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CTE Credential Program For IHE and District Representatives Meetings held March & April 2010.

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1 CTE Credential Program For IHE and District Representatives Meetings held March & April 2010

2 Program Planning in Review Name change approved in October 2007 – Name change to Designated Subjects CTE Credentialing Program – New Industry sectors defined New standards approved in August 2008; writing began CCTC revisions approved July 2009

3 Program Planning in Review (continued) Consortium idea began in September 2009 Consortium Program writing started in November 2009 Writing Consortium met 5 times over a period of 3 months (25 hours / 224 participant hours) Final documents completed in March 2010

4 New Program Overview Formalized structure SDCOE remains the LEA and the recommending agency New components – Early Orientation – Mentoring – New Course Structure MOU

5 Flow Chart Apply to Program and for Credential Candidate Sent Planned Course of Study Candidate Sent Planned Course of Study Early Orientation Program Orientation Foundations Course CTE Emphasis Course Adult Emphasis Course Portfolio Course Advanced Training Course Health Education, CPR, & US Constitution Apply for Clear Credential Advise & Support

6 San Diego County Designated Subjects Credential Consortium Consortium Members – IHE ( CSUSM, SDSU, & UCSD) – Districts Writing Process (all the above plus:) – LACOE – Orange County Department of Education – National University

7 LEA Responsibilities Oversee Program Process applications Recommend candidates Meet CTC accreditation cycle requirements Facilitate Curriculum Review meetings Regularly update SDCOE Designated Subjects Credential website

8 LEA Responsibilities (Continued) Provide links to Professional Development opportunities Facilitate Credential Advisory Meetings Mentor Collaboration Advertise courses

9 IHE Responsibilities Employ and evaluate Program Faculty -Collaborate with Program staff on hiring qualifications Provide facilities Send evaluation information to Program staff for accreditation data & program improvement Financially contribute to LEA for program management Attend Credential Advisory meetings

10 District/Employer Responsibilities District Supervision of Candidates and Mentors Hire and Select Mentors – Minimum qualifications for mentors Support participation in professional development opportunities Attend Credential Advisory meetings Early Orientation option – districts provide LEA approved program and certificate of completion

11 Mentor Responsibilities Become Program approved Attend Orientation Conduct classroom Observations Provide ongoing feedback to candidates Provide required documentation to Program Staff Attend Advisory and Curriculum Review meetings

12 Early Orientation Requirement Definition: mandated support and guidance during the first 30 days of teaching Online and District options –Online format allows candidates opportunities to go back into any training module and review specific information anytime –District option must be Program approved as meeting Program Standard 3 and provide Certificate of completion to candidate and LEA

13 Early Orientation Requirement (Continued) CRYROP CTE Teach Project – CTE Teach 2 year program - similar to BTSA Early Orientation – Comprehensive curriculum as prescribed in Program Standard 3 – Online training and assessments – Certificate of completion forwarded to employer and LEA – Approved program anticipated for July 1, 2010

14 CTC Reporting Cycle 2008-09 – Site Visit (Done) 2009-10 – Site Visit Follow-up (in process) 2010-11 – Biennial Report 2011-12 – Collect Data 2012-13 – Biennial Report 2013-14 – Program Assessment 2014-15 – Biennial Report 2015-16 – Site Visit

15 Adult Education Program Update

16 Questions

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