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India Business Quiz -2010 Compiled by G.Mohan

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1 India Business Quiz -2010 Compiled by G.Mohan

2 Themes  Ad-en-Dum Ad-en-Dum  Global Brands Global Brands  Desi Chhap Desi Chhap  Filmi Chakkar Filmi Chakkar  Fashion Passion Fashion Passion  Khaas Khabar Khaas Khabar  Jargon Buster Jargon Buster  Sarkar Raj Sarkar Raj  Stock talk Stock talk  Sabse Bada Rupaiya Sabse Bada Rupaiya  Finance fundas Finance fundas

3 Themes  Guru Gyan Guru Gyan  Net Nuggets Net Nuggets  Toys for Boys Toys for Boys  Sports and Sponsors Sports and Sponsors  Kuch Bhi Kuch Bhi  Aur Kuch Bhi Aur Kuch Bhi

4 Ad-en-dum 1. Which brand was first woven into a computer game (advergame) ? 2. MUDRA and BBDO India are ad agencies which are part of the second largest ad group in the world. Which one ? 3. Before film stars and cricketers came to ads, What pics were common in posters and calendars for indian products? 4. All GARNIER ads end with ‘Take care’. Another brand from this stable L’OREAL end their ads with what tagline ? 5. A co. found that it was cheaper to put half page ads in classifieds than in the main paper. This forced newspapers to change their pricing policy. Name it. 6. This beauty modelled for Charmis cream. As a Pan-Am air hostess in 1986 she fought the hijackers and died. Name her. For Answers click

5 Global Brands 1. In the 1960s. IMPALA was an extremely popular car. This model was from which company ? 2. Audi, Hitachi, Samsonite. Diff countries different businesses. What is common? 3. The trademark _________________ should not be used while describing MSG – Monosodium Glutamate, says the caution notice. Fill in the blank. 4. Pick the odd one out…..FIESTA, FOCUS. FORTUNER, FIGO, FUSION. 5. Who owns the skin care brand Neutrogena ? 6. Which Indian car company is owned 50% by Chinese co. SAIC ? For Answers clickAnswers

6 Desi Chhap 1. Which company acquired the DALDA brand from Hind Lever in 2004 ? 2. Analjit Slngh’s group is called the MAX group. Why ? 3. What Sonata is to Titan in watches, this brand is to Tanishq in jewellery. Name this value brand. 4. Name the tea company co-founded by Dwarkanath Tagore in 1839 and was India’s 1st joint stock co. It exists even today 5. Which was the first hybrid vehicle to be launched in India ? 6. Which is the only Indian product kept in the Museum of Modern Art in US? For Answers clickAnswers

7 Filmi Chakkar 1. Himanshu Rai founded Bombay Talkies in 1934. He used a unique financial structure to raise money. What? 2. Who said “Hollywood’s a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss, and fifty cents for your soul.” 3. 3 idiots. The engineering college and hostel shown in the movie was actually shot in a well known B-school. Which one ? 4. If Hindi film industry is Bollywood, telugu and bengali- Tollywood, tamil- Kollywood, what is the Kannada one called ? 5. How can movie goers make money on the Cantors futures exchange ? 6. Which co has multiple brands of jewellery, all of them endorsed by leading film stars like Kareena, Katrina, Bipasha ? For Answers clickAnswers

8 Fashion Passion 1. Which luxury brand is credited with the creation of the ‘gaberdine’ fabric ? 2. Armani has sub-brands. What is the difference between Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani ? 3. UNIQLO which derives its name from ‘unique clothing’ is the largest clothing brand of which country ? 4. The designer brand Hermes has two popular styles of an accessory Kelly and Birkin. Name the accessory. 5. What according to Giorgio Armani, the Italian designer, is the democracy of fashion ? 6. Where will the world’s first ARMANI hotel open for business shortly ? For Answers clickAnswers

