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French The Posh Future Tense

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1 French The Posh Future Tense
This PowerPoint was created by Matthew Vernon, here.

2 What is the Posh Future Tense?
There’s nothing wrong in using the normal future tense of I am going/ je vais. However, the future posh is a nice way of showing off and will score high in speaking exams and essays. Again, it is all about endings. But this time, no stem is required. The endings are added to the infinitive. I know, interesting, right?

3 How do I do it? So, take your infinitive.
Parler - to speak Now for the weird bit. You add the corresponding form of the verb ‘to have’, avoir, thus making a new word. j’ai - I have je parler + ai je parlerais - I will have

4 Some examples je jouerai le football. I will play football.
nous mangerons les légumes. vous aimerez le film. ils nageront. Just three little naughties for you to learn.

5 Final note… This future tense is really easy. Just keep your infinitive and for je, tu, il, elle and on, you add on whatever their forms of avoir are. Otherwise you add ons for nous, ez for vous and ont for ils and elles. It’s simple yet really high scoring for tests and orals.

6 Matthew Vernon
I hope that helped! Matthew Vernon

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