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Introduction to Physical Geology

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1 Introduction to Physical Geology



4 The Golden Rule Treat others the way you want to be treated
Treat thy neighbor as thyself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you As you give, so shall you receive Thy actions shall determine thy treatment I do as you do Be a friend to make a friend You shall reap as you sow We are as much alive as we keep the earth alive

5 Greeks Romans Egyptians Chinese Incas Celtics Polynesia Babylonia Arabs Kurds and Native Americans

6 Other rules to remember
Come prepared In your seat at the bell Bathroom passes as needed, unless the system is abused Ask for, and deserve, the floor Use my time wisely and to your best advantage

7 Consequences Verbal cautions Time out Class detention (before school)
School detention (before/after) Parental intervention Administrative intervention In-house suspension Out-of-school suspension Expulsion

8 Journal Check the board upon entering the class
Make your response to the day’s question or direction during roll Enter the discussion with your classmates about the day’s topic Move on to the day’s work

9 Textbook Physical Geology is a study of the earth, its formation, and changes that occur It is for those of you who have historically had difficulties with science and reading those huge textbooks This is your text. Bring it to class everyday Cover this book and treat it well

10 Classroom Activity We will try to read all material from the text and add presentations and discussions to help you understand the vocab and concepts

11 Every chapter will be read and outlined and handed in to prove that you went over that chapter (Include vocab and new concepts…..explain them!) You may use your outline for chapter test

12 Classroom Activity We will have labs and activities in class as well; some activities will be finished at home…….which means………

13 Homework !

14 Getting credit for work
Written work is handed in using the labeled plastic box

15 Notebook Checked work is returned in the back of the room, keep it in a notebook! Use notebook on semester exam

16 Progress Reports You will usually receive a progress report for this class each Friday; grades are also posted to the PASS website Use it to see what has been entered into the grade book for you and what you still need to makeup or turn in Share it with your parents. 2 or 3 of them will be required to be signed and returned anyway!

17 Yearly schedule Geology topics from text (Qtr 1-3)
Mapping Geochemistry Rocks and Minerals Building landforms Reshaping landforms Volcanism Seismology Study of the Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer (When appropriate) Project on “Geology of Idaho” (Qtr 4)


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