9 Media Trivia 1. What is the new name of the Businessweek magazine ? 2. This satellite radio service made famous in the movie LAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI has gone off air after bankruptcy. Name this radio station. 3. Which is the largest read Indian daily as per IRS, 13 times in a row ? 4. Name the compact bilingual – Hindi and English-daily for the youth which is making waves in the Hindi belt. 5. Which media group has acquired the MID-DAY newspapers business from Ansaris ? 6. Based on a survey finding that 70% of viewers do not know what to watch on TV what new channel has been launched ? For Answers clickAnswers

10 Jargon Buster 1. What is ‘ MATURIALISM’ ? 2. Who is a sub-lebrity? 3. Tirupati Laddu has a GI tag now. What is GI ? 4. What is crowdsourcing ? 5. As per Morgan stanley what are the newly emerging economies like Vietnam Bangladesh etc called ? 6. Sandwich makers in Subway are called sandwich artists. Lavatory cleaners as sanitation consultants, in HR terms what is this practice ? For Answers clickAnswers

11 Sarkar Raj 1. This govt owned network has 170 Million account holders and 154,000 branches in India. Name it. 2. Ministry of health GOI has a dept of AYUSH. Expand AYUSH. 3. Name the government agency which has prepared a National Anti- corruption strategy for a ‘Corruption free India’. 4. Which project of national imp is being launched in Oct 2010 by PM and Sonia from Tehsil Sahada, Dist Nandurbar, Maharashtra ? 5. Why has the cabinet secretary issued a note to ministries to go slow on using ‘GANDHI-NEHRU ‘ name for govt schemes ? 6. Between which 2 metros are 7 new cities being planned each bigger than Singapore as a mega industrial corridor project of GOI ? For Answers clickAnswers

12 Stock Talk 1. Ram Niwas Mirdha Cong leader who died recently headed the JPC to probe the 1992 stock scam. Who was the chief villain of this scam ? 2. Church of England has sold its entire stake in Vedanta for non-fin reasons. What investment phil they follow? 3. What is an IDR ? Who is the first issuer of IDR? 4. In the ’90s Chidambaram had resigned & was accepted by the PM PV Narasimha Rao. Why did he resign then? 5. In IPO jargon what is ASBA? For Answers clickAnswers

13 Sabse Bada Rupaiya 1. Madison : advertising… Wall street: stock market…. Sand Hill Road : what ? 2. Who was the first issuer of Traveller’s cheque in the year 1891 ? 3. Who claimed his company was doing “God’s work” ? 4. On life insurance industry partners. Tata +AIG, Birla +Sunlife, ICICI + Prudential, HDFC + Standard life. Reliance and ? 5. Stanchart had a 30% stake in a PSU bank before its nationalisation. Name it. 6. What inspired India born scotsman Shepherd Barron to invent the ATM ? For Answers clickAnswers

14 Finance Fundas 1. What is an Islamic financial certificate called, similar to a bond in Western finance, that complies with Sharia, Islamic law.? 2. Who is the designer behind the Rupee symbol selected by Indian Govt ? 3. What is Gompertz law given by mathematician Benjamin Gompertz in 1825? 4. In investment circles who is referred to as Mrs. Watanabe ? 5. Which telecom provider has been given RBI clearance for a limited banking facility thru cell phones ? 6. What was the original business of Berkshire Hathaway when Warren Buffett acquired it in 1965 ? For Answers clickAnswers

15 Guru Gyan 1. Name the Indian economist who has said that ‘privatisation by stealth’ has created many billionaires in india ? 2. Who is the author of the book ‘Employees first customers second’ published by Harvard press ? Clue: CEO of an Indian tech co. 3. Nitin Nohria the newly appointed dean of HBS is son of Mr K.K Nohria. Nohria Sr. was the Chairman of an Indian Engg co. Which one ? 4. Name this India born strategy guru who is credited with ‘core competence’ and ‘Bottom of Pyramid ‘. He passed away recently. 5. Which management guru once said ‘In all of recorded history there has been not one economist who had to worry about where his next mealwould come from’ ? 6. Which first generation entrepreneur’s autobiography is titled ‘ SIMPLY FLY’ ? For Answers clickAnswers

