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Weekend Directors Training. The Board of Directors selects Walk Directors 1 year in advance, Based on spiritual & technical readiness –Is active in a.

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1 Weekend Directors Training

2 The Board of Directors selects Walk Directors 1 year in advance, Based on spiritual & technical readiness –Is active in a reunion group –Is actively involved in their local church –Supports the Emmaus/Chrysalis Community –Practices the 3 phrases of Emmaus/Chrysalis –Commits to all team meetings and the entire three days of the Walk and follow-up CHOOSING WEEKEND DIRECTORS

3 Minimum LD requirements are: Has served in various background roles Has been a ATL, TL, ALD two times, given 3 talks or more Minimum SD requirements: Has served as ASD in residence Meets Clergy Qualifications & is authorized to administer Communion in the Emmaus setting. Has given a minimum of 2 different ASD talks CHOOSING WEEKEND DIRECTORS

4 Pray about your answer and the commitment involved Accept the invitation to serve Begin to read all the materials –The Upper Room Handbook on Emmaus/Chrysalis –Sustaining The Spirit –The Directors Manual with 3 Day Schedule –Team Manual –Lay and Clergy Talk Outlines DIRECTOR’S PREPARATION

5 Pray Remember the Weekend is NOT your weekend Remember you are in the “ employ ” of the Board of Directors –You can act with the authority of the board if you act under the authority of the Board and within the Emmaus/Chrysalis guidelines. DIRECTOR’S PREPARATION

6 Pray continually LD & SD work together and set training dates and locations Get in touch with the Team Selection chair, to discuss dates for selection meeting May bring a short list of recommendations for possible team members Remember all selection is based on prayer and discernment of the committee. DIRECTOR’S PREPARATION

7 Build and Prepare a Team Teach and serve by example Be obedient to the UR Handbook & Manuals Focus on the Team – while in formation Lead the Three day Weekend Focus on the participants - on the weekend Be a servant leader DIRECTOR’S RESPONSIBILITIES

8 WHY? –Christ centered –Quality assurance Prevents remake to LD likeness Same authentic experience - Worldwide Theologically congruent Checks impulsiveness and changes Allows the Holy Spirit to work Focus on prep and prayer –Covenant with Upper Room OBEDIENCE TO THE “MODEL”

9 Highly structured and well-defined Embodied in key documents: –Upper Room Handbook on Emmaus / Chrysalis –Director ’ s Manual (LD & SD) –Talk Outlines –Secondary manuals and booklets (Team Manual, Sustaining the Spirit & other library series.) Ensures that: –Essential elements are performed consistently. –Variations are minimized EMMAUS/CHRYSALIS METHOD/MODEL

10 Committee appointed by the Board –Chair is a board member –Community Spiritual Director –4-5 non board members –Weekend Lay and Spiritual Director Committee meets 6-8 months before the Weekends TEAM SELECTION IS BY COMMITTEE

11 Choose Conference Room Team only and assign talks: –2 to 3 Assistant Lay Directors Chrysalis will include at least one youth ALD –4 Assistant Spiritual Directors –5 to 7 Table Leaders & Assistant Table Leaders In Chrysalis youth & adults are table leaders –1 to 3 Musicians Chrysalis will include at least one youth TEAM SELECTION

12 Prepare the Team functionally Prepare the Team spiritually Build Christian Community Train Future leaders Develop leaders for the Church PURPOSE OF TEAM MEETINGS

13 Not to have a good time with an elite group Not a contest - Best weekend ever Not a casual commitment – or come when you ’ d like Not to hear talk previews only Not to go through the motions - again WHAT TEAM SELECTION IS NOT

14 Definition: Dynamic — a force or series of forces that encourage movement Holy Spirit is the authentic dynamic Weekend dynamics allow and encourage participants to be receptive to Holy Spirit Weekend dynamics are Spiritual forces, not emotional or physical forces DYNAMICS OF THE EMMAUS OR CHRYSALIS WEEKEND

15 Can be single action or a series of actions Often reinforce each other Can be apparent or subtle Can be positive or negative  DYNAMICS OF THE EMMAUS OR CHRYSALIS WEEKEND

16 Friday Experiencing God ’ s love –Priority, Prevenient Grace, Priesthood, Justifying Grace, Piety Saturday - Responding to God ’ s love –Study, Means of Grace, Action, Obstacles to Grace, Discipleship Sunday - Reflecting God ’ s Love on Others –Changing Our World, Sanctifying Grace, Body of Christ, Perseverance, 4th Day AN APPARENT DYNAMIC- PROGRESSION OF EMMAUS TALKS

17 Day One: A Day of Dying with Christ  Ideals, God Designed You, Faith, God Loves You, Prodigal Day Two: A Day of Rising with Christ  Communication through Prayer, Christian Growth through Study, God ’ s Gift to You, Marriage, God Sustains You Day Three: A day of Flying with Christ  Christian Action, Single Life, God empowers You, Priesthood of all Believers, Next Steps AN APPARENT DYNAMIC- PROGRESSION OF CHRYSALIS TALKS

18 Thursday –Private Prayer / Silence Friday –Pray as Group / Come Holy Spirit Saturday –Spoken, spontaneous prayer - altar / table Sunday & Fourth Day –Leading Prayer Send off –Personal Size Thursday night –Doubles - New friend Friday –Conference Room Table Saturday –Full Conference Room Sunday & 4th Day –Community, Church, World MORE SUBTLE WEEKEND DYNAMICS

19 Talking & Sharing Caring Learning Using names Singing Telling appropriate Jokes Sharing Agape POSITIVE DYNAMICS

20 Emotionalism Rushing Intimidation Intolerance Secrecy Bragging Fatigue Dominating Boring - long Talks Over regimented Fear of change Complaining Confusion Offensive humor Theological errors NEGATIVE DYNAMICS

21 Keys to a successful weekend: –Effective team and community training –Emphasis on positive dynamics - Holy Spirit –Elimination of negative dynamics –Patience - God time The less you know about Emmaus/ Chrysalis, the more you want to change it. The more you know about Emmaus/ Chrysalis the less you want to change it! THINGS TO REMEMBER

22 Emmaus Minimum 23-26 hours – Chrysalis 18- 24 Option 1 - City option –8 to 10 meetings of 2 1/2 to 3 hours each Option 2 - Distance option –4 to 5 meetings of 5 to 6 hours each Option 3 - Over Night option –2 over nights Friday night to Saturday 12 - 13 hours each SCHEDULING

23 Worship - devotion, communion, music Floating Reunions & Team Building Training –Weekend Dynamics, Positions, Boundaries & Behavior Practical Application - Talk Previews, Music, Table Leading Praying Together FORMATION SCHEDULES

24 Leave all electronics (phone, computer, camera, watch) at home Agape - no individual names No gifts to team or LD & SD Preserve breaks Respond promptly to the bell Model appropriate behavior MORE THINGS TO REMEMBER

25 Timing - posters - skits - prayer You need your sleep too Luke 24 is the only theme in Emmaus Follow scripts and outlines Agape placement - Dining room – beds Provide Safe Sanctuary MORE THINGS TO REMEMBER


27 Vision: Fourth Day Leaders Embodying Christ Mission: Empowering Leaders through Emmaus ands Chrysalis to be the Hands and Feet of Christ

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