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Skills and Competencies for Emerging Professionals Prepared by the Office for Student Affairs Graduate Assistant Competency Committee.

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1 Skills and Competencies for Emerging Professionals Prepared by the Office for Student Affairs Graduate Assistant Competency Committee

2 Agenda Issues and Committee Charge Partnerships Position Examination (Practicum/Field Study, Internship, Graduate Assistantship) Skills and Competencies Testimonials Benefits Tools Next Steps

3 Issues to Resolve Lack of practical opportunities for students in Master’s programs Financially challenging to hire GAs How can we match departments with qualified candidates, while also increasing opportunities for Master’s students? How can we maximize the experiences for Graduate students and prepare them for work post-graduation? How can we create a more consistent framework for opportunities? How can we better inform Graduate students about learning and placement opportunities across departments? How do we strengthen recruitment practices?

4 Committee Charge (Nov. 2009) Review existing competency programs for Graduate Assistants at other institutions Develop a competency program for the University of Minnesota that can be used across all areas of Student Affairs Explore the different employment options available to departments and develop a consistent program plan for the departments within Student Affairs Recommend an implementation plan for the new competency program and employment options program plan.

5 Committee Members Mandi Watkins Soderlund, chair Rebecca Ropers Huilman & Darwin Hendel, OLPD Karen Miksch, PSTL Debra Anderson, Sally Bauer, & Hans Peterson, SUA Susan Warfield, SPHC Patricia Jones Whyte, OED Susan Cable-Morrison, OHR Via email: –Chad Ellsworth, FSL & Carrie Burke, CSPP

6 Partnership Academics and OSA –It is vital in the development of student affairs/service professionals that they gain practical experiences with students before graduation –With that practical experience, students are more prepared in the classroom –Other examples of an Academic/Student Affairs partnership: Leadership Minor Engagement Initiative

7 Partnership OLPD, PSTL, CSPP –It is in the best interest of CEHD that academic units are partnering to provide the best possible experience for students

8 Postions Practicum/Field Study –Always academic credit Advising student groups in both group and individual settings Internships –Sometimes academic credit Planning and implementing a program/event Assistantships –Seldom/Never academic credit Student Activities GA: –Advise program board committees –Register/advise student groups –Plan/implement events –Participate in/on committees

9 Funding Positions Practicum/Field Study –No employer/employee relationship –No pay or stipend Internships –Sometimes employer/employee relationship –No pay, stipend, or hourly Assistantships –Always employer/employee relationship –$17.01/hour plus tuition and benefits

10 Skills & Competencies SDO and SLO program developed for undergrads in 2007 No such program for Graduate and Professional students Students need to be able to articulate what they have gained from Graduate experiences

11 National Movement 2010 ACPA, NASPA, & CAS Competencies Document rolled out at national conferences – Recommended 10 competencies for all Student Affairs Practitioners: –Advising & Helping –Assessment, Evaluation, & Research –Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion –Ethical Professional Practice –History, Philosophy, & Values –Human & Organizational Resources –Law, Policy, & Governance –Leadership –Personal Foundations –Student Learning & Development

12 U of M Skills & Competencies Advising & Supervising Assessment, Evaluation, & Research Human & Organizational Resources Multiculturalism, Inclusion, & Equity Policy, Governance, & Law Professional & Ethical Practice Professional Knowledge & Orientation Student Learning & Development

13 U of M Skills & Competencies Advising & Supervising Definition Graduate students who have developed competence in Advising & Supervising will: professionally and academically aid a student in his/her development via formal and informal methods; coach, advise, and supervise in both one-on-one and in large group settings; and facilitate coaching, advising, and supervision through selection and hiring, training, communicating expectations, feedback and assessment.

14 U of M Skills & Competencies Assessment, Evaluation, & Research Definition Graduate students who have developed competence in Assessment, Evaluation, & Research will: use, design, conduct, and critique qualitative and quantitative assessment, evaluation, and research analyses; utilize assessment, evaluation and research to improve organizational effectiveness; and shape the political and ethical climate surrounding assessment, evaluation, and research processes and uses on campus.

