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 1. Request for faculties  Background ◦ A. Religious history/politics  Gallican/Ultra Montanism  Napoleon  Diocese of Lyon  Decree of Gaston de.

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2  1. Request for faculties  Background ◦ A. Religious history/politics  Gallican/Ultra Montanism  Napoleon  Diocese of Lyon  Decree of Gaston de Pins, 1830

3 Marist Fathers community Fr Champagnat (ordained 1816) sees himself as superior of Marist Fathers (elected in Dec 1830, provincial of Lyons) Fr Seon: ordained Sept 1827 Enters Hermitage In charge of ribbon factory/finds Fr Bourdin Fr Bourdin: ordained Dec 1828 Enters Hermitage Fr Pompallier: ordained 1829 (June) Enters Hermitage in September

4  Fr Champagnat: 31(ordained 14 years)  Fr Seon: 27 (ordained 3 years)  Fr Bourdin: 27 (ordained 2 years)  Fr Pompallier: 29 (ordained 6 months)

5 Taught at St Irenee (professor of dogma 1811-1816) Spiritual director 1816- 1818 JC Colin, M. Champagnat St Irenee: 1813-16 “Having been the theology professor of the first Marist aspirants at Sainte- Irenee, Cattet…” Resources p107 1823: VG responsible for religious communities 1826: Canonical visitation of the Hermitage

6  1826, 14 fév. : Comme suite aux accusations de M. Courveille contre le P. Champagnat, au sujet de la formation des Frères, l'archevêque envoie M. Cattet, vicaire général, en visite d'inspection à l'Hermitage. M. Cattet se montra sé­vère et froid à l'égard du Fondateur. (Avit, 52)

7  fin mai : M. Courveille est obligé de quitter l'Hermi­tage à la suite d'une faute scandaleuse. Il se retire à la Trappe d'Aiguebelle. (B XXII, 215-230) History of the community

8 Decree of De Pins Earlier letter From Fr Cattet to Marcellin Champagnat, 12.9.1829 “Le conseil de Monseigneur n”a pas juge a propos de donner des pouvoirs a M. Pompallier pour d’autres lieux que pour la maison. Ce Monsieur ne doit point s’occuper de mission ou de station pour cette annee. Il doit se borner a server de son mieux la maison et a bien se former par l’etude”

9  “The Bishop’s Council has not decided whether to give faculties to Fr Pompallier for places other than the house. This man must not undertake a mission or a position for this year. He must restrict himself to serving to the best of his ability the House and to concentrate on his studies.” 

10 Fr Seon was in charge of the ribbon factory. Department of the Loire, Number of workers 1835 Coal mines 3,000 Coke oven 800 Coal furnaces 1,500 Steelworks 100 Metalworks/cutlery 3,800 Nail manufactories 5,000 Military and hunting guns 2,800 Preparation of silk 2,900 Ribbon making 27,500 Silk laces and cotton thread 165 Various exports 300

11  Respect for authority  Care not to cause misunderstanding/offend  Zeal for the apostolate  Confidence in what he is doing  Tenacity  Reserve

12 Marcellin is very correct in his address to the Vicar General even though the VG appears to have a certain affection and respect for Marcellin. Je vous salue, mon cher ami, bien affecteusement 10.12.1827 Mille amities et tous mon devouement 12.9.1829 Je vous embrasse de toute mon ame. Mille choses a nos bons frères. Totus tibi 18.2.1830 Tout a vous avec amitie 25.2.1830 Je vous embrasses avec toute mon ame 31.3.1830 Comptez sur tout mon devouement et croiyez moi dans le couer du bon Maitre, votre tres affectionne 18.12.1830

13  He accepts the authority of the Vicar General (for Religious Communities)  He believes that he is the superior of the Marist fathers  He believes that he has a right to put his case before the Vicar General  He is not afraid to reapply

14  1. On January 2nd, 1817, Marcellin Champagnat founded the lay religious Institute of the Little Brothers of Mary. He saw it as forming a branch of the Society of Mary.

15  2. Led by the Spirit, Marcellin was seized by the love that Jesus and Mary had for him and for others. His experience of this, as well as his openness to events and to people, is the wellspring of his spirituality and of his apostolic zeal.  17. …Apostolic action is part of the very nature of our religious family.

16  10. Religious consecration unites us in a special way to the Church and its mystery. …True to the charism of the Institute, we collaborate in the pastoral action of the local Church.

17  33. Father Champagnat’s poverty of heart is seen most clearly in his trust in God’s loving care. The foundation of our Institute is an ever-living proof that no daring is too great for a man of faith.

18  37. The evangelical counsel of obedience, undertaken in faith and love in following Christ, who was obedient even unto death, obliges us to submit to our lawful Superiors, who act in the place of God when they command in accordance with the Constitutions.

19  39. In whatever he undertook, Father Champagnat was primarily concerned to do God’s will. This he sought in prayer, in consultation, in the mediation of his Superiors, and in heeding the signs of the times. No matter the circumstances, and despite all contradiction and opposition, he obeyed his Superiors, seeing in them the person of Jesus Himself.

20  40.1 For the organisation of apostolic works, we are attentive to the voice of the pastors of the Church and act in harmony with the Bishop, in accordance with the Code of Canon Law. In this matter we respect our own charism and the proper law of the Institute. (c 678)

21 “I think I should explain my situation to you.” “Although we have not received a copy of this wise ruling,..” “Consider, Fr Vicar General, whether we should ask you to renew these faculties, for the four priests of our society in this diocese:..” “…very few days go by without different persons from different parts of the country coming to make extraordinary confessions..”

22  “I believe I should also ask you to grant Fr pompallier, who has been here for six months…”  “This is the situation of the priests of our society..”  “…who are very pleased with your benevolent administration.” 

23  1. The effects of his family situation.  Throughout the revolutionary times, Jean-Baptiste distinguished himself as a man of patience, moderation, and political know-how. During his tenures as Town Clerk, Colonel of the National Guard, Deputy, Magistrate, and President of Municipal Administration, no one was killed at Marlhes, no one else was taken away, the church was neither burned nor sold. (AHTKNB S. Sammon)

24  Louise Champagnat was the second woman to influence Marcellin. A religious Sister of Saint Joseph and a sister to Jean-Baptiste, she sought sanctuary with his family during the days of revolutionary excess. Expelled from her convent by the new government and no lover of the movement, she once described it to young Marcellin as something crueler than any beast. (AHTKNB S. Sammon)  an elder sister, Louise, who became a Sister of St. Joseph (Sr. Therese); (S. Farrell, AFD)

25  Jean-Baptiste Champagnat had given shelter to two religious Sisters closely related to him, one being his sister Louise and the other his aunt Jeanne. Since he also had a very pious wife, traditional religious activities were continued by at least some members of his household. (S.Farrell, AFD, p.13)

26  There must have been many discussions in the family circle re the political situation, the Church etc.  I believe that Marcellin must have been greatly influenced by his father in dealing with difficult persons and events – in maintaining equilibrium and in preserving relationships.

27  2. Marcellin’s zeal for the apostolate.  Not for him the advice of the VG re Fr Pompallier – concentrate on his studies.  There was work to be done.

28  3. His tenacity.  He doesn’t take “no” for an answer. He writes again within a very short time.

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