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WWI Propaganda What are some characteristics of propaganda or political cartoons?

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1 WWI Propaganda What are some characteristics of propaganda or political cartoons?

2 Background Each of the nations that participated in WWI from 1914-18 used propaganda not only as a means of justifying involvement to their own citizens, but also as a means of recruiting men, money and resources to sustain the military campaign. Propaganda was also used to unite the nation against an enemy; portrayed enemy countries in a negative manner Interestingly, the U.S. joined the war relatively late - April 1917 - she produced many more propaganda posters than any other single nation

3 Characteristics of Propaganda Evoke emotion: sympathy, fear, patriotism Clear message or slogan Encourages involvement or action; persuasive Often relies on ethically suspect methods of influence (deception, distortion, misrepresentation) Use of color or symbols Serves a purpose (government, interest group)

4 Common Propaganda Techniques Plain Folks Appeal: “I’m one of you” Testimonials: “I saw the Germans murder hundreds…” Bandwagon: “Everybody’s doing it” Card-Stacking: presenting only one side of a story Transfer: positive or negative associations, such as a politician posing with a flag Glittering generalities: idealistic or loaded language, such as “freedom,” “family values,” etc. Name calling: power-hungry, Hun, anarchist, etc.

5 Robaudi, Alcide Théophile; 1917 America owes France the most unalterable gratitude. French Comrade your children shall be as our children.

6 Stern; 1918. Are you 100% American? Prove it! Buy U.S. government bonds : Third Liberty Loan

7 Strothmann, Frederick; 1917 Beat back the Hun with Liberty Bonds


9 Stahr, Paul; 1918. Be patriotic : sign your country's pledge to save the food

10 United States. Dept. of the Treasury. Publicity Bureau. Buy Liberty Bonds

11 Illian, George. Cardinal Mercier has appealed to the Food Administration for more food for starving millions. ***Mercier was a Belgian cardinal who was known for his staunch opposition to German occupation***

12 Steele; U.S. Food Administration Defeat the Kaiser and his U-boats : victory depends on which fails first, food or frightfulness : eat less wheat

13 Faivre, Abel. L'Emprunt de la Libération (The loan of liberation)

14 Christy, Howard Chandler. Fight or buy bonds : Third Liberty Loan

15 Chambers, Charles Edward. Food will win the war : you came here seeking freedom, you must now help to preserve it : wheat is needed for the Allies, waste nothing.

16 Orr, Alfred Everitt. For home and country : Victory Liberty Loan

17 Cittadino, A. For liberty, civilization, and humanity

18 Harris, Lawrence S. "Good bye, Dad, I'm off to fight for Old Glory, you buy U.S. gov't bonds" :Third Liberty Loan

19 La grande offensiva Italiana : la disfatta Austriaca sul Montello. (The Great Italian Offensive: Austrian defeat at Montello)

20 Halt the Hun! : buy U.S. government bonds, Third Liberty Loan

21 United States. Dept. of the Treasury. Publicity Bureau. My daddy bought me a government bond of the Third Liberty Loan, did yours?

22 Faivre, Abel. Pour la France, versez votre or : l'or combat pour la victoire (For France, pour your gold or fight for victory)

23 Ring it again : buy U.S. gov't bonds : Third Liberty Loan

24 Your war savings pledge : Our boys make good their pledge-- Are you keeping yours?

25 War until Victory!

26 Summary: Scene depicting French women in war-time. One woman is working in a factory, one is nursing her child, and another woman is hoeing in the field. In the background is an outline of Victory. French women made up over 40 percent of the work force during the war. Over two million were recruited into positions in heavy industry.






32 Britain's portrayal of Germany

33 Kriegsanleihe, helft den Hütern eures Glückes. Summary: Poster shows a man holding a sword with his other arm around his wife and baby. Text: War loans help the guardians of your happiness

34 Bolshevism means the world will drown in blood. Association to Fight Against Bolshevism


36 We won't tolerate anarchy! We'll protect women and children

37 Austrian propaganda; Text announces the fourth bond drive

38 Summary: Poster shows a medieval knight with the Austrian Imperial eagle on his tunic, standing in front of an Austrian banner, with his sword raised as if about to strike. Text tells people to subscribe to the 5th War Loan at the Živnostenská bank in Prague or one of the branch banks.

39 WWI Propaganda Websites s/propaganda/first_e.shtml s/propaganda/first_e.shtml

40 WWI Propaganda Project Can be from the perspective of any country involved (include translations) You are creating your own, NOT recreating someone else’s propaganda Must be neat, legible, creative, and organized I am not grading on artistic ability, I am grading on your ability to understand the characteristics of propaganda and how they were used during WWI This is worth 40 points and due Monday 4/28!

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