15 U of M Skills & Competencies Human & Organizational Resources Definition Graduate students who have developed competence in Human & Organizational Resources will: demonstrate skills and knowledge in the selection, supervision, motivation, and formal evaluation of staff; appropriately resolve conflict; manage the politics of organizational discourse; effectively apply strategies and techniques associated with financial resources, facilities management, fundraising, technology use, crisis management, risk management, and sustainable resources; and understand and conduct budgeting and financial resource management.

16 U of M Skills & Competencies Multiculturalism, Inclusion, & Equity Definition Graduate students who have developed competence in Multiculturalism, Inclusion, & Equity will: create higher education learning environments that are enriched with diverse views and people of varied backgrounds, races, cultures, and beliefs; create an institutional ethos that engages in multiculturalism and helps to increase self awareness and knowledge of multiple groups different from self; and pursue equity for all members of the campus community. A broad understanding of multiculturalism is employed that includes race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, and religion, so as to acknowledge that personal identity is complex and intersectional.

17 U of M Skills & Competencies Policy, Governance, & Law Definition Graduate students who have developed competence in Policy, Governance, & Law will: apply current legal constructs and policy development processes used in various contexts, and understand governance structures and their impact on one’s professional practice; and recognize laws, policies, and procedures at the campus, local, state, and federal level that impact one’s professional practice.

18 U of M Skills & Competencies Professional & Ethical Practice Definition Graduate students who have developed competence in Professional & Ethical Practice will: professionally and appropriately represent one’s self, the unit/organization and University in accordance with set standards and expectations; understand and recognize the importance and application of ethical standards and practices in one’s work, pertaining to professional relationships with colleagues, students and external groups and in financial matters; the interpretation and application of policies and standards; and understand how and when viewpoint neutrality applies to the position.

19 U of M Skills & Competencies Professional Knowledge & Orientation Definition Graduate students who have developed competence in Professional Knowledge & Orientation will: connect the history, philosophy, and values of the profession to one’s current professional practice; work both independently and collaboratively to effect change and create a vision; have a passion for work and remain curious; and establish life-long learning through professional development such as conferences, publications, and best practices.

20 U of M Skills & Competencies Student Learning & Development Definition Graduate students who have developed competence in Student Learning & Development will: demonstrate knowledge and understanding of concepts and principles of student development and learning theory; apply theory to improve and inform student affairs practice, as well as understand teaching and training theory and practice; and apply the University of Minnesota Student Development and Learning Outcomes to all programs, activities, and Advising & Supervising practice.

21 Testimonials Maggie Towle, Director of Student Unions & Activities –Restructured to offer 4 GA positions in 2007 –Has offered Practicum experiences for CSPP –Looking into offering more internship/practicum experiences for students moving forward Susan Warfield, Director of Student Parent HELP Center –Works with Social Work field study students each year; the positions are unpaid for certification credit –Staffing of office would not be possible without these students

22 Benefits to you Pipeline of employees Value added components Better investment with pre-determined competencies Partnerships across the U leverages the positive use of resources

23 Helpful Tools Appendices from report A.Position comparison chart (pgs 11-12) B.Skills and Competencies for Emerging Professionals chart (pgs 13-16) C.Sample Learning Contract (pgs 17-21) D.Sample Pre-Assessment Tool (pgs 22-24) E.Sample Performance Review Form (pgs 25-32)

24 Committee Next Steps/Goals Create a website with all the forms available for supervisors –The website will be operational by March 2011 and accessible through Future committee considerations: –Recruitment/Job fair –Database –Increased number of opportunities

25 Your Next Steps/Goals Visit the website and contact us if you are interested in exploring these options We will assist you in launching the skills and competencies program within your area, including working with HR to determine appropriate employer/employee relationships and pay scales

26 Questions?

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