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SCCOOS Education and Outreach Build on Existing Models and Programs USC and UC Sea Grants COSEE-West and Cal-COSEE University Government Relations Activities.

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1 SCCOOS Education and Outreach Build on Existing Models and Programs USC and UC Sea Grants COSEE-West and Cal-COSEE University Government Relations Activities Existing “Institutes of the Environment” Coastal Marine Lab Outreach and Education Free-Choice Learning Partners Existing Stakeholder Partnerships Here: Sea Grant (USC Example) COSEE (COSEE-West Example) Corporate Partnerships (QuikSilver Example)

2 USC SEA GRANT The Urban Ocean Southern California Urban Environment USC Sea Grant’s service area (roughly) 5 counties About 17 million people and growing Urban watershed affecting coastal waters Two major ports Heavily used beaches (1 million+ visitors on holiday weekends!) One+ million schoolchildren in LAUSD plus smaller districts About 27 Congressional Districts THE model for other highly urbanized regions

3 USC SEA GRANT The Urban Ocean USC Sea Grant’s Role Addressing Issues of the Urban Ocean n Catalyst for public understanding of science to improve decisions n Leadership linking academia, policy development, regulation n Fostering new and innovative methodologies n Developing information and models to inform other urban coastal regions USC Sea Grant’s Vision: n A healthier urban ocean environment -- cleaner water, protecting human and ecosystem health n Robust economic opportunities -- safeguarding sustainability of resources n A safe coastal environment -- understand and mitigating impacts of urbanization on coastlines n A scientifically literate pubic involved in important decisions

4 USC SEA GRANT THEMATIC AREAS Coastal Ecosystems and Public Health n Water Quality n Public Health n Ecosystem Studies/Marine Reserves and Protected Areas Coastal Hazards and Public Safety n Erosion/Coastal Flooding n Beaches n Sea Level Rise Commerce and Society n Ports and Harbors n Marine Related Business/ Sustainable Development Education n K-12 n Teacher Education and Support n Intergenerational Learning n Undergraduate Education n Graduate Education

5 PARTNERSHIPS NOAA National Ocean Service Marine Transportation/Ports Initiative Funding/advice/links w/in NOAA CAL-FED Bay Delta Program Co-funding Marine Transportation/Ports Initiative Work relevant to S.F. Bay Area issues U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Division, L.A. Co-host coastal processes workshops on S. Calif. Issues Mutual interest in graduate level coastal engineering programs Los Angeles County Lifeguard Division (Fire Dept.) Coastal Monitoring Network Funding from Dept. of Commerce NTIA Science/public applications of video network

6 PARTNERSHIPS Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach Biological baseline study -- public brochure Security Issues Transportation and Urban Environmental Quality Transfer information on ports to public and education sites Orange County Sanitation District Reviews of scientific studies Enable confidence in decision processes Future Partners -- Developing Programs USC Medical School - NIEHS Southern California Environmental Health Center USC School of Engineering and Computer Science NSF Science and Technology Center Coastal Engineering Graduate Program

7 COMMUNICATIONS Dissemination of Results from Research Journal reprints, Technical reports, Theses/dissertations, Public education Publications circulated to Sea Grant library and associated NOAA sites Available on Sea Grant web site for direct downloading and/or ordering Program Information One-pager series for public distribution Strategic and Implementation Plans; Annual Reports Complete publication catalog - Internet based Advisory Service and Education Publications Public materials related to Sea Grant research Public Information for Regional/National Media USC News Service partnership Press briefings for local and regional reporters Briefing book catalog of clippings

8 COMMUNICATIONS Publishing on the Worldwide Web Cost effective, timely and readily available Audience targets -- Specialized publications for different audiences Special web-based public education publications El Nino ‘Facts’ to correct misconceptions Guides to Beaches now adopted by Coastal Monitoring Network, LAVO Education curriculum available for free downloading Online Conferencing Targeted at educators/media Early development of methods w/ El Nino conference Expanded with Sustainable Seas/National Geographic Allows participation w/o constraint of location Web Site Usage Different audiences targeted by materials Beach Guides for widest public Educational downloads for educators Timely public advisories, i.e., El Nino Facts for homeowners/educators

9 K-12 Education From SCCOOS Models from the USC Wrigley Institute COSEE QuikSCience Marine Science Curriculum Parent Child Education Program Summer Science Programs Global Heartbeat Ocean Sciences Bowl

10 National COSEE Goals To develop catalytic multi-dimensional partnerships between ocean science researchers and educators To foster communication & coordination among ocean science education programs nationwide To promote ocean education as a charismatic interdisciplinary tool for improving science education in the 21st century

11 COSEE Centers COSEE–West California COSEE Gulf COSEE Florida COSEE South East COSEE Mid-Atlantic COSEE New England COSEE National Coordinating Center – CORE New Competition in 2005

12 Center for Ocean Science Education Excellence 5-year grant from NSF USC/UCLA co- leadership COSEE-West is one of 7 funded Centers Purpose is to improve connections between ocean science (scientists) and K-12 education

13 COSEE-West Goals Increase awareness of ocean sciences Use ocean science as an incentive to increase general science literacy Increase the number of students that choose careers related to science and ocean science

14 COSEE-West Programs Lectures Professional Development Workshops for Educators Retreats Exhibit Development Curriculum Development

15 Partners USC – Wrigley Institute and Sea Grant UCLA – Institute of the Environment Local California State Universities College of Exploration (distance learning) L.A. County Museum of Natural History Aquarium of the Pacific California Science Center Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Santa Monica Pier Aquarium Redondo Beach SEA Laboratory Ocean Institute Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and many others Quiksilver Corporation (QuikSCience)

16 Free-Choice Education Partners

17 “QuikSCience” Partnership Quiksilver –Surfwear and gear –Environmentally-conscious Enhance interest in the ocean using competition-based approaches –QuikSCience Challenge Graduate student involvement Model for corporate leadership in education

18 Take Home Message: Build on existing partnerships and programs, Don’t re-invent the wheel.

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