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1. We expected the governor to advocate the President’s policy on war because the President had campaigned on his behalf. Parts: ad(to, toward); voc (call,

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1 1. We expected the governor to advocate the President’s policy on war because the President had campaigned on his behalf. Parts: ad(to, toward); voc (call, voice); ate (make, do) Educated Guess: Definition: To support or recommend publicly; A person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy; one who pleads on another’s behalf Antonyms: oppose, protest, defy Variant forms: advocation(n); advocacy(n) Context Phrase: Advocate – (v) Synonyms: support, champion, endorse, recommend

2 2. My grandmother takes daily medicine to minimize the effects of arteriosclerosis. Parts: arteria (artery); sclera (hardening); osis (disease) Educated Guess: Definition: The thickening and hardening of the walls of the arteries, typically occurring in old age. Antonyms: na Variant forms: na Context Phrase: arteriosclerosis - n Synonyms: na

3 3. After drifting for months in the Atlantic, the refugees looked sunburned and cadaverous. Parts: cadaver (cad-fall); ous (full of) Educated Guess: Definition: Resembling a corpse in being thin, very pale, and bony Antonyms:robust, healthy, hardy, strapping Variant forms: cadaver(n); cadaveric (adj) Context Phrase: Cadaverous- adj Synonyms: thin, emaciated, gaunt, starved

4 4. The jury considered the defendant’s lack of compunction in deciding the guilty verdict. Parts: com (together, with); punct (stab); tion (act of) Educated Guess: Definition: A feeling of guilt or moral scruple that follows the doing of something bad; A feeling of uncertainty about the fitness or correctness of action Antonyms: complacency, obduracy, shamelessness Variant forms: compunctiously(adv) compunctious (adj) Context Phrase: compunction – n Synonyms: remorse, regret, contrition, qualm

5 5. Although we were losing, the coach refused to deviate from his original game plan. Parts: de (down, from); via (road, way) ate (make, do) Educated Guess: Definition: To depart from an established course; To depart from usual or acceptable standards Antonyms: continue, persevere Variant forms:deviant (adj); deviator (n); devious (adj) Context Phrase: Deviate – (v) Synonyms: veer, wander, stray, digress, turn

6 6. Will this surprise birthday party discombobulate the teacher so that she will forget the test? Parts: dis(apart, away); com(together) pos(put)ate(make) Educated Guess: Definition: To throw into a state of confusion (usually humorous) Antonyms: calm, pacify, tranquilize Variant forms:discombobulated(adj)discombobulation(n) Context Phrase: Discombob ulate - v (an alteration of discompose) Synonyms: confuse, disconcert, fluster, rattle, agitate

7 7. The effusion of support from the community comforted the family during their crisis. Parts: ef (out); fus (pour); ion (act of) Educated Guess: Definition: An unrestrained outpouring of feeling, as in speech or writing; Something that is poured forth Antonyms:lack, deficiency, restraint Variant forms: effuse (v) effusive (adj) Context Phrase: Effusion - noun Synonyms: outpouring

8 8. Her poetry evinces her understanding of poverty and homelessness. Parts: e (out); vinc (show conclusively) Educated Guess: Definition: To reveal the presence of a feeling or quality; To show or demonstrate clearly or convincingly Antonyms: refute, disprove, conceal, obscure, disguise Variant forms: na Context Phrase: evince – v. Synonyms: prove, manifest, demonstrate, display

9 9. My sister collects only glass pigs, but my collection of animals is heterogeneous. Parts: hetero ( different); gen (kind); ous (full of) Educated Guess: Definition: Diverse in character or content Antonyms: homogeneous, similar, identical, consistent Variant forms: heterogeneously (adv) heterogeneity (n) Context Phrase: Heterogeneous – (adj) Synonyms: diverse, miscellaneous, assorted, different

10 10. He will receive his inheritance in increments of ten thousand dollars yearly until he is 21. Parts: in (in); creas (grow); ment (result) Educated Guess: Definition: An increase or addition, especially one of a series on a fixed scale; A regular increase in salary on such a scale Antonyms: reduction Variant forms: incremental (adj), incrementally (adv) Context Phrase: increment – n. Synonyms: increase, installment

