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Creating web guides for a library portal Jackie Wickham – Intute Martin Gill – University of Leeds

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1 Creating web guides for a library portal Jackie Wickham – Intute Martin Gill – University of Leeds

2 Introduction Case Study – how the University of Leeds integrated Intute resources and services to create its subject guides to electronic resources.

3 Presentation Outline  What is Intute  Intute’s Integration services  Background to Case Study  Implemetation  Results and benefits

4 What is Intute  Intute is a national Internet service guiding you to useful Web resources for education and research.  It offers an online catalogue and interactive subject tutorials.  It is a free service aimed at the UK’s higher and further education sectors and is relevant to students, lecturers, researchers and teachers.  Intute was formerly known as the Resource Discovery Network (RDN).  Funded nationally by the JISC


6 Network of specialists Four subject groups comprise Intute:  Arts and Humanities  Health and Life Sciences  Science, Engineering and Technology  Social Sciences  Hand selected, quality assured content – Best of the Web

7 The big headache!  Too many resources on Net  Keeping up to date with new ones  Link checking existing content  Assuring quality of resources

8 How Intute can help Put Intute search box on your library Web page, eg. for Intute: Social Science resources Create your reading lists from Intute resources List latest resources added to Intute, on your library Webpage

9 Integrate the Intute Search Box

10 Search results

11 RSS feeds

12 Creating customised e-resource lists Use MyIntute to  Create your own account  Save records  Tag records with your own keywords  Export data into your web pages  Get automatic updates  Choose from Intute and add your own resources

13 Customised e-resource lists Links imported into blog from MyIntute using Javascript A link to a resource not in Intute but added by the user in MyIntute.

14 Leeds in the mid 1990’s  Pre Google  Yahoo was a directory site  Subject gateways in their infancy  Developed a ROADS database to list subject databases and websites  Broken down to a subject or even module level

15 2006  Server needed replacement  Software no longer supported  Database indexes full  Workload issues of maintaining links  Databases now integrated into our catalogue  Wanted to avoid flat webpages of links  Approached RDN as they were re- launching as Intute for advice

16 Pilot Project  To use MyIntute to embed Intute records in our website  Sample subjects: Education, Law, Engineering, Dentistry, East Asian Studies  Looked at: Workload Availability of Intute records Technical integration

17 Project results  Workload MyIntute very quick and easy to use  Availability of records Most subjects had few problems Searching Intute found us better websites in many cases Some issues of scope, some language issues  Technical integration Accessibility issues

18 Intute Search Box Records from Intute catalogue Records from Intute catalogue Intute RSS Feeds Intute RSS Feeds

19 Cost savings (estimated)  No server replacement (£2k)  No software purchased (£10-20k)  Minimal systems development (£10k)  No link checking, no content checking

20 Working with Intute  Very helpful and flexible  Accessibility issues addressed  Local resources – MyNonIntute records

21 2007  MyIntute rolled out to all subjects  Replaced our general website listings  ROADS server decommissioned

22 Questions?

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