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Rebuilding the Heaven on Earth

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1 Rebuilding the Heaven on Earth
Creation of Nepal Rebuilding the Heaven on Earth Prepared by: Pratikshya Bhandari Himalayan White House International College Photo References: The Himalayan Times, Kantipur, Kathmandu Post, Himal

2 Nepal: A complete nation
Nepal, a world within itself. Rich in cultural and bio diversity. One of the top 10 destinations to visit in life. Tourism, source of employment and power to enhance weak economy Garden of 4 caste and 36 sub castes Example of Unity in diversity

3 What went wrong? Maoist insurgency The Royal Massacre
People’s Movement (2)

4 The New Hope The success of Janaandolan 2
Downfall of King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. Declaration of ceasefire by the CPN-UML (Maoists) Drafting new constitution of the new government.

5 New Government, New Plans
14th July 2006: Nepal Govenrment’s1st Budget announcement.

6 Education One of the main focus Core point for development
Poor education condition Maoists insurgency Shut down of school Forced recruitment in the army

7 IT-less rural areas Lack of IT awareness
Organizing summer school and training programs How it develops tourism? Government's proposal Involvement of the Private sectors

8 The leaders of tomorrow
New generation Awareness in this group Emphasis on rural and urban area Building a technical Nepal

9 Dreams for tomorrow’s Nepal


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