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The History, Philosophy, and Purpose of the AY Ministry.

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1 The History, Philosophy, and Purpose of the AY Ministry

2 The History of the AY Ministry

3 1852 James White

4 Luther Warren and Harry Fenner Missionary Volunteer Society


6 1907

7 Adventist Boys’ Clubs Takoma Indians Woodland Clan Mission Scouts
A.W. Spaulding

8 Friend Companion Comrade (Guide) Harriet Holt 1920 Progressive Classes

9 Pre-JMV Classes Busy Bee Sunbeam 1930 Helping Hands Builder

10 First 16 “Vocational Merit Badges”

11 Wisconsin Summer Camp 1927 A.W. Spaulding E.W. Dunbar

12 First Pathfinder Club John Hancock 1946

13 Mr. & Mrs. Henry Bergh

14 Southern Calif. Camporee in the 1950s First NAD Camporee Camp Hale, CO
Camporees Southern Calif. Camporee in the 1950s First NAD Camporee Camp Hale, CO

15 Pre-Pathfinders, Grades 1 - 4
The Adventurer Club Pre-Pathfinders, Grades 1 - 4

16 Official Organization of Adventurer Club in 1989
Debra Brill Terry Dodge Noelene Johnsson Norm Middag

17 Established at the Rolling Hills SDA Church 2005
1 & 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years

18 The Pathfinder Emblem Red Background White Blue Three Sides Sword
Gold Outline Shield

19 Adventist Youth as a Ministry

20 Pathfinder Mission Statement
“The Pathfinder Ministry is an educational laboratory for the home, the school, and the church.”

21 Objectives of Pathfindering
a) Belong to the Church b) Full Partners in Church’s Ministry c) God’s Word Becomes Meaningful

22 Adventurer Mission Statement
“The NAD Adventurer program serves an intercultural community of children in grades 1-4 and their parents and care-givers through a holistic ministry.”

23 Objectives of Adventuring
a) Relationship with Christ b) Seventh-day Adventist Philosophy c) Fulfill the Gospel Commission

24 Purposes of Pathfindering
a) End “Generation Gap” b) Provide Proper Role Models c) SDA Church Made Attractive

25 Pathfinder Goals 1) Know the Church Cares 2) Know that God Has a Plan
3) Train for Missionary Service 4) Salvation 5) Appreciation of Nature

26 6) Learn Skills & Hobbies 9) Develop Balanced Life
Pathfinder Goals, cont. 6) Learn Skills & Hobbies 7) Physical Fitness 8) Develop Leadership 9) Develop Balanced Life

27 Purposes of Adventuring
a) Develop Christ-like Character b) Satisfaction of Doing Things Well c) Express Love for Jesus

28 Purposes of Adventuring, cont.
d) Learn Sportsmanship e) Learn & Use God-given Abilities f) Make Families Strong

29 Pathfinder Philosophy b) Changed Family Structure
a) “Train up a Child . . .” b) Changed Family Structure c) Fewer in SDA Schools

30 The Complete Adventist Youth Curriculum

31 1 & 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years

32 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade

33 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10

34 The TLT Program

35 Adult Leadership Pins Adventurer Leadership Growth (pin in process)
Pathfinder Leadership Award Pathfinder Instructor Award


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