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NPAR Dell - QLogic October 2011.

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1 NPAR Dell - QLogic October 2011

2 Dell and QLogic Drive Next-generation Blade Server I/O Virtualization with NPAR*
*Based on QLogic VMflexTM Technology October, 2011

3 Agenda Why NPAR (NIC Partitioning)? Highlights Operations
Configurations QME8242-k PowerEdge M-Series Blade Server PowerConnect M8424-k Converged Network Switch PowerEdge M1000e Modular Blade Enclosure October, 2011

4 Why NPAR? Lowers TCO Efficient I/O Utilization Simpler Deployment
Consolidates cables, infrastructure, and I/O Saves server resources Reduces operational complexity Flexible SAN and LAN personality VM to VM NIC traffic without external switch Efficient I/O Utilization Allows dynamic bandwidth provisioning Minimizes bandwidth waste Scales I/O workloads and connections Scale-Out performance for virtualized servers Provides finer control for SLA / on demand services Simpler Deployment Solution not dependent on OS or switch Configuration at pre-boot or OS level Maximize Data Center Efficiency October, 2011

5 Key Attributes No OS or BIOS changes required
NIC controls transmit flow rate User configurable Dynamic bandwidth allocation Storage and NIC personalities (function type) Full offload for iSCSI and FCoE with NPAR Concurrent FCoE, iSCSI and NIC support Minimum bandwidth allows fine grain QoS OS & Switch Agnostic Solution Delivers Highest Levels of Interoperability October, 2011

6 NPAR Theory of Operation
Up to 4 Physical Functions on each physical port PF0 NIC* PF2 NIC PF4 iSCSI / NIC PF6 FCoE / NIC PF1 NIC* PF3 NIC PF5 iSCSI / NIC PF7 FCoE / NIC Physical Port 0 Physical Port 1 Default Function State NIC* Function Always Enabled PF4 & PF5 iSCSI PF2 & PF3 Disabled PF6 & PF7 FCoE PF0 & PF1 NIC* October, 2011

7 NPAR Theory of Operation
* Functions 0 & 1 (Port 0 and Port 1) Always present Always NIC 2 & 3 - NIC or disabled 4 & 5 - iSCSI, NIC or disabled 6 & 7 - FCoE, NIC or disabled One iSCSI and/or FCoE per Physical Port NIC, iSCSI, & FCoE have fixed function numbers Functions 2 -7 can be independently disabled Function Number Type Physical Port NIC* 1 2 NIC 3 4 iSCSI/ NIC 5 6 FCoE/ NIC 7 October, 2011 QLogic Confidential

8 NPAR Configuration Options
Enable / Disable NPAR Functions Change Function Type (Personality) Allocate Min and Max Bandwidth Configuration Utilities Pre Boot Utility Windows Property Sheet QCC GUI QCC CLI QLogic Fast!UTIL / Dell USC Linux - ESX vCenter Plugin ESXi October, 2011

9 NPAR Configuration QLogic Utility
Invoke QLogic Fast!UTIL during POST Type <Ctrl>Q October, 2011

10 NPAR Configuration QLogic Utility
Configuration Utility Change Function Type Allocate Min Bandwidth Save Changes and Reboot October, 2011

11 NPAR Configuration Dell USC
UEFI  F10  USC  Advanced Configuration  Select Port for NPAR October, 2011

12 NPAR Configuration Dell USC
October, 2011

13 NPAR Configuration Dell USC
October, 2011

14 NPAR Configuration Windows Properties Page
Configured for three NICs and FCoE NPAR Configured for three NICs and iSCSI October, 2011

15 NPAR Configuration QCC GUI
Web based tool provides same interface for Windows and Linux October, 2011

16 NPAR Configuration QCC CLI
CLI tool provides same interface for Windows and Linux October, 2011

17 NPAR Configuration ESX
Server Hypervisor VM a-b VM c-d VM e-f VM g-h VM i-j VM l-m VM n-o VM p-q vNIC a-b vNIC c-d vNIC e-f vNIC g-h vNIC i-j vNIC l-m vDisk vDisk Independently configured for each port eSwitch used for VM to VM NIC communication vSwitch vSwitch vSwitch vSwitch vSwitch vSwitch SCSI Layer PF 0 PF 2 PF 4 PF 6 PF 1 PF 3 PF 5 PF 7 Port 0 Port 1 iSCSI FCoE eSwitch eSwitch Uplink TX/RX TX/RX PHY PHY Switch Port Switch October, 2011

18 NPAR Configuration ESX
Server VM1 VM2 VM VM VM VM VM VM vNIC vNIC vNIC vNIC vNIC vNIC vNIC vNIC Hypervisor vSwitch vSwitch vSwitch vSwitch PF 2 PF 4 PF 0 PF 6 NIC Port 0 eSwitch TX/RX PHY Switch NIC Port 1 October, 2011

19 NPAR Configuration – vCenter Plugin (1 of 2)
Save NPAR configuration Reboot to initiate change Enable NIC Function Type for Function_2 using pull down menu October, 2011

20 NPAR Configuration - vCenter Plugin (2 of 2)
Enabled with NIC Function_2 October, 2011

21 NPAR Configuration Bandwidth Allocation
Minimum Bandwidth Minimum guaranteed bandwidth Specified as % of link speed Total of all partitions is up to Max bandwidth link May exceed specified Min value up to Max value If excess bandwidth available on the physical port Maximum Bandwidth Up to the Max allowed bandwidth Not allowed to exceed Max value Even if excess bandwidth available on physical port October, 2011

22 NPAR Configuration Bandwidth Allocation using Dell USC
October, 2011

23 NPAR Configuration Bandwidth Allocation with Dell USC
From Global Bandwidth Allocation Select the Partition Default Allocation Shown Set Relative Bandwidth Weighting Set Maximum Bandwidth October, 2011

24 NPAR Configuration Bandwidth Allocation with Dell USC
Configure Minimum Bandwidth Configure Maximum Bandwidth October, 2011

25 NPAR Configuration Bandwidth Allocation
RT Click Function 0, to Enable Bandwidth Configuration Window Configure Min and Max Value Dynamically October, 2011

26 NPAR Configuration Bandwidth Allocation with vCenter Plugin
October, 2011

27 NPAR Configuration Oversubscription
An NPAR enabled 10Gb port can be configured to allow each NIC partition to claim up to 100% of bandwidth that is going unused by the other NIC partitions on the same port Without Oversubscription Bandwidth Fixed Unused bandwidth is wasted With Oversubscription Bandwidth Unused bandwidth available Can be used automatically Partitions use it when needed October, 2011

28 October, 2011

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