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Lecture 10: Don't Reinvent the Wheel. Exam Results.

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1 Lecture 10: Don't Reinvent the Wheel

2 Exam Results

3 Homework #3 Due on Monday, March 2, 2009 -- 8:00pm Exclusive OR logic (XOR) A XOR B = ((A && !B) || (!A && B)) B A wanted_you_10_jobs_where_employers_come_looking_ for_you-668 Software Engineer one of 10 hot jobs

4 Using Functions Easy management of large program development Programs solving real-world problems are large. Solution: divide-and-conquer Construct a large program from smaller pieces or modules. Each piece is more manageable. Modules in C are called functions. YearOperating SystemSLOC (Million) 1993Windows NT 3.14-5 1994Windows NT 3.57-8 1996Windows NT 4.011-12 2000Windows 2000more than 29 2001Windows XP40 2003Windows Server 200350 Operating SystemSLOC (Million) Red Hat Linux 6.217 Red Hat Linux 7.130 OpenSolaris9.7 FreeBSD8.8 Mac OS X 10.486 Linux kernel SLOC: source lines of code

5 Using Functions Avoid re-inventing the wheel Using existing functions as building-blocks to create new programs “Prepackaged” functions in the C Standard Library can be used. User-defined functions can also be used.

6 C Standard Library A rich collection of functions Common mathematical calculations String manipulations Character manipulations Input/output Others Provide many of the capabilities one need.

7 Function Calls Invoking functions (by a function call) Provide function name and arguments (data) Function performs operations or manipulations Function returns results A common analogy of function call: Boss asks worker to complete a task. Worker gets information, does task, returns result. Information hiding: boss does not know details. Hierarchical boss function/worker function relationship The calling function, or caller The called function, or callee

8 Math Library Functions Math library functions Perform common mathematical calculations #include While compiling, use the option -lm to link the math library. Format for calling functions FunctionName( argument ); If multiple arguments, use comma-separated list Example printf(“%.2f”, sqrt( 900.0 )); Calls function sqrt, which returns the square root of its argument. All math functions return data type double. Arguments may be constants, variables, or expressions

9 Commonly Used Math Library Functions


11 Law of Cosines Leg 2 Leg 1 Hypotenuse

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