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Elements of Writing Vocab Words Week 4! The Emperor's new palace.

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1 Elements of Writing Vocab Words Week 4! The Emperor's new palace

2 Allocate  Verb: to set aside, to portion, usually for a specific purpose  The Emperor of Endorizia allocated thirty blocks in the capital city, Endorizus, for his new, grand project. The buildings in the area set aside for this project would have to be knocked down.

3 Bereft  Adj: deprived of (usually used with “of”)  Lacking in something  Unfortunately, many families and denizens of Endorizus found themselves bereft of their homes. They were thrown out with no recourse and no roof over their heads.

4 Candor  Noun: frankness or open honesty; purity; unprejudiced.  One of the Emperor’s advisors was decapitated. His candor got him in a lot of trouble; the Emperor didn’t like to have his plan spoken about in such a negative and frank way.

5 Carnal  Adj: related or pertaining to the body; dealing with physical or bodily pleasures  The Emperor didn’t care about the poor people deprived of their homes. He thought they were all evil sinners who succumbed to carnal pleasures and desires too easily.

6 Derision  Noun: Ridicule or contemptible scorn; An object of ridicule or scorn  The people asked for help and shelter from the Emperor, but he responded with derisions and heartless scorn.

7 Ebullient  Adj: lively exuberant or exited; bubbling with enthusiasm  The ebullient Emperor returned to his project’s plans singing and chatting about how wonderful his project will be! He was so excited!

8 Fallacious  Adj: purposefully misleading or false  The Emperor’s engineers and architects— who didn’t like the project—told him that the project would cost more money than he had in the treasury. The fallacious statement back fired: the Emperor raised taxes!

9 Feign  Verb: To pretend; to give a false appearance of  One man, who couldn’t pay the higher taxes on his shack, feigned blindness to get out of paying the taxes. The tax collector saw through the ruse and hauled him to jail.

10 Geniality  Noun: Friendliness Genial = adj  The poor man was known throughout most of the city for being a friendly fellow. His geniality, however, went unnoticed by the heartless Emperor, who had the poor guy locked in a dank dungeon.

11 Inimical  Adj: hostile, unfriendly  The people heard of the horrendous treatment of the kind fellow, and they began to plot a rebellion against the inimical emperor.

12 Masticate  Verb: to chew  An advisor told the Emperor of the rumors of the rebellion. The Emperor, enjoying his feast until that moment, choked on his half-masticated food. He should slow down and chew his food more carefully.

13 Quixotic  Adj: Romantic impracticality; foolishly impractical in the striving of high ideals  The Emperor began to think that his project of building a mile-tall statue of himself was a bit quixotic. “Perhaps,” he said to himself, “that project, as wonderful as it would be, is a bit impractical.”

14 Voracious  Adj: having a huge appetite; greedy or excessively eager  The Emperor considered halting his plans, but his voracious desire for his glory overpowered his common sense. His greed for fame won and he continued with his project.

15 Zealot  Noun: A fanatic; one filled with passion  The project continued, and the denizens decided to rebel. However, one zealot, too obsessed with his hatred of the Emperor, marched into the palace and defenestrated the evil tyrant!

16 The end! That’s it! Thank you! Please come again!

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