Written Inquiries (NACI) and a Fingerprint Check. You are required to report theft or loss of your PIV-II badge immediately to your Sponsor.

9 8 PIV-II Badge Security Features Biometrics Smart Card Digital Certificate How does your PIV-II badge work? Your PIV-II badge works like your current DOL badge, with these additional security features:  Smart Card  Digital Certificate  Biometrics: Primary and Secondary Fingerprints are stored on the badge

10 9 PIV-II Badge Layout New DOL PIV-II Badges will include the following features: Specific tamper- resistant features Standards that will eventually allow badges to be used throughout multiple agencies and locations; (for example, a DOL employee can be validated at a DOL building, and be allowed access to facilities and networks) Uniform print layout and design so badges can be recognized and validated. Biometrics, including fingerprints, to allow two-factor authentication when needed Standard information printed on the badge (photograph, name, Agency, employee/contractor status, expiration date) Two electronic fingerprint captures Unique badge identifier (a number specific to the actual badge) Personal Identification Number (PIN)-a number of your choosing Digital authentication certificate

11 10 How will my information be utilized? DOL and other agencies will use the information on the PIV-II Badge and may use some of the stored information about you when you access federal facilities, computers, applications, or data to prove your identity and your right of access. After deactivation (upon separation) this information is kept for a length of time consistent with the applicable records schedule. After that time, if it is not needed for safety or security reasons, or to investigate improper behavior, it is destroyed. If you have additional questions contact your local Enrollment/Issuance center for a list of PIV-II frequently asked questions.

12 11 Digital Certificate Characteristics Your name A unique identification number An expiration date; A copy of the certificate holder’s public key The digital signature of the Certification Authority

13 12 Potential Digital Certificates Uses Authentication for physical or logical system access encryption Digital signature

14 13 Personal Identification Number (PIN) Creation and use of PIN activates your PIV-II badge The PIN provides an additional method of authentication The PIN you generate will be stored on the smart card microchip as well as in the HSPD-12 system

15 14 Biometric Information Biometric information refers to measurable physical characteristics that can automatically be checked by a device or application. PIV-II standards require two fingerprint captures to be stored on the PIV-II badge. Fingerprints Scanned Two fingerprints captured Fingerprints stored on smartcard microchip

16 15 How Your Fingerprints Could Be Used Your fingerprint images stored on the badge can be compared to a fingerprint image captured real-time. These fingerprint scanners can be attached to a door or to a computer to control access If the real-time image matches one of the fingerprint images stored on the badge, your identity is authenticated. Fingerprints stored on badge Computer matches fingerprints when accessing computers/buildings Access granted if fingerprint matches Finger scanned via fingerprint scanner

17 16 New user process to get a PIV-II badge The following steps are necessary to complete the PIV-II process

18 17 Step 1 – Sponsorship Complete OF-306 Complete Background Investigation documents Collect PKI Certificate from Sponsor

19 18 Step 2 – Enrollment Report to Enrollment Station for  Identity Document Verification  Fingerprinting  Photographing Bring Employment identity documents to first day at DOL

20 19 Step 3 – Registration DOL sends fingerprints to OPM Background Investigation Initiated DOL Receives FBI and Background Investigation results* *PIV-II badge may be issued on the basis of FBI Fingerprint Check; the PIV-II badge may be revoked if further investigation makes you ineligible to receive a PIV-II badge.

21 20 Step 4 – PIV-II Badge Issuance Visit Issuance Station Verify Fingerprints Receive new PIV-II badge

22 21 Timeline: HSPD-12 at DOL Release 1 Release 3 Release 2 Frances Perkins Building & Postal Square Building DC Field Offices Additional DOL Sites October 27, 2005 October 27, 2006 New Employees & Contractors April 1, 2007 New Employees & Contractors 8/0410/0510/064/07 PIV I Process End of FY07 65% Employees & Contractors PIV-II PIV I

23 22 Questions 1. HSPD-12 applies to? A. All Federal Employees and long-term contractors B. All Department of Labor Employees C. Federal Contractors D. None of the Above A. All Federal Employees and long-term contractors

24 23 Questions 2. What is the first stage in the PIV-II process? A. Issuance B. Registration C. Enrollment D. Sponsorship

25 24 Questions 3. What is an advantage of implementing HSPD-12? A. Enhance security B. Reduce identity fraud C. Provide secure and reliable forms of identification D. All of the above D. All of the Above

26 25 Questions 4. What does HSPD-12 stand for? A. Highly Secretive Presence Detector 12 B. High Speed Physical Disk 12 C. Home Station Pass Document 12 D. Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12

27 26 More Information More information about HSPD-12 can be found here: Find more online: Policy-for-PIV-Card-Issuance.htm the help desk: Contact your Sponsor or Enrollment/Issuance Office

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