11 11. The insidious disease shows few symptoms until it is too late for treatment. Parts:in(in)sid( sit)ious(full of) literally sitting to ambush Educated Guess: Definition: Working or spreading harmfully but in a subtle or stealthy way; Intended to entrap; Beguiling but harmful Antonyms: honest, candid, manifest, overt, unhidden Variant forms: insidiousness(n); insidiously (adv) Context Phrase: Insidious – ( adj.) Synonyms: cunning, deceiful, treacherous, crafty, sly

12 12. It is ludicrous to think that we can complete this project without additional money and materials. Parts: lud (laugh, mock, play); ous (full of) Educated Guess: Definition: So foolish, unreasonable, or out of place as to be amusing Antonyms: logical, reasonable, normal Variant forms: ludicrously (adv) ludicrousness (n) Context Phrase: Ludicrous – (adj) Synonyms: ridiculous, comical, farcical, bizarre, absurd

13 13. I was mortified that I could not remember my former classmate’s name. Parts: mort (die, death); fy (make, cause) Educated Guess: Definition: To cause someone to feel embarrassed, ashamed, or humiliated; to discipline one’s body by self- denial and austerity Antonyms: praise, laud, exalt, commend Variant forms: mortification (n); mortifyingly (adv) Context Phrase: mortify - verb Synonyms: chagrin, embarrass, humiliate, abase

14 14. It is a paradox that we blow on our hands to keep them warm, but we blow on food to cool it. Parts: para (beyond); dox (belief) Educated Guess: Definition: A seemingly contradictory statement that may none the less be true, One exhibiting inexplicable or contradictory aspects Antonyms: na Variant forms: paradoxical (adj) paradoxically (adv) Context Phrase: Paradox - n Synonyms: contradiction, incongruity, enigma, puzzle

15 15. The President sent the plenipotentiary to the Middle East to negotiate terms of the trade agreement. Parts: pleni (full); potent (power); ary (pertaining to) Educated Guess: Definition: Invested with or conferring full power (adj); A diplomatic agent, such as an ambassador, fully authorized to represent his/her government Antonyms: na Variant forms: na Context Phrase: plenipotentiary - (n) Synonyms: ambassador

16 16. Food and shelter are two of our primordial needs. Parts: prim (first); ord (begin); ial (related to) Educated Guess: Definition: Existing at or from the beginning of time (the primordial oceans); Basic and fundamental; In the earliest stage of development (biology Antonyms: superficial, secondary, auxiliary Variant forms: primordially (adv); primordiality (n) Context Phrase: Primordial - adj Synonyms: original, primary, basic, fundamental

17 17. I am hurt that she chose to rebuff my offer to help with the project. Parts: re (back); buffo (gust, puff) Educated Guess: Definition: To reject someone or something in an abrupt or ungracious manner; An abrupt or ungracious refusal of an offer, request or kind gesture (n) Antonyms: (v) accept,encourage (n) acceptance Variant forms:na Context Phrase: rebuff - verb Synonyms: (v) reject, repel, discourage (n) refusal,

18 18. Some people think dancing in a church building is sacrilege. Parts: sacr (holy); legere (to take possession of) Educated Guess: Definition: A violation or misuse of what is regarded as sacred Antonyms: consecration, santification Variant forms: sacrilegious (adj); sacrilegiously (adv) Context Phrase: sacrilege - n. Synonyms: desecration, irreverence

19 19. Laws now restrict the use of subliminal advertising in movie theaters. Parts: sub (under); limin (threshold); al (related to) Educated Guess: Definition: Perceived by or affecting someone’s mind without his/her being aware of it; Below the threshold of sensation or consciousness Antonyms: conscious, aware, cognizant Variant forms: subliminally (adv) Context Phrase: Subliminal – (adj.) Synonyms: subconscious

20 20. His denial of the charges was unequivocal and completely convincing. Parts: un (not); equi (same); voc ( call); al (related to) Educated Guess: Definition: Leaving no doubt or misunderstanding Antonyms: equivocal, deceptive, evasive, doubtful Variant forms: unequivocally (adv); unequivocalness (n) Context Phrase: unequivocal - adj. Synonyms: plain, clear, unmistakable, straightforward

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