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RA for Teens Lauren Regenhardt, MLIS Teen Services Manager Yuma County Library District.

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1 RA for Teens Lauren Regenhardt, MLIS Teen Services Manager Yuma County Library District

2 A flowchart to get you started…  content/uploads/2013/07/Summer- Reading-Flowchart-Young-Adults.gif content/uploads/2013/07/Summer- Reading-Flowchart-Young-Adults.gif

3 Take a look at your community  What are they reading?  Based on what they are reading, what can you order that would appeal to them?  Cater to their interests

4 In Yuma County… YA Stats - October 2014 DatelandFoothillsHeritageMainRollSan LuisSomertonWelltonTotal BIOGRAPHY0135022013 NONFICTION02326115037210222 YA-FICTION1412549466101544626890 YA-GRA-FIC718440844041513201622 YA-MYSTERY0131113460 YA-SC-FI16361882149197228

5 What I do in Yuma…

6 My teens…  Play video games  Insignia by S.J. Kincaid  Ready Player One by Ernest Cline  Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card  LOVE (like, really) love superheroes and comics  Pulse by Patrick Carman  Super Human by Michael Carroll  Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

7 My teens…  Watch Supernatural  Unbreakable by Kami Garcia  Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs  Asylum by Madeleine Roux  Watch Marvel/DC movies and shows  The Green Arrow comics  Batman comics  The Flash comics

8 Average teen reference interview…  “Can you help me find a book?”  “Absolutely! What kind of book?”  Potential responses:  “Something with vampires.”  “Something like The Fault In Our Stars (or insert book here)”  *Blank stare, a little drool*

9 Questions we can ask them  “What was the last thing you read and enjoyed?”  “What kind of books have you liked in the past?”  “What shows do you watch/games do you play?”  “What books do you hate?”

10 Ten Rules of Basic RA Service by RA For all  1. Betty Rosenberg: “Never apologize for your reading tastes.” 2. Suggest don’t Recommend. 3. Everyone reads a different version of the same book. 4. Write down adjectives about what you read; plot you can find. 5. Read widely (at least speed read widely). 6. Read about books (RSS feeds). 7. Share what you read- with staff and patrons. 8. Never let a patron leave unsatisfied. 9. Get out from behind the desk. 10. Bridge the physical-virtual divide.  service.html

11 Resources to help bridge that physical-virtual divide  Pinterest (For you)  “20 books if you liked “The Fault In Our Stars”  Flow charts  Library Pinterest pages  Snapchat (for them)  Snap a pic of new books and anyone who is ‘friends’ with you will see  Twitter (also for them)  The “New Facebook”  Tweet a 140-character book talk/snippet  Goodreads

12 Know your audience! (Again)  Teens are always changing! They change interests and styles and fads. Stay ahead of the game!  Don’t underestimate them. They’ll question you and fight just because they can. Be patient with them!  Know your collection. If you have to search for ten minutes to locate something, you’ll lose them.  DISPLAYS!!

13 Think about your Space  If you have a teen room, that’s automatically reader’s advisory. Have the books shelved there so while they’re playing games, watching movies, etc., they see the books.  If you don’t, make a space! Even a corner with a display or bulletin board. Draw their attention and keep it!

14 Questions? 

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