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Adventurer & Pathfinder Ministry

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1 Adventurer & Pathfinder Ministry
North England Conference Pathfinder Basic Staff Training (Part 1)

2 Module Objective To develop an awareness of the purpose and uniqueness of the Adventurer and Pathfinder ministry. Briefly informs you of Adventurer and Pathfinder Classes, Ages and curriculum outline

3 Pre-Adventurers The Eager Beaver programme comes before the Adventurer classes. The Eager Beaver programme is for Reception and Year 1 children.

4 Pre-Adventurers The Eager Beaver programme should ideally be taught at home by the child’s parents

5 Pre-Adventurers However, due to its popularity, the Eager Beaver programme can also be managed by the Adventurer Club.

6 Pre-Adventurers Eager Beavers share the Adventurer Pledge, Law and Song.

7 Adventurers The Adventurer program was created to assist parents in their important responsibilities as a child’s primary Christian teacher. The Adventurer club is for Year 2 to Year 5 children.

8 Adventurers The program aims to strengthen the parent-child relationship and further the child’s development in spiritual, physical, mental, and social areas There isn’t a program in the church that will develop the child spiritually, Physically. Mentally and socially. There isn’t a church denomination that has a club like Pathfinders.

9 Adventurers In this way, the church can work together with the parent to develop a mature and happy child. Parents are encouraged to take an active part in the Adventurer club.

10 Adventurers The Adventurer Club provides fun and creative ways for children to... 1. develop a Christ- like character

11 Adventurers 2. experience the joy and satisfaction of doing things well

12 Adventurers 3. express their love for Jesus in a natural way

13 Adventurers 4. learn good sportsmanship and strengthen their ability to get along with others

14 Adventurers 5. discover their God-given abilities and know how to use them to benefit self and serve others

15 Adventurers 6. discover God's world

16 Adventurers 7. improve their understanding of what makes families strong

17 Adventurers 8. develop parental support for the training of children
The Adventurer Club helps the child to appreciate their family, the world and more importantly themselves and their relationship with God.

18 Pathfinders The Pathfinder club is for Year 6 to Year 11 young people

19 Pathfinders The Adventurer club feeds into the Pathfinder club. The Pathfinder Strong video gives a wonderful description of the history, philosophy and purpose of the Pathfinder

20 Pathfinders The Pathfinder Pledge By the grace of God,
I will be pure and kind and true. I will keep the Pathfinder Law. I will be a servant of God and a friend to man.

21 Pathfinders Objectives
Help the young people to understand that God and His church love them, care for them, and appreciate them

22 Encourage Pathfinders to discover their own God-given potential

23 Inspire young people to give personal expression of their love for God

24 Make the number one priority of your club program the personal salvation of every Pathfinder
The popular age Pathfinders are baptised is at 13

25 Build into a Pathfinder's life a healthy appreciation and love for God's creation by enjoying outdoor activity

26 Teach Pathfinders specific skills and hobbies that will make their lives more meaningful

27 Encourage the Pathfinder to keep physically fit

28 Give opportunity for the development of leadership

29 Seek to foster the harmonious development of the physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual life

30 Non-discrimination Policy
It is the policy of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to admit children to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities made available by the church

31 Non-discrimination Policy
. . . regardless of race, gender, ability, or religion.

32 Adventurer & Pathfinder Ministry
North England Conference Pathfinder Basic Staff Training (Part 1)

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