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7th Grade Part of Speech Units 1-15

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1 7th Grade Part of Speech Units 1-15
Infamous Persist Lair Ordain Momentum Orthodox 7. Customary Gaudy Magnitude 10. Frustrate 11. Turmoil 12. Patronize

2 7th Grade Spelling Units 1-15
1. Seclusion Oration Resume 2. Malady Wrath Emblem 3. Canvass Bellow Foster 4. Sullen Partial Virtual 5. Pelt Nurture Mediate 6. Overture Anecdote Snare 7. Morbid Grimy Akin 8. Narrative Beneficiary Legacy 9. Cynical Wan Vital 10. Prudent Trivial Abnormal 11. Saga Braggart Insensitive 12. Animated Notable Maternal

3 7th Grade Definitions Units 1-15
Affliction Clamor Interminable Rant Authoritative Dominate Imposter Enchant Vigilant Adequate Prescribe Ingredient Disputatious Parasite Ignite Stifle Gruesome Regime Hearth Scurry Farce Simultaneous Random Detest

4 7th Grade Synonyms Units 1-15
Decrease Homicide Impartial Accelerate Perjury Wan Quest Massive 9. Peevish 10. Stalemate 11. Futile 12. Hoard 13. Duped 14. Renovate 15. Counterfeit 16. Alliance

5 7th Grade Antonyms Units 1-15
Hilarious Graphic Available Wilted Mirth Potential Vicious Verify Mellow Pedestrians Legible Malignant Prior Eradicate Bellowed Inflate

6 7th Grade Completing the Sentence Units 1-15
Truce Literate Rite Heed Spirited Cater Utmost Proficient Uncertainty Pervade Handicraft Ratify Gigantic Veto Lethargic Dialogue Dismantle Cache Feud Reputable Downtrodden Browse Vanquish Onslaught

7 7th Grade Creating Sentences
Clutter Bystander Goad Leisurely Bankrupt Gratitude Anonymous Capsize Havoc Fluctuate

8 6th Grade Part of Speech Units 1-15
Append Agenda Misrepresent Detract Jovial Headstrong Atrocity Acquit Nonconformist Inevitable Stealthy Adverse

9 6th Grade Spelling Units 1-15
1. Data Limber Tally 2. Fluent Foil Strapping 3. Rotund Irk Precaution 4. Fidelity Intensive Taut 5. Disquieting Global Submissive 6. Dual Logical Confront 7. Fatality Impassible Authorize 8. Cascade Cede Sluggish 9. Waylay Meteoric Keepsake 10. Pathetic Cringe Fossil 11. Sham Surge Replenish 12. Allegiance Compact Replica

10 6th Grade Definitions Units 1-15
Partition Memento Grit Amiable Numb Impact Panorama Incalculable Balk Mangle Disinterest Abstain Discretion Sulky Tribute Enumerate Perishable Skimp Repast Wither Reimburse Trait Mortal Encounter

11 6th Grade Synonyms Units 1-15
Affluence Extinct Relish Designated Denounce Giddy Unscrupulous Chasten 9. Ingratitude Engulfed Arid Glum Conferred Commemorate Conserve Synopsis

12 6th Grade Antonyms Units 1-15
Sage Pessimist Indisputable Clarity Forsake Self-seeking Revocation Prevail Resourceful Scour Stupefy Acute Tint Onset Uncouth Contemporary

13 6th Grade Completing the Sentence Units 1-15
Inept Queue Depict Adhere Beacon Dogged Confiscate Prowl Arrears Posterity Titanic Subsequent Debut Valiant Refurbish Smug Topple Taskmaster Gullible Variable Sleuth Extort Reminisce Blight

14 6th Grade Creating Sentences
Terrain Rummage Douse Prosecute Deluge Supplement Frigid Formulate Ravenous Upheaval

15 8th Grade Part of Speech Units 1-15
Fervent Judicious Abyss Assert Impunity Malinger Obsess Deface Servile Premonition Predatory Transition

16 8th Grade Spelling Units 1-15
1.Ransack Naïve Pulverize 2. Befall Evolve Mercenary 3. Haughty Resolute Niche 4. Impediment Upbraid Simper 5. Maim Exasperate Disclaim 6. Levity Capacious Dovetail 7. Solvent Rote Exotic 8. Milieu Obliterate Calamitous 9. Mediate Tractable Nauseate 10. Devoid Reciprocal Stricture 11. Belated Decoy Crusade 12. Encroach Waif Voracious

17 8th Grade Definitions Units 1-15
Opus Veneer Capitulate Ample Irascible Allot Parable Gratify Steadfast Abdicate Overbearing Scapegoat Crony Falter Appease Unassuming Impending Plaudits Penal Mendicant Vex Porous Avowed Avail

18 8th Grade Synonyms Units 1-15
Prodigious Vitality Crucial Negated Excerpts Antics Turncoat Annul Apt Arrogant Amplify Impart Genial Indiscriminate Attire Loiter

19 8th Grade Antonyms Units 1-15
Volatile Oblivion Bland Recipient Trepidation Forthright Frivolous Foreboding Jaunty Divergent Gallantry Willful Minimize Defile Vendors Collaborate

20 8th Grade Completing the Sentence Units 1-15
Infiltrate Laggard Comply Curt Renown Enterprising Tenet Bolster Anguish Wry Plausible Taint Stint Fallacy Convey Fend Shiftless Personable Plunder Epoch Tedious Fiasco Inert Belittle

21 8th Grade Creating Sentences
Scoff Bestow Awry Garnish Recluse Kindred Veritable Pert Enormity Regale

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