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Name: Ted Bundy [Theodore Robert Cowell] Birthday: November 24, 1946 Death: January 24, 1989 Age at time of killings: Early 20’s Disorder: Personality.

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2 Name: Ted Bundy [Theodore Robert Cowell] Birthday: November 24, 1946 Death: January 24, 1989 Age at time of killings: Early 20’s Disorder: Personality Up Bringing: Lower Class, neglected & mistreated Home: Vermont, Utah, Colorado  Bundy was believed to have murdered at least 100 women  Died by electrocution at 7:13 a.m. as crowds cheered outside.  Confessed to keeping the heads of some victims  Also confessed to engaging in Necrophilia with other victims  Blames exposure to pornography at an impressionable age as being the stimulant behind his murderous obsession.

3 Most of these disorders are the root cause of other MAJOR disorders, as well as Violent and Disturbing crimes.  Paranoid  Antisocial  Borderline  Dependent  Obsessive-Compulsive  Avoidant

4  Emotionally Unstable  Impulsive Actions  Rapidly Shifting Moods  Chaotic Relationships  Separation Anxiety  Unstable Self-Image  Chronic Feelings of Emptiness  Threats of Self-Harm Borderline Personality Disorder effects at least 2% of the general population. 75% More Common in Women than Men Name: David Berkowitz [Son of Sam] Birthday: June 1, 1953 Death: N/A Age at time of killings: 22 Disorder: Borderline Up bringing: Adopted, Middle Class Home: Bronx  Adopted by a middle class loving family, but try as they might David was scorned and very upset about the adoption  Rejected by his peers for his appearance  Social outcast, self proclaimed “loner”  Adopted mother died of breast cancer in 1967 when he was 14  His adopted father remarried in 1971 when he was 18, moved to Florida leaving David behind  David joined the Military at 18  David killed 6 people and left several injured starting in December of 1975 ending in 1977  In jail he is a born-again Christian and is a model prisoner.

5 First appears in Childhood with solitariness, poor or no peer relationship, social anxiety, underachievement in school or activities, extremely sensitive, abnormal thoughts or language as well as unrealistic fantasies. GENETIC, most common among first –degree biological realities. May be worse if pre diagnosed with Schizophrenia and/or Delusional Disorder. Name: Richard Chase Birthday: N/A Death: December 26, 1980 Age at time of killings: 10+ (Starting with animals) Disorder: Paranoid Up Bringing: Lower Class, Neglected & no discipline  Parents avoided the three known signs of mental illness: Bed wetting beyond a normal age, cruelty to animals and setting fires.  Started using drugs as a teen  Managed to have a small group of friends, but never managed to hold onto a relationship with women  He moved out when he was 18 and into an apartment.  His first murder was in 1977 and ended in 1979 when he was found guilty of 6 counts of first-degree murder.  He then committed suicide in prison while awaiting his death penalty. [gas chamber]

6 Hoarding Counting & Arranging Washing Doubter & Sinner Checker Name: Jeffery Dahmer Birthday: May 21, 1960 Death: November 28, 1994 Age at time of killing: 28 Disorder: Obsessive compulsive Up Bringing: Middle Class, Loving family  Jeffery was convicted of 17 gruesome murders of young men in but he was pleaded down to only 15 with a 937 years in prison with no parole.  In November of 1994 Jeffery and his cell mate Jesse were beaten to death while out working in the prison yard by their other cell mate Christopher who was in there for murdering his wife. The guards for an unknown reason left the three unattended for 20 minutes and upon return found Jesse dead and Jeffery dying of head trauma.

7 SymptomsSymptoms Cannot make everyday decisions Needs others to assume responsibility for things Has difficulty expressing or discussing disagreement with others Will not initiate projects or activities Goes to excessive lengths to obtain support and approval from others Feels helpless and uncomfortable when alone Name: John Gacy [Killer Clown] Birthday: N/A Death: May 10, 1994 Age at time of killings: 33 Disorder: Dependent Up Bringing: Lower Class, Neglect  Dubbed the killer clown because he worked and entertained kids as “Pogo the Clown”  John tortured, raped and killed 33 men and was sentenced to death by lethal injection  Killings were between 1972 and 1978  First crime ever, he tried to lure a young boy over to give him oral sex and when the boy refused he turned John in a and he did 18 months of a 10 year molestation conviction.  After he got out he was divorced and disgraced.  He moved back to Chicago

8 Individuals with this disorder have an increased risk of dying prematurely by violent means (suicide, homicide, accidents). Long time periods of unemployment, on and off education, broken marriages, major lack of parenting skills, homeless, as well as frequent incarcerations. Comorbidity Anxiety Depression Substance-Abuse Gambling Somatization Narcissistic Historic Name: Green River Killer Birthday: N/A Death: N/A Age at time of death: 40’s Disorder: Antisocial Up Bringing: Low Class  He had committed 49 murders by 1982.  The 49 th being a 20 year old woman  In 2003 he admitted to 48 count of murder  Plead guilty in order to drop the death penalty  A few years later new evidence was found and he is now guilty of a total of 61 murders but his original plea still stands and he cannot be given the death penalty  He is serving 49 consecutive life sentences  His 49 th victim left behind a 3 year old little girl.

9 The course of this disorder is chronic. This disorder is usually worse earlier in life and often improves in middle age. This avoidant behavior often starts in infancy or childhood with shyness, isolation, and fear of strangers and new situations. Unfortunately, for some, this avoidant behavior persists and intensifies into adulthood; thus they become diagnosed with this disorder. This disorder is equally frequent in males and females. Name: Peter Sutcliffe [Yorkshire Ripper] Birthday: N/A Death: Currently Incarcerated at Broadmoor Mental Hospital Age at time of killings: N/A Disorder: Avoidant Up Bringing: Low Class, Broken home  Peter was very close with his mother, but not his father because he treated his mother very poorly.  2 brothers and 3 sisters  In 1996 Peter found out that his mother was having an affair with a policeman and realized why his father treated his mother poorly  He clamed “he was ridding the world and streets of filth” with his murders  In a short time of 5 years he committed 13 murders

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