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WHY DIGIT L MAMMOGRAPHY comes to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital 3D Mammography.

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1 WHY DIGIT L MAMMOGRAPHY comes to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital 3D Mammography

2 Lutheran General Hospital delivers the highest quality patient care available Dedicated staff Commitment to patient care and comfort Comfortable, easily accessible facility State-of-the-art technology, now including breast tomosynthesis We are pleased to offer patients 3D Mammography, also known as digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT)— a breakthrough technology poised to revolutionize how breast cancer is detected today. WHY ADVOCATE LUTHERAN GENERAL HOSPITAL


4 Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) is a 3D imaging technology that acquires a series of low-dose projection images of the compressed breast at different angles. The system produces thin slices of the breast, allowing radiologists to step through slices one-millimeter at a time. Unlike a traditional mammogram, the slices separate objects at different heights in the breast, producing a 3-dimensional image. Reviewing breast tissue slice by slice allows the radiologist to view breast tissue in a way never before possible. WHAT IS 3D MAMMOGRAPHY/ DIGITAL BREAST TOMOSYNTHESIS (DBT)?

5 WHAT IS COMBO-MODE? A unique feature from Hologic that quickly acquires a traditional digital mammogram and a 3D scan in the same compression. Combo-mode * = 2D + 3D Imaging * A screening exam consists of a digital mammogram and breast tomosynthesis image set.

6 WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF COMBO-MODE? Hologic’s clinical studies reviewed by the FDA, based on ROC analysis, showed radiologists reading Selenia® Dimensions® digital mammography (2D) plus digital breast tomosynthesis (3D) as compared to 2D mammography alone demonstrated superior clinical performance in specificity, the confidence to rule out breast cancer without recalling the patient for further study, and improved sensitivity, the proportion of mammograms with cancer which were correctly diagnosed.* * The Hologic Selenia Dimensions clinical studies presented to the FDA as part of Hologic’s PMA submission that compared Hologic’s Selenia Dimensions combo-mode to Hologic 2D FFDM

7 Tissue superimposition : hides pathologies in 2D mimics pathologies in 2D WHY 3D MAMMOGRAPHY/DBT?

8 X-ray tube moves in an arc across the breast A series of low dose images are acquired from different angles Total dose approximately the same as one 2D digital mammogram Projection images are reconstructed into 1 mm slices Reconstructed Slices { HOW DOES 3D MAMMOGRAPHY WORK?


10 LCC 2D Hologic – Proprietary and Confidential A suspicious area in a 2D Mammography Image

11 2D Mammography A suspicious region 3D Mammography (slice 17) A highly suspicious region Hologic – Proprietary and Confidential EXAMPLE same tissue

12 Hologic – Proprietary and Confidential EXAMPLE same tissue 2D Mammography A worrisome region 3D Mammography (slice 22) A very worrisome region

13 RECALL REDUCTION – SUPERIMPOSED TISSUE (CASE 2) Hologic – Proprietary and Confidential

14 Encourage Someone You Love To Have Her Annual Mammogram. Call us to schedule an appointment Advocate Lutheran General Caldwell Breast Center

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