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1 Semantic Intelligence: Application to Survey Data.

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1 1 Semantic Intelligence: Application to Survey Data

2 Contents Problem Specification 2.0 Related work 3.0 Our Approach 4.0Evaluation & Recommendation 5.0Survey Findings

3 01 Overview 3 Source: The Times Higher Education Review Fierce competition Universities compete globally for student enrolments! 16 Universities in Australia alone! Government Response Created the Advancing Quality in Higher Education (AQHE) initiative. Aimed at measuring a university's performance via a number of assessments and surveys.

4 01 Overview 4 Quantitative Qualitative Vs The fact I didn’t have to turn up to class ;-)

5 01 Overview 5 Irony What were the best aspects of the degree? Answer: Lecturer A (name with held) What aspects of the degree were most in need of improvement? Answer: Lecturer A (name with held) Language is complex! Ambiguity - The word ‘Unlockable’ can mean ‘capable of being unlocked’ or ‘impossible to lock’. (Pollatsek A, 2010) - The fisherman went to the bank. (Lexical) - Principal: Leader of a school vs Principle: Standards or code. (Homonyms)

6 02 Related Work 6

7 03 Our Approach 7 Part 2 - Survey Analysis Part 1 - Software Evaluation

8 03 Our Approach 8 High Level Criteria (Section)Section Weight % 1.0 Functionality 30% 2.0 Usability 20% 3.0 Ease of Learning 10% 4.0 Accuracy 5% 5.0 Pricing 20% 6.0 Reporting 10% 7.0 Support 5% Total:100%

9 Products 9 Market is rapidly changing. Consolidation of products and vendors occurring Oracle => Vitrue Inc. & Collective Intellect HP (Fusion) => Automony IBM => SPSS Inc. Larger players muscling in and have aggressive roadmaps over the next 6-12 months. (I.e Oracle). Exalytics SPSS Text Analytics

10 Products Shortlisted 10 ProductSupplierComments Cogito Expert SystemsServer licence DiscoverTextTextifter Professional Edition - $99.00 user/month (Pay as you go) GATEUniversity of Sheffield Open Sourced Leximancer Academic Edition - Lexiportal SPSS Text AnalyticsIBM IBM SPSS Text Analytics, part of SPSS suite of products.

11 04 Evaluation Results 11 #Key Criteria* Gate VOCCogitoSPSS Text Analytics Leximancer Discover Text 1.0 Functionality Usability Ease of Learning Accuracy Pricing Reporting Support Total

12 12 Tactical – Short Term For General Population Consolidating existing licences for Leximancer under one enterprise wide license ($12,000) for all staff and students across the board. MQ Analytical Dept Retaining and expanding academic licensing with SPSS text Analytics’ for use by MQ Analytical department and faculty staff, as well as postgraduate coursework and research students. Strategic – Long term Introduce Contestability. Wait 18 months for market to mature. Release RFP with bigger players (oracle, IBM, SAS). 04 Recommendation “Capitalise & consolidate on current investments already in place across various departments within the university.”

13 05 Survey Insights 13 Responses by Top 3 Course % 0801 Accounting24% 0803 Business and Management11% 0811 Banking, Finance and Related Fields9% Total (3 years) Attendance Type Full time Part Time Level of Degree Completed Master of Philosophy Advanced diploma or diploma Bachelor degree (honours) Bachelor degree (not honours or graduate entry) Graduate certificate Master degree by coursework PhD Postgraduate diploma Other Attendance Mode External (distance) Internal (on-campus) Mixed mode (internal and external) Australian citizen or permanent resident NO YES - Aust. Citizen/ Perm. Resident Quick Insights (Respondents)

14 Categories here mean: Occur often and unique to tag Categories here mean: Occur seldom and unique to tag Sentiment Categories here mean: Occur often, not unique to tag Categories here mean: Occur seldom, not unique to tag

15 International & Domestic

16 Over 3 year period

17 Questions? 17

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