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The Egyptian Cinderella Day 3 By Shirley Climo Story Structure.

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1 The Egyptian Cinderella Day 3 By Shirley Climo Story Structure

2 Vocabulary  Doze sleep lightly  After Thanksgiving dinner my father will often doze in his chair while watching a football game.  Seldom sel dom rarely not often  Mrs. Pushee was surprised when JaCourtney was absent from school because he seldom missed a day.

3 vocabulary  Coaxed coax ed urged encouraged  Mikaela coaxed her dog into the house by offering it dog treats.  Declared declar(e) +ed stated announced  Dustin declared that he would run for student council next year.  Nimble nim ble quick and skillful  The cat is so nimble that she could jump from the sofa to the top of the high cabnet.

4  Dull boring uninteresting  Kiersten was very disappointed when the movie she had been waiting to watch turned out to be really boring.  Dismissed dis miss ed excused  Mrs. G dismissed the students after the assembly so that they could go back to class. 

5 Vocabulary  Deserted desert ed empty abandoned  The old house was falling down in disrepair and had been deserted for many many years.

6 Story Structure  This week as we read we will be concentrating on finding different parts of a story. This will include setting, characters, problem solution and type of story.  By recognizing these elements good readers better understand what is happening in the story. 

7 Building Background  Every story has some things that are the same. What are some of the things that makeup every story?  Setting  Characters  Problem and Solution  Type of story

8 Types of Stories  Can you name different types of stories?  Folktales Fantasy Historical Fiction  Science Fiction Mystery  This week we are reading a fairy tale. Can you think of any other fairy tales. TPS

9 Background  Setting- the time and place of the story.  Characters- the people in the story. 

10 Fairy Tales  Fairy tales have good and bad characters. Usually the good characters have a problem that needs to be solved. One of the things that make fairy tales different from other stories is that they usually have a magical creature or person in the story. Also fairy tales always have happy endings. Keep these things in mind as you read the story this week.

11 Listening  Read Pages 18 -23 of Cinderella  Earlier this week we talked about fairy tales and different types of stories. Does anyone remember what makes a fairy tale different?  Fairy tales have magical creatures or people in them.  Is Cinderella a fairy tale? How can you tell?

12 More Background  Will Rhodopis be able to go to the party? Will the servant girls come back to take Rhodopis to the Pharaoh’s party?

13 Team Talk  Read page 10 with partner.  Read pages 11-14 silently.  You can tell this is a fairy tale because?  Describe Rhodopis’ mood in this part of the story?  How did the falcon make Rhodopis’ problem worse?

14 Vocabulary  Write a meaningful sentence with one of the following words.  Doze seldom coaxed declared  Nimble dull dismissed deserted

15 Adventures in Writing  Using what you have learned you are going to write a fairy tale.  Story Structure 20 pts  Setting- characters- problem solution 30 pts  Elements of a fairy tale – good and bad characters, a magical character, a happy ending 20 pts  Use full sentences 10 pts  Use capitals and periods 10 pts  A catchy title 10 pts

16 Goldilocks and the 3 bears Goldilocks Mama Bear Papa Bear Baby Bear A small house in the woods Good- the Bears Bad – Goldilocks Problem- Goldilocks breaks al the bears stuff Solution – she runs away

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