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Causes and Cures in the Classroom

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1 Causes and Cures in the Classroom
Innovation Showcase 12/10/14

2 Why do our students struggle?
Let’s brainstorm reasons why we think our students struggle with Reading, Writing, Math, and Behavior Share out

3 Is / Is Not Is: Teamwork, Not: Completed in isolation
Is: Diagnosed by investigating, Not: assuming the obvious from previous students Is: Analyzing effective strategies, Not: Random interventions Is: Going beyond one size fits all, Not: Grouping just because they are low overall Is: a way of rethinking, Not: another program to add to your workload

4 You need to “Know the Student”
Academics concerns Behavior Concerns Strengths to Build On What other information would be important?

5 Analyze Root Cause Keep asking why
Motivation Formula: Value x Expectancy Be careful of Won’t and Can’t Can’t solve the problem until you get to root cause Example

6 Set A Clear and Measurable Goal
If we___________ then _________________ Goal should be attainable Do not expect improvements overnight Example

7 Decide How to Measure Student Progress
Be sure to chart the progress or even better have the student chart their progress Don’t wait too long to measure Example

8 Need an Action Plan Don’t reinvent the wheel Needs to be a priority
Get help to implement Help students to understand that what they do Matters!

9 Your Turn Use a copy of the book and take one of your students through the 5 step process for Math, Reading, Writing, or Behavior

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