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7 th Grade Part of Speech Units 1-15 1.Infamous 2.Persist 3.Lair 4.Ordain 5.Momentum 6.Orthodox 7. Customary 8.Gaudy 9.Magnitude 10. Frustrate 11. Turmoil.

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Presentation on theme: "7 th Grade Part of Speech Units 1-15 1.Infamous 2.Persist 3.Lair 4.Ordain 5.Momentum 6.Orthodox 7. Customary 8.Gaudy 9.Magnitude 10. Frustrate 11. Turmoil."— Presentation transcript:

1 7 th Grade Part of Speech Units Infamous 2.Persist 3.Lair 4.Ordain 5.Momentum 6.Orthodox 7. Customary 8.Gaudy 9.Magnitude 10. Frustrate 11. Turmoil 12. Patronize

2 7 th Grade Spelling Units SeclusionOrationResume 2. MaladyWrathEmblem 3. CanvassBellowFoster 4. SullenPartialVirtual 5. PeltNurtureMediate 6. OvertureAnecdoteSnare 7. MorbidGrimyAkin 8. NarrativeBeneficiaryLegacy 9. CynicalWanVital 10. PrudentTrivialAbnormal 11. SagaBraggartInsensitive 12. AnimatedNotableMaternal

3 7 th Grade Definitions Units Affliction 2.Clamor 3.Interminable 4.Rant 5.Authoritative 6.Dominate 7.Imposter 8.Enchant 9.Vigilant 10.Adequate 11.Prescribe 12.Ingredient 13.Disputatious 14.Parasite 15.Ignite 16.Stifle 17.Gruesome 18.Regime 19.Hearth 20.Scurry 21.Farce 22.Simultaneous 23.Random 24.Detest

4 7 th Grade Synonyms Units Decrease 2.Homicide 3.Impartial 4.Accelerate 5.Perjury 6.Wan 7.Quest 8.Massive 9. Peevish 10. Stalemate 11. Futile 12. Hoard 13. Duped 14. Renovate 15. Counterfeit 16. Alliance

5 7 th Grade Antonyms Units Hilarious 2.Graphic 3.Available 4.Wilted 5.Mirth 6.Potential 7.Vicious 8.Verify 9.Mellow 10.Pedestrians 11.Legible 12.Malignant 13.Prior 14.Eradicate 15.Bellowed 16.Inflate

6 7 th Grade Completing the Sentence Units 1-15 TruceLiterateRite HeedSpiritedCater UtmostProficientUncertainty PervadeHandicraftRatify GiganticVetoLethargic DialogueDismantleCache FeudReputableDowntrodden BrowseVanquishOnslaught

7 1.Clutter 2.Bystander 3.Goad 4.Leisurely 5.Bankrupt 6.Gratitude 7.Anonymous 8.Capsize 9.Havoc 10.Fluctuate 7 th Grade Creating Sentences

8 6 th Grade Part of Speech Units Append 2.Agenda 3.Misrepresent 4.Detract 5.Jovial 6.Headstrong 7.Atrocity 8.Acquit 9.Nonconformist 10.Inevitable 11.Stealthy 12.Adverse

9 6 th Grade Spelling Units DataLimberTally 2. FluentFoilStrapping 3. RotundIrkPrecaution 4. FidelityIntensiveTaut 5. DisquietingGlobalSubmissive 6. DualLogicalConfront 7. FatalityImpassibleAuthorize 8. CascadeCedeSluggish 9. WaylayMeteoricKeepsake 10. PatheticCringeFossil 11. ShamSurgeReplenish 12. AllegianceCompactReplica

10 6 th Grade Definitions Units Partition 2.Memento 3.Grit 4.Amiable 5.Numb 6.Impact 7.Panorama 8.Incalculable 9.Balk 10.Mangle 11.Disinterest 12.Abstain 13.Discretion 14.Sulky 15.Tribute 16.Enumerate 17.Perishable 18.Skimp 19.Repast 20.Wither 21.Reimburse 22.Trait 23.Mortal 24.Encounter

11 6 th Grade Synonyms Units Affluence 2.Extinct 3.Relish 4.Designated 5.Denounce 6.Giddy 7.Unscrupulous 8.Chasten 9. Ingratitude 10.Engulfed 11.Arid 12.Glum 13.Conferred 14.Commemorate 15.Conserve 16.Synopsis

12 6 th Grade Antonyms Units Sage 2.Pessimist 3.Indisputable 4.Clarity 5.Forsake 6.Self-seeking 7.Revocation 8.Prevail 9.Resourceful 10.Scour 11.Stupefy 12.Acute 13.Tint 14.Onset 15.Uncouth 16.Contemporary

13 6 th Grade Completing the Sentence Units 1-15 IneptQueueDepict AdhereBeaconDogged ConfiscateProwlArrears PosterityTitanicSubsequent DebutValiantRefurbish SmugToppleTaskmaster GullibleVariableSleuth ExtortReminisceBlight

14 1.Terrain 2.Rummage 3.Douse 4.Prosecute 5.Deluge 6.Supplement 7.Frigid 8.Formulate 9.Ravenous 10.Upheaval 6 th Grade Creating Sentences

15 8 th Grade Part of Speech Units Fervent 2.Judicious 3.Abyss 4.Assert 5.Impunity 6. Malinger 7.Obsess 8.Deface 9.Servile 10.Premonition 11.Predatory 12.Transition

16 8 th Grade Spelling Units RansackNaïvePulverize 2. BefallEvolveMercenary 3. HaughtyResoluteNiche 4. ImpedimentUpbraidSimper 5. MaimExasperateDisclaim 6. LevityCapaciousDovetail 7. SolventRoteExotic 8. MilieuObliterateCalamitous 9. MediateTractableNauseate 10. DevoidReciprocalStricture 11. BelatedDecoyCrusade 12. EncroachWaifVoracious

17 8 th Grade Definitions Units Opus 2.Veneer 3.Capitulate 4.Ample 5.Irascible 6.Allot 7.Parable 8.Gratify 9.Steadfast 10.Abdicate 11.Overbearing 12.Scapegoat 13.Crony 14.Falter 15.Appease 16.Unassuming 17.Impending 18.Plaudits 19.Penal 20.Mendicant 21.Vex 22.Porous 23.Avowed 24.Avail

18 8 th Grade Synonyms Units Prodigious 2.Vitality 3.Crucial 4.Negated 5.Excerpts 6.Antics 7.Turncoat 8.Annul 9.Apt 10.Arrogant 11.Amplify 12.Impart 13.Genial 14.Indiscriminate 15.Attire 16.Loiter

19 8 th Grade Antonyms Units Volatile 2.Oblivion 3.Bland 4.Recipient 5.Trepidation 6.Forthright 7.Frivolous 8.Foreboding 9.Jaunty 10.Divergent 11.Gallantry 12.Willful 13.Minimize 14.Defile 15.Vendors 16.Collaborate

20 8 th Grade Completing the Sentence Units 1-15 InfiltrateLaggardComply CurtRenownEnterprising TenetBolsterAnguish WryPlausibleTaint StintFallacyConvey FendShiftlessPersonable PlunderEpochTedious FiascoInertBelittle

21 1.Scoff 2.Bestow 3.Awry 4.Garnish 5.Recluse 6.Kindred 7.Veritable 8.Pert 9.Enormity 10.Regale 8 th Grade Creating Sentences

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