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2 CONTENT Introduction and Background Vision / Mission Strategic Pillars & Objectives Scope of Presentation Legislative framework Principle of municipal responsibilities Stakeholders to Budget/ IDP Process Flowchart for the processing/ Implementation of SALGA matters Line of reporting and communication Way forward/ Conclusion 2

3 STATISTICS 3833 Square km Population: 166 825 (Census 2011) Worcester, Rawsonville, De Doorns & Touwsriver

4 Vision A unique and caring valley of service excellence, opportunity, and growth. Mission To provide sustainable and affordable basic services in a safe and healthy environment which, promotes social and economic welfare through participative governance in a committed service orientated approach, as well as appreciating committed staff as the organisation’s most valuable resource and key to service delivery. 4

5 STRATEGIC PILLARS & OBJECTIVES Strategic PillarsStrategic Objectives OpportunityTo create a unique and caring Valley of service excellence, opportunity and growth SafetyTo ensure a safe, healthy, clean and sustainable external environment for all Breede Valley’s People CaringTo create and enabling environment for employment and poverty eradication through pro-active economic development and tourism InclusiveTo provide democratic, accountable government for local communities and encourage involvement of communities and community organisations in the matters of local government Well-run municipality To assure a sustainable future through sound financial management, continuous revenue growth, corporate governance and risk management practises 5

6 SCOPE OF PRESENTATION SALGA Matter/ Request: How are SALGA matters processed in the Municipality and can the involvement of the Municipality in SALGA activities be improved ? 6

7 Legislation impacting on local government Electricity Act (1987) Labour Relations Act (1995) Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (1996) Financial and Fiscal Commission Act (1997) Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations Act (1997) Water Services Act (1997) Municipal Demarcation Act (1998) Municipal Structures Act (1998) National Environmental Management Act (1998) Remuneration of Political Office bearers Act (1998) Skills Development Act (1998) Municipal Systems Act (2000) National Land Transport Transition Act (2000) Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (2000) Municipal Finance Management Act (2003) Property Rates Act (2004) Intergovernmental Relations Framework Act (2005) Division of Revenue Act (enacted annually) Pension and Medical Aid Legislation Other legislation to be enacted in 2006 and beyond 7

8 Principles of municipal responsibilities The constitutional mandate for municipalities is that they strive, within their financial and administrative capacity, to achieve the objectives and carry out the developmental duties, assigned to local government. The municipal council therefore takes on the following principal responsibilities: to provide democratic and accountable government without favour or prejudice to encourage the involvement of the local community to provide all members of the local community with equitable access to the municipal services that they are entitled to to plan at the local and regional level for the development and future requirements of the area to monitor the performance of the municipality by carefully evaluating budget reports and annual reports to avoid financial problems, and if necessary to identify the causes of financial problems and resolve them as they arise to provide services and facilities, and financial capacity, within the constitutional and legislative authority, that benefit ratepayers and residents, and visitors to its area. These would include, but are not limited to, general public services or facilities (such as electricity, water and sanitation services, waste and refuse removal), community services or facilities, and cultural or recreational services or facilities, while focusing on core functions as a priority to provide infrastructure for the community and for development within the area by promoting an attractive climate and locations for the development of business, commerce, industry and tourism to manage, improve and develop resources available to the council. 8

9 Co-operative government mean The Legislation fosters a greater level of co-operation across (and within) the different spheres of government, based on systems of mutual support, information sharing and communication and co-ordination of activities – each aiming to add value to the others’ responsibilities with a view to improving outcomes for all. 9

10 STAKEHOLDERS IN A NUTSHELL Council & Administration (Management) National & Provincial Treasury Department of Local Government & other provincial bodies SALGA Local Business & Forums Public / Community/ Ratepayers Oversight (External & Internal Audit, Risk Manager, Audit and Performance Audit Committee) 10