16 Net Nuggets 1. Which social networking platform that started in the living room of Reid Hoffman in 2002 announced 7 mn members in India recently ? 2. What is a WHUFFIE ? 3. Who or what has the Wired magazine nominated for Nobel Peace prize this year ? 4. “It’s hip to be rural’ People who have never seen a farm are farming virtually on this killer app on FACEBOOK. Name it. 5. What is a ‘digital will’ ? 6. What is social notworking ? For Answers clickAnswers

17 Toys for Boys 1. SWYPE may soon replace T9 in all cell phones. What does T9 do ? 2. Signature tune for which indian telecom service has become the world’s most popular mobile music download? 3. Peter Bentley of London has developed an app for iPhone which is a rage among doctors. What does the application do ? 4. Which gaming console used MEMS accelerometer technology for the first time that helps play a video game with the whole body ? 5. Why is EU planning to impose a ban on sex toys ? 6. Warcraft and Second life are the most popular MMORPGs.What are MMORPGs ? For Answers clickAnswers

18 Sports and Sponsors 1. Connect Accenture, Buick and Nike 2. Which EPL match had the first live 3D broadcast on Skysports ? 3. Connect QANTAS, GULF AIR, SINGTEL and PETRONAS 4. Van Schalwyk a plastic factory worker patented it in 2001. His co Masincedane sport is doing well this FIFA. What is his product? 5. Which sport star owns the company FOOTWORK PRODUCTIONS ? 6. What is the name of new T20 league in Australia on the lines of IPL ? For Answers clickAnswers

19 Kuch Bhi 1. What is the unique distinction of the firm HANDOO AND HANDOO? 2. Why was the satellite phone IRIDIUM named so ? 3. You know who is a Chairman. What about MAN CHAIR ? 4. In Parliament when Sushma Swaraj commented CAT KO MOUSE KHA GAYA. What was she referring to. ? 5. What is UN Population fund’s prescription for combating global warming? 6. What is the term used to describe food which produces healthy bacteria in the stomach ? For Answers clickAnswers

20 Aur Kuch Bhi 1. Which Mulk Raj Anand novel has a title that evokes the tea gardens in Assam where the narrative is set? 2. N Srinivasan of india cements donated Rs. 9 cr to Tirupati temple to buy a machine. What can this machine produce? 3. If IC is Air india,9W -Jet airways, IT- Kingfisher, 6E-Indigo then BZ is ? 4. Bhut Jolokia has entered Guinness Records for having over 1 mn Scoville units of a property. What ? 5. Which crisis has been described by IATA chief as a crisis ‘bigger than 9/11' for the aviation business? 6. Ale, lager, bitter, stouts, pilsner are some of the 180 ways of doing what ? For Answers clickAnswers


22 Answers to Ad-en-Dum 1. Mcdonalds in 1973 as a part of a DEC game Moonlander. 2. Omnicom 3. Hindu Gods & goddesses. Baby Krishna on Woodwards and Vishnu on sunlight 4. Because you’re worth it. 5. SU-KAM 6. Neerja Bhanot Back

23 Answers to Global Brands 1. General Motors CHEVROLET 2. Born in 1910.All are celebrating their centenary this year 3. AJI-No-Moto 4. FORTUNER is from TOYOTA. Rest are FORD models 5. Johnson and Johnson 6. General Motors India is a 50:50 JV between GM and SAIC Back

24 Answers to Desi Chhap 1. BUNGE INDIA 2. First letter of his parents’ names Mohan and Avtar and X for others. 3. GoldPlus. 4. The Assam company 5. Hybrid vehicle is a dual powered one. Suvega moped used petrol and pedal (Googly) 6. Hawkins pressure cooker Back

25 Answers to Filmi Chakkar 1. Joint Stock company and listed it on BSE with an authorised capital Rs 25 lakh 2. Marilyn Monroe 3. IIM-Bangalore 4. SANDALWOOD 5. By placing bets on the box office performance of soon to be released movies 6. Gitanjali Back

