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Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 1  Overview  Organization  Status (brief)  Conclusion Run II Computing and Software.

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1 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 1  Overview  Organization  Status (brief)  Conclusion Run II Computing and Software

2 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 2 Computing Lehman Baseline Trigger Systems DAQ System $6.0 M $0.6 M 50 - 100 Hz Reconstruction Farms $1.6 M, 20 - 40 Hz DC Central Analysis Systems $2.8 M Mass Storage $2.9 M Workgroup Server Workgroup Server Desktops Remote Computing Monte Carlo,... $0.8 M *

3 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 3 Software Trigger Controls Trigger Algorithms Controls & Monitoring Run Control, Data Logging Subdetector Tasks Accelerator Interface Calibration and Hardware Databases Farm Control Software Offline Reconstruction Production Databases Analysis Tools Analysis Software MSS Control Persistency Tools Remote Systems Monte Carlos Development Environment Physicists’ Analyses

4 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 4 History  Run I Computing at DØ  Data collection @ 2 Hz with very high efficiency  Reconstruction kept up with collection time lag of ~ 2 weeks for calibration  Successes: Robustness and timeliness of reconstruction Easy access to microDST data set of all events  Problems/Bottlenecks: Tape access (8mm drives, no significant HSM system) Network access  Reconstruction system difficult to test and verify

5 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 5 DØ Run II Data Set Run II Parameters for DØ: Trigger rate 50 Hz (LHC / 2) Raw data event size 250 kB (LHC / 4) Data collection 600 M evts/ yr (LHC / 2) Summary event size 150 kB (LHC x 2) Physics sum’ry evt siz 10 kB (LHC ??) Total dataset size 300 TB/yr (LHC / 3) Bottom line: Computing project ~ O (Run I x 20), ~ O (LHC / 3-4) Must be accomplished w/ resources avail in 2000, not 2005!

6 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 6 Run II Computing and Software Plan  Original Plan January 1997  Update to Plan January 1999 See D ø atwork  Computing  Reviews & Documentation  Key goals:  Maintainability, Separately testable modules  Flexibility Replaceable packages (e.g., the implementation of persistency, the graphics package, etc.)  Key decisions:  OOAD/ C ++  Interface to persistency mechanism (first implementations: DSPACK, EVPACK )

7 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 7 R2CSP Organization Co-Leaders Hadley, Merritt Infrastructure Greenlee,Li, Prosper Algorithms Protopopescu, Womersley Monte Carlo Klima Production/ Data Access Diesburg,Lueking Online Fuess,Slattery Computing Planning Board Tightly connected to Joint Projects SoftwareTool s edm dØom framework RCP Config Man Graphics Subdetectors Calib/Align Level 3 Global Tracking Vertexing EM ID Muon ID Tau ID Jets/Missing Et Generators Geant sim C++ wrapper Param MC Procurements Farms Mass Storage Analysis Sys Software Farms ENSTORE LSF, etc. Data bases Data handling SAM Hardware controls DAQ - primary & secondary Event monitoring Control room applications

8 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 8 Joint Offline Projects  ZOOM - C ++ Class Libraries  RIP - Reconstruction Input Pipeline (writes data into robot in FCC)  Support Databases  Using ORACLE, license negotiated through CD  Configuration Management  Using SoftRelTools with DØ interface (ctest)  Hardware Projects  Mass storage - new robot purchased  Networking - new single mode fiber to DØ  Farms - in progress (prototype purchase)  Physics analysis - 1/3 purchased, online soon, 5TB disk Note: So far, costed at or under DMNAG ests.

9 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 9 Joint Offline Projects cont’d  Visualization  Making use of Open Inventor licenses  Physics Analysis  ROOT chosen  Evaluations of products  Storage Management  Decision to use ENSTORE, linked to SAM  Data Access  SAM Working Group - charged with producing a proof - of - principle demonstration Oct. 98 - done!

10 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 10 Computing and Software Plan: Decision Timeline 1995 Use C++ ; write data using DSPACK 1996 Begin project; CPB structure, Begin to understand large C++ system Use DØOM : isolate I/O from usr code 1997 (Jan) 60-page plan submitted (Jul) Use KAI & VC++ compilers (Oct) Use SAM (Dec) Use ZOOM products 1998 (Jan) Use ORACLE for DB needs (Mar - DAM review) Use modified exclusive streaming (May) Use ENSTORE instead of HPSS; use Open Inventor graphics (Aug - GCM review) Use tri-level analysis system; PC’s on desktop (Sept.) Physics analysis software -Root

11 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 11 Status in a Nutshell SAM Data Handling: Version 0 released in KITS Used on farm prototype Ready for general users on d02ka Reconstruction Program: Works from MC digi hits to produce central  tracks, cal & PS clusters, muon system hits, first versions of physics objects Online System: Prototype DAQ working -- Able to log data, Cal, muon Interface to control HV, etc. Framework for data monitoring Level 3 readout software Monte Carlo: Full GEANT3.21 sim of detector Multiple interaction capability ~90K events available (bkg, sig) Fast MC under development Analysis Program: HBOOK Ntuples from MCC1 available, MCC2 by 1/00 ROOT - new Run II tool (can analyze old & new format) Level 3 Filters: Tools & Filters under development; excellent tutorial on web Databases: Oracle Event/File DB in production; used by SAM Other DBs under devel Event Disp Full det due in Oct Displays for alg dev available now

