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Goodwill Industries Energy Workforce Program Goodwill’s Mission Our job will be done when every person in the community has the opportunity to live to.

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2 Goodwill Industries Energy Workforce Program

3 Goodwill’s Mission Our job will be done when every person in the community has the opportunity to live to his or her full potential and to attain personal and economic self- sufficiency.

4 Youth Services Goodwill’s Youth Services partners with over 26 metro Denver high schools to help more than 23,000 disadvantaged teens achieve their dreams each year.

5 Goodwill Industries + WIRED Energy Initiative = GOODWILL’S ENERGY WORKFORCE PROGRAM

6 WHY AN ENERGY PROGRAM?  Engage youth in the energy industry  Give youth an opportunity to explore new job and career options  Ensure that Colorado energy employers have talented professionals to fill future jobs

7 PROGRAM SITES Montbello High School & East High School in Denver Public Schools

8 GOODWILL’S ENERGY WORKFORCE PROGRAM MISSION We will work to ensure that Colorado’s energy employers have talented young professionals to fill future jobs.

9 OUR STUDENTS Seniors in high school who:  Are interested in math, science, technology, and engineering  Are curious about the energy industry  Prefer experiential, hands-on learning  Are seeking entry-level, paid position after graduation

10 IN THE CLASSROOM Students participate in a one-year energy elective addressing:  Math, mechanical concepts, problem-solving skills  Preparation for the Edison Electrical Institute Exam  Verbal and written communication skills, public speaking and interviewing  Team-building, professional networking and leadership skills

11 HANDS-ON PROJECTS WITH MENTORS Energy professionals lead student groups in hands-on projects:  Building wind turbines  Designing cars of the future  Analysis of future U.S. energy sources  Insulating and heating a home  Creating a solar pizza oven

12 SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR MENTORS –Benny Milliner, Office of Senator Bennett –Nick Nelson, Independent Geologist –Justin Davis, Sundyne Corp. –Kira Witwer, Sundyne Corp. –Mike Wehri, Sundyne Corp. –Kurt Reisser, Questar Exploration & Production Co. –Tim Dombrowski, Schlumberger Oil Field Services –Eileen Munoz, Van Gilder Insurance Group

13 BENEFITS TO STUDENTS  Receive in-school support from Goodwill case manager  Tutoring and mentoring support  Assistance with career and job exploration, and application process  Work-ready upon high school graduation

14 THE GREEN TEAM The Green Team was conceptualized in the fall of 2008 by a group of committed Montbello students and their Goodwill case manager. The students elected to retrofit the home of a person in need, in the Montbello community. They have started the retrofit of the home of a resident in the Montbello area; and, in fall 2009, they are slated to retrofit the home of a resident in the East High School area.

15 THE GREEN TEAM The students researched retrofitting and energy efficient homes and buildings. They hired an energy auditor and are working with contractors to make the recommended changes. The homeowner will receive an energy-efficient washer and dryer, new insulation in the attic and a new furnace.

16 GREEN TEAM PRESENTS Due to the great work of the students, the Green team has been asked to present their project in a few venues:  The Denver Green Festival  The La Madre Tierra Celebration  The Mayor of Denver’s Green Celebration

17 SPECIAL THANKS The following individuals and companies made the Green Team project a reality:  Grant Swanson, GB3 Energy Solutions  Whitney Painter, Buglet Solar Electric  Home Depot  Patricia Geffre, Principal, Montbello High School  Tom Wolvin, Horizon Mechanical  Angela Robertson, Parent & Community Coordinator, Montbello High School  Mrs. Simmons, Montbello Community Resident

18 RENEWABLE ENERGY WORKSHOP A group of students participated in a one-week workshop taught by renewable energy professionals. Through hands- on activities and presentations, they learned about:  Hydronic heating  Ground source heat pumps  Solar hot water systems and panel installation  Energy and heat recovery ventilators  Solar photovoltaic systems  Small wind turbine technology



21 SPECIAL THANKS The following individuals taught the Renewable Energy Workshop:  Al Wallace, Energy Environmental Corp.  Lauren Coyne, Namaste Solar  Bruce Faul, Shamrock Sales Inc.  Brett MacInness, Shamrock Sales Inc.  Brian Fowler, Geosource

22 PROGRAM GOAL By December 2009, we hope to place 90% of our graduates in paid positions in the energy industry; or, they will pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) degrees at colleges/universities.

23 OUR STUDENTS ARE READY FOR HIRE Our graduates will bring:  Resumes  Interview ready skills  OSHA certification  Edison Electrical Institute Exam experience  Job Shadow experience  Communications and teamwork experience

24 ENERGY EMPLOYMENT OPTIONS  Apprenticeships  Internships  Summer jobs

25 3 WAYS YOUR BUSINESS CAN HELP  Hire an apprentice or intern  Volunteer to support our programs  Provide a job shadow

26 THANK YOU, CORPORATE PARTNERS  International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 111  St. Mary’s Land & Exploration Company  EnCana Oil & Gas  National Renewable Energy Laboratory  Red Rocks Community College  Sundyne Corp.  Metro Denver WIRED Initiative  Denver Public Schools Postsecondary Pathways  Pipefitters 208

27 THANK YOU, SCHOOL PARTNERS  Patricia Geffre, Principal, Montbello High School  John Youngquist, Principal, East High School  Administrators, counselors, teachers at Montbello and East High School  Scott Springer & Annetta Galegos, Denver Public Schools Postsecondary Pathways  PTCO at Montbello and East High School

28 THANK YOU, ENERGY ADVISORY BOARD  Albert Wallace, Energy Environmental Corp.  Chuck Beck, Red Rocks Community College  Kurt Reisser, Quester Exploration & Production Co.  Lauren Coyne, Namaste Solar  Brian Bartony, South Metro Denver Chamber  Bradley Buum, Pipefitters 208  Lesley Batey, Encana Oil & Gas

29 Funding "This workforce solution was funded by a grant awarded under the Workforce Innovation in Regional Development (WIRED) as implemented by the U.S. Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration working in partnership with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, and the City and County of Denver's Office of Economic Development. The solution was created by grantee and does not necessarily reflect the official position of the U.S. Department of Labor. The Department of Labor makes no guarantees, warranties, or assurances of any kind, express or implied, with respect to such information, including any information on linked sites and including, but not limited to, accuracy of the information or its completeness, timeliness, usefulness, adequacy, continued availability, or ownership. This solution is copyrighted by the institution that created it. Internal use by an organization and/or personal use by an individual for non-commercial purposes is permissible. All other uses require prior authorization of the copyright owner."

30 Your Future Workforce Starts Here Thank YOU! for helping prepare students for Colorado’s energy workforce.

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