11 FLOWCHART FOR THE PROCESSING/ IMPLEMENTATION OF SALGA MATTERS 11 SALGA MATTER REFERRED TO BVM Executive Mayor Municipal Manager Relevant Mayoral Committee Member Relevant Director Relevant Manager Mayoral Committee / Council Approval

12 TYPICAL LINES OF REPORTING/ FACILITATION MATTERSResponsible Mayoral Committee Member Administrative LINE OF RESPONSIBILITY Safety, Traffic, Health services Deputy Executive MayorDirector Community Services Finance, Internal Audit, IDP & PMS Financial Services, Internal Audit, IDP & PMS. Chief Financial Officer, Chief Internal Auditor, Manager IDP Agriculture, Rural Development, Disaster Management (Including Fire & Rescue) Public Safety & community Development services Director Community Services LED, Tourism (including Business) LED & TourismDirector Strategic Support Services Sport, Environment & Recreation, Arts & Culture Sport, Arts & CultureDirector Community Services 12

13 TYPICAL LINES OF REPORTING/ FACILITATION MATTERSResponsible Mayoral Committee Member Administrative LINE OF RESPONSIBILITY Community Services, Social Development, Women, Youth, Disabled, Library services Community Special needs & Social Development Director Community Services Housing Director Community Services Human Resources, Strategic services (PMS) Technical services (Civil & Planning) Human Resources, Infrastructure Development, Service delivery & Technical services Director Strategic Support Services & Director Technical Services Corporate Services & Communications Director Strategic Support Services & Manager Communications 13

14 CONTACTS: MAYORAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS & OTHER COUNCILLORS COUNCILLOR; POSITION EMAIL ADDRESSTELNO. The Speaker: STEYN, A. (Ex Officio MayCo) The Executive Mayor: KIVEDO, B.D. The Deputy Executive Mayor: LEVENDAL, J.D. : Basic Services, Community Safety & Traffic. MMC1: BLOM, W.M.: Financial Services, Internal Audit, IDP & PMS. MMC2: JORDAAN, A.E.: Agriculture & Rural Dev. & Disaster Management (Fire & Rescue included). MMC3: DU TOIT, A.M.: LED & Tourism (Business & Agri-business included) 14

15 CONTACTS: MAYORAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS & OTHER COUNCILLORS COUNCILLOR; POSITION EMAIL ADDRESSTELNO. MMC4: GOEDEMAN, S.: Arts & Culture (Heritage matters included), Environment & Recreation & Sport 0844482823 MMC5: SAMPSON, M.; Community Services; Disabled, Library Services, Social Dev., Women & Youth. MMC6: SHELDON, E.Y. : Housing MMC7: MEIRING, W.R.: Human Resources, Technical Services (Civil & Planning Services). MMC8: VAN ZYL, J.F. : Communication & Marketing, Corporate Services & Ombudsman. FARAO, R.: Chief Whip (Ex Officio MayCo) 15


17 SOME OF BREEDE VALLEY CHALLENGES Facilitation of Job creation; Current economic State (Poverty & unemployment & address the LED) Infrastructure backlogs, R1,9 billion; Capital equipment is old and dilapidated; Lack of infrastructure maintenance; Local growing population & unrealistic expectation versus available resources/ IDP needs/ Housing Challenge; Tourism sector and it’s importance to stimulate the local economy; Debt exposure of the municipality & limited Taxbase; Create a greater sense of responsibility in the Breede Valley Community (Public ownership & consumer education). Seek for innovative ways to provide/ render services Constant and continuous improvement of revenue recovery; Restructuring and alignment of the organizational structure Recent protest actions within the Breede Valley MGRO outcomes Rampant Crime 17

18 How can involvement be improve Registration/ confirmation of correct lines of communication; Yearly/ Monthly calendar consultations; Input on agenda points; and Sensitization of all stakeholders around effective involvement 18

19 19 CONCLUSION DANKIE/ THANKS/ NDIYABULELA A Unique and caring valley of service excellence, opportunity and growth

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