12 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 12 Status in a Nutshell ADIC tape robot Operational 750 TB capacity In use for SAM & ENSTORE tests; MCC99-1 Central Analysis System Now:d02ka + ~ 500 GB disk Coming: 1/3 of final system Available to users by 22-Sep 64 SGI R12000’s  192 3 Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces 5 TB disk  30 TB Online Systems DecAlpha hosts Level 3 farm Linux & NT PCs for controls & monitoring EXAMINE farm Networking Upgrades FC rewiring of DAB & PKs 100 Mb to desktops Gb uplinks to main switch Done by Sept Desktops at DØ NT or Linux PCs Linux support person hired Operations strategy being worked out Project Servers? NT, LINUX Possible roles Model for offsite? Specification Tax ?? Database Servers 2 Suns here In use for Evt/File DB Farms Prototype (4 nodes) for MCC -1 Fermilab purchase this yr - 50nodes Offsite proposals for MC

13 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 13 Status: Infrastructure  Packages to support batch reconstruction are in place and in use  edm - stable, a few changes coord. with dØom  rcp - flat file version stable  dØom - DSPACK, EVPACK done, DB design work  framework - batch, single threaded interactive  have event displays for many detectors  still to do: multi-threaded Interactive Framework, DB version of RCP, integrated event display

14 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 14 Status: Infrastructure  Configuration management status  Golden releases ~ every three weeks  Latest release to IRIX and Linux (~200 packages) OSF1, NT (40 packages now) Switching to CTB2, SRT2. Needed for NT  Still with KAI compiler & VC ++ Debugger - TotalView a big improvement  Releases - set a new goal of one week releases  Still Working on t59  Established subsystem coordinators  t60 will use SRT2 (and this will be the only change!)

15 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 15 Status: Monte Carlo  Full GEANT simulation  Phase 1 of MCC 99 generated 87K events  multiple interactions, better secondary tracing now implemented  Production release of DØGSTAR/simpp certified for MCC99-2  Monte Carlo presentations to Run II Physics meeting: hope for additional users/feedback/help  Fast MC, trigger simulation in progress

16 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 16 Status: Algorithms  RECO program including first versions of all particle ID exists  First production version March 99  Algorithms group proceeding toward Oct. 30 production release  Level 3 reviewed in April 99  software infrastructure in good shape, more effort needed on releases  all basic tools being designed and coded  number of people increasing

17 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 17 Status: Production and Data Access  SAM and ENSTORE prototypes exist and have been used to access MCC data with production RECO.  Solved numerous problems  Good progress on framework integration for Oct.1 SAM release  first 1/3 of central analysis server has arrived, available for users soon  final system 90K MIPS, 30 TB of disk  New DØ tape robot (750 GB)  installed and in use  Serial Media choice by early fall

18 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 18 Status: Online  Version 0 of COOR, other infrastructure in place  Two DEC Alpha hosts + some PCs  Beginning to use system for commissioning tasks  Milestones driven by users’ needs  Muons and calorimeter successfully readout through the complete chain

19 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 19 Von Rüden V Closeout June99 Joint Projects ProcurementSpending on track; well under control Management & Organization Move into understanding support phase InfrastructureGoing well Data Access Networking Continue good collaboration with CD RIP Stick to schedule Serial Media Work out a backup strategy for Mammoth II’s ENSTORE (DØ) Very pleased with excellent management SAM (DØ)Pleased with further SAM progress; develop plans to further exercise the system with users Production System Procurements (RobotWell done at the last review) Central Analysis SystemWell done FarmsAnother success

20 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 20 Von Rüden V Closeout Von Rüden V Closeout DØ Ensure further attention to Level 3 Global Tracking should work to recruit more people, especially with prior experience in tracking Start working on calibration & alignment Overall We are “very much on track” The committee feels “rather confident” of a successful completion (And they request us not to embarrass them by proving them wrong)

21 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 21 Schedule  The Schedule MCC99-2 Monte Carlo Production release 9/01/99 Monte Carlo evt gen complete11/15/99 RECO 3rd Production release 10/31/99 Farm production for MCC99-211/30/99 Level 3 many skeleton phys tools 7/31/99 1st prod rel. working physics tools 10/31/99 physics tools with raw data 2/28/00 Online System data logging rate test to FCC 9/01/99 integrated DAQ run11/22/99 MCC99-2 analysis (SAM, DB, ROOT)12/31/99 MCC99-2 Workshop for results~2/28/00 Detector Ready for data 1/23/00  We still have a great deal to do. More time but no extra people. Set priorities and keep focus.

22 Sep 23 1999Nick Hadley DØ Prague Workshop 22 Summary of Computing and Software  Integration of systems is beginning!  Good reviews for software infrastructure and hardware purchasing plans  Reconstruction and Monte Carlo moving to V2.  We are well positioned but still need manpower. Hardware needs may make it difficult to add people at FNAL. Contributions of those based elsewhere very important.

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