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2 The Location – MATHIGIRI PO

3 40 Km from BLR, 5 Km from HOSUR, located 4 Km off the BLR-HOSUR Highway Population of 40000 with 6000 children in 6-14 age group Parents primarily engaged in Cattle Farming, Subsistence Agriculture or work for horticultural companies. A literacy rate of less than 10% Average Annual Income of 25K with 50% well below poverty line (less than 20K pa) Highly neglected rural area nestled between two big industrial towns (HOSUR & BLR) Also a border area (bordering three states) with at least four different spoken languages

4 The School LKG Through X. Boys – 140. Girls – 130. Total – 270 Students

5 The School – Founded 1997 To impart Quality education initially up to VII and later up to X Standard (Eng Medium apt for a border school. Matriculation Syllabus better than State. Also after X pass, ITI Diplomas are forthcoming) In a Secular Fashion (No religious affiliations unlike many missionary schools in the area.) In a good environment (Nearest Government school has a student teacher ratio of 1:100 and teachers do not turn up most of the days) At an affordable price (Residential schools charge over $500 pm. Missionaries charge $25. This school charges Rs. 100/$2 pm to parents who can afford it)

6 The Need School expanded from Elementary to Secondary in order to help potential students. But, with no higher fees or monies coming in, Infrastructure had not expanded. In addition, school did not have basic amenities such a wall, gate, toilets for girls, computers, tables, chairs etc For many students who were poor and unable to pay, scholarships/sponsorships were required Even many paying parents had erratic incomes and may not pay for months together. It’s a monthly struggle for the school to make ends meet

7 The Anchors Mr. & Mrs. Natarajan – 59 & 54 respectively - both worked in the government service in various places in Tamil Nadu Moved in to a Senior Citizen complex near MATHIGIRI in 2002 after their voluntary retirement Saw this school during one of their morning walks Have since taken the school’s cause as their own Apart from personally donating large sums of money for the school, they have mustered help from local friends and family members. Mr. Natarajan also serves as a voluntary teacher for 9 th and 10 th standard. As an engineer he worked for TNEB for 25 years. He now teaches Math and Science

8 The Progress Card AreaStatus 2002Status 2004 Infrastructure (Building) 7 new class were rooms required Compound Wall, Gate, 3 Toilets for Girls and Boys 5 new class rooms, Compound Wall and Gate were funded by Mr.& Mrs. Natarajan 2 Toilets were funded by another gentleman from the same Senior Citizen Complex Infrastructure (Other) 2-3 Computers were required Lab Equipments, Table, Chairs were required 1 used Computer was donated by a family member. Lab equipments were sponsored by a BLR based industrialist and Philanthropist. No proper lab yet Table chairs for 3 classes have been bought with local help Monthly Expenses There is a shortfall of $100 - $200 per month Shortfall persists.. Sometimes able to get some funding to meet ends but mostly unsuccessful Some work is pending in Infra. But Mthly expenses is the key problem area

9 The Shortfall Explained Income*Rs.Expenses*Rs. Tuition (200 paid. 70 free) 20000Salary for Teachers (15 paid. 1 voluntary) 25000 Other Sources (FD etc) 1000Other Incidentals (Electricity, Maint) 1000 Shortfall 6000 Total26000 As explained, the school charges a nominal fee of Rs.100/$2 per month to only those who can afford it. This results in a shortfall of $100 - $200 per month. But this shortfall could drop heavily in bad times..example crop failure Our long term plan for self sustenance includes getting more voluntary teachers – both full time and part time and also popularizing student scholarships - “sponsor a child” programs. Such measures would help the school break even Right now the anchors’ efforts are constantly focused in making both ends meet that there is no time to think long term * Approximate Numbers

10 Where ASHA could Help.. Mr. Nathan S Swami, an active ASHA volunteer and fund raiser for ASHA – VGKK project in LA Chapter, has visited this school in India. He has offered $250 for Infra. If ASHA AZ can help meet the monthly shortfall for the immediate future, this would give the anchors some well needed breathing space. We can start with $1000 for this year (works to $4 per child) This amount may be reduced as the situation improves During this time when ASHA funds can take care of the monthly payments, the anchors, with help from ASHA in BLR can put together a team of volunteer teachers for the higher classes. They can also gather children sponsorships from locals. These efforts should help stabilize the school within the next two to three years

11 If you have any other questions about this school, do write to us Mr. & Mrs. Natarajan – The anchors for this project Aarthi Natarajan – Their daughter based in Phoenix, AZ Nathan Swami – Active volunteer with ASHA and potential donor for this project, now based in Virginia Thank You

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