26 Answers to Fashion Passion 1. Burberry 2. Giorgio is for 35-50 age group and Emporio for 25-35 3. Japan 4. Ladies hand bags 5. Jeans 6. BURJ KHALIFA, Dubai – world’s tallest building- half a mile tall Back

27 Answers to Khaas Khabar 1. Bloomberg Businessweek 2. Worldspace 3. Dainik Jagaran 4. iNext 5. Jagran Prakashan 6. What’s on India Back

28 Answers to Jargon Buster 1. Mature materialism. When brands take a ‘do good path’ to appeal to consumers 2. A non-entity hailed as a star. For example Winners and finalists of reality TV shows 3. Geographical indicators. Spurious mfrs of laddus from other places cannot claim them to be from Tirupati 4. Sourcing not from a person or firm but openly from public or crowd by instituting rewards. Jeff Howe of Wired. Innocentive is one platform 5. Frontier Economies 6. Title fluffing Back

29 Answers to Sarkar Raj 1. India Post 2. Ayurved, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. All traditional medicines. 3. Central Vigilance Commission 4. UID Aadhar 5. Poor implementation damages the family ‘brand’ name 6. Delhi and Mumbai Back

30 Answers to Stock Talk 1. Harshad Mehta 2. Socially responsible investing 3. Indian depository receipt. Stanchart bank 4. PC had invested in the scam tainted FAIRGROWTH 5. Application supported by bid amount. money is transferred to issuer only to the extent of and after allotment Back

31 Answers to Sabse Bada Rupaiya 1. Venture capital industry 2. American Express 3. Lloyd C.Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs 4. No one. Googly 5. Allahabad Bank 6. A chocolate vending machine Back

32 Answers to Finance Fundas 1. Sukuk 2. Udaya Kumar from IIT Mumbai 3. An actuarial law that says chance of dying doubles every nine and quarter years 4. A small investor,often a housewife, speculating in currency. 5. Bharti Airtel 6. Textiles Back

33 Answers to Guru Gyan 1. Raghuram Rajan 2. Vineet Nayyar 3. Crompton Greaves 4. C.K.Prahlad 5. Peter Drucker 6. Capt. Gopinath of Air Deccan Back

34 Answers to Net Nuggets 1. Linkedin 2. Social currency to measure online reputation like google hits. 3. The Worldwide web 4. Farmville 5. A will to bequeath digital assets like private emails, digital music photos, videos etc 6. Surfing social networking sites instead of working Back

35 Answers to Toys for Boys 1. Typing text messages quickly on cellphones 2. Airtel, composed by AR Rahman 3. Makes the phone a stethoscope 4. Nintendo Wii 5. They are made of PVC, which is bad for environment 6. Massive multiplayer online role playing games Back

36 Answers to Sports and Sponsors 1. Tiger Woods endorses all these brands. 2. Arsenal vs Man-U on 31st JAN 2010 3. Title sponsors of F1 Grandprix at Australia, Bahrain, Singapore and Malaysia respectively 4. Vuvuzela 5. David Beckham 6. Big Bash League Back

37 Answers to Kuch Bhi 1. India’s first LLP – Limited Liability Partnership firm 2. The original design had 77 satellites. Iridium is the 77th element in the periodic table. 3. A chair kept in the mall for the man to sit while his shopaholic wife/partner is busy 4. The online CAT fiasco for the IIM entrance 2009 5. Free condoms! 6. Probiotic – yogurt is the most popular food of this kind. Back

38 Answers to Aur Kuch Bhi 1. Two leaves and a bud 2. 5 lakh LADDUS a day 3. Blue Dart Aviation 4. It is the world’s spiciest chilli. Scoville is the unit for spiciness 5. Volcanic ash in the Iceland sky 6. Brewing beer Back

39 Acknowledgements  Rajib Sarkar  G.Krishna Kumar  All the friends on LinkedIn and Twitter who participated regularly and encouraged me  Newspapers, news channels, magazines, websites that were the source of all these information BIG THANK YOU TO ALL  G.Mohan –

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