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Sierra Club Zero Waste Committee November 17, 2010.

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1 Sierra Club Zero Waste Committee November 17, 2010

2 ABVI-Goodwill’s Unique Work o Over the course of the last 99 years, ABVI-Goodwill has evolved into a dynamic social enterprise that has united a caring spirit with an entrepreneurial drive. o ABVI-Goodwill is the only nonprofit organization in Monroe, Ontario, Wayne, Livingston, and Steuben counties that provides comprehensive vision rehabilitation services to people with vision loss. Our Mission: To prepare and empower people who are blind or visually impaired to be self sufficient and contribute to their families and communities.

3 The triple bottom line... People, Profit, Planet Goodwill Became a member of Goodwill Industries International in 1994 Currently operate eight Goodwill retail stores in Monroe, Ontario and Wayne counties. Ninth store opens in Geneseo on Dec. 1 Plan to continue to grow retail operations with new stores and donation centers to expand services and jobs to people Each year, ABVI-Goodwill keeps more than 4 million pounds of material out of local landfills Recycle/Reuse approach extends the useful life of clothing and household items and reduces the carbon footprint

4 Goodwill Warehouse

5 The triple bottom line... People, Profit, Planet Dell ReConnect Dell Reconnect program does the same for computers, keeping more than 400,000 pounds of e-waste out of local landfills

6 Dell ReConnect

7 The triple bottom line... People, Profit, Planet Our Macedon Goodwill store is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified and our Contact Center LEED Gold certified

8 Contact Center LEED Gold Certified

9 LEED ABVI-Goodwill is including the following LEED benchmarks in our newly built Goodwill stores and the Centennial Campus project. Separating items which are being demolished into various categories -- wood, steel, cement, etc so that the materials can be recycled and reused. Using environmentally sound building products in the construction and buildout. These include high efficiency heating and air conditioning systems, energy-efficient windows and lighting, carpeting that has a high level of recycled content, etc. Purchasing used or recycled furniture for outfitting the space. Undertaking building modeling to ensure we are keeping the energy costs as low as possible. Installing recycling bins in the new space to recycle cans, paper, etc. Bringing as much outside air into the space as feasible.

10 Discussion / Questions People, profit, planet – it’s our commitment to ensuring a bright future for all of us.

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