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No warm-up today! Instead, finish your group’s paragraph. You only have 10 minutes!

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1 No warm-up today! Instead, finish your group’s paragraph. You only have 10 minutes!

2 Topic of your pretend research essay: smoking in public restaurants/bars Position: FOR smoking in public restaurants or bars  Topic sentence: One major reason why smoking should be permitted in public restaurants and bars is that placing a ban on smoking in restaurants and bars negatively impacts the success of the business.  Research 1: “According to the California Licensed Beverage Association, business has dropped as much as 85 percent... since the prohibition took effect” (Bar Owners Vow np)  Research 2: “ 59 percent of respondents to a poll said that the ban on smoking in public restaurants and bars caused them to experience a loss of tips/gratuities for bar and serving-staff employees” (Effects of 1987 np)

3  Period 1:  If you need to e-mail the essay, text for a confirmation.  Also, you need to submit to (extra directions by the door).  Period 3: Tomorrow, meet in C104  Period 4: Thursday, meet in A230  When turning in your Persuasive Essay, you need to submit it TWO ways…  First, you must print it out and bring it to class on the due date (if your printer is broken or you are absent, you must e-mail it to me and text message me for a confirmation).  Second, you must submit it to See handout.

4 STANDARDS Reading 3.7: Relate literary works to themes and issues of the area.

5 LITERARY CIRCLES  Since you will be needing study-group skills and autonomy throughout college, you will be reading our last literary works in literary circles.

6 What are literary circles?  Literary circles are small groups of students (three or four students per group) that meet each day during class to read aloud and discuss literature together.

7 How do literary circles work?  Each day, you will be reading for 35 minutes aloud with your group members -You can either take turns reading throughout the period or designate one or two students to read each day… whatever you prefer.  For the last 20 minutes of class, you will either be: 1) Completing your week’s special assignment, OR 2) Discussing your completed assignments from the previous day.

8 What type of assignments will I have to complete in my literary circle?  There are four types of assignments that you will complete. The type of assignment will rotate every day so that each student will get the opportunity to complete each type of assignment.  Here are the types of assignments that you will be required to complete for this novel:

9 Illustrator  Your job is to draw some kind of picture related to the reading. It can be a sketch, cartoon, diagram, flow chart, magazine collage, or stick- figure scene. You can draw a picture of something that is discussed specifically in your book, something that the reading reminded you of, etc. You can even label drawings with words. You will show your picture and have your group members guess what it means, (based on their understanding of the reading) before you explain it. Make sure you know what you would like to say about the drawing.

10 B) Literary Luminary  Your job is to locate at least four special passages of the reading that you think ought to be read aloud and discussed. Look for interesting, powerful, funny, or important passages. You will be reading one or two passages aloud to your group, then encouraging discussion. You must also write down your in-depth analysis of each quote that you select.

11 C) Connector  Your job is to find connections between the book and the world outside. This means connecting the reading to your own life, to happenings at school or in the community, to what you hear in the news, to other books that you have read, to similar events that have happened at other times or in other places, or to other people or problems that you are reminded of. If you are really stuck, you can research online to help you make connections to news reports. After you ask a question that will help your group to think about how it connects to your life, you must answer the question, explaining how it connects specifically to your life.

12 D) Discussion Director  Your job is to develop a list of INSIGHTFUL questions that will help your group discuss the deeper ideas/meanings behind this book. DO NOT ask questions about small details or facts OR ask questions that have a yes/no answer. Instead, ask questions that will help your group to talk over the BIG IDEAS in the reading and share their thoughts. Think about the IMPORTANCE of events, people, places, and ask questions about these. You will have to answer each of your discussion questions with your own in- depth analysis as well.

13 LITERARY CIRCLES Since the strength of each member in your group will determine your groups’ success, YOU will be choosing your own groups!!! Choose wisely, as whatever your group doesn’t complete, you will have to make up for on your own. Note : You cannot change group members once we have started. However, I can remove someone from your group and place him/her in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT if I feel that he/she is bringing down the quality of the group (don’t embarrass yourself by having to be placed in Solitary Confinement.

14 May I have a volunteer to help us with an improvisational skit about Literary Circles?

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