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The New Jersey Province Joe Palazzolo, Delta-Beta ‘03 NJ Province Archon.

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1 The New Jersey Province Joe Palazzolo, Delta-Beta ‘03 NJ Province Archon

2 Provinces… Segmented Geographically Chapters, Colonies, and Alumni Clubs are added (or removed) by the Grand Sage & Council How many Provinces does Sigma Pi Fraternity have? 33 How are Province Archons selected? Province Archons are appointed by the Grand Sage This is a 100% volunteer position How many current chapters are in the NJ Province? 7 How many current interest groups are in the NJ Province? 3 How many colleges in New Jersey do NOT have a Sigma Pi chapter? 14

3 Theta-Delta TCNJ Zeta-Chi Rowan Epsilon-Xi FDU Alpha-Mu NJIT Delta-Beta Monmouth Theta-Tau William Paterson Delta-Epsilon Seton Hall Gamma-Eta Rutgers ?

4 New Jersey Alumni Clubs Formed for alumni to stay in contact, hold events, run minimal programs, etc. North Jersey Alumni Club Old Raritan Alumni Club Jersey Shore Alumni Club Theta-Delta Alumni Association Southern New Jersey Alumni Club –Closed Seton Hall Alumni Club –Theta-Tau & Epsilon-Xi are forming clubs

5 The Chapter Nick Caputo from Theta-Delta will describe how a Sigma Pi chapter works

6 Sigma Pi in New Jersey… There are 2600 alumni living in NJ –Toms River: 60+ –Cherry Hill & Brick: 35 We are the only province in the nation with a province-wide scholarship endowment & a province website – The birthplace of Sigma Pi’s Headquarters –Roselle, NJ in Harold Jacobsen’s Home –Moved to Elizabeth, NJ before moving to Vincennes, IN and now to Brentwood, TN –Duane Cunningham will talk more about the Headquarters later today

7 Being a Sigma Pi in NJ… Excellence and Leadership –NJ is home to some of the best Sigma Pi chapters in the entire country Talk about that later… Grand Second Counselor George Hakim will talk more about leadership in YOUR chapter later this afternoon

8 Being a Sigma Pi in NJ… Colonies to Chapters: We are growing fast –We’ve chartered two chapters in the last two years at William Paterson and FDU-Teaneck –We are in the midst of an official expansion at Montclair State University Drew University and Kean University could be next –We are looking to get more colonies in the Province Rutgers, Ramapo, Rider, Stevens, Stockton, FDU- Madison, and more…

9 Being a Sigma Pi in NJ… Responsibility –Grand Third Counselor Chris Brown will talk about Risk Management later today

10 Being a Sigma Pi in NJ… Founders’ Award Winners –Alpha-Mu has 5 Founders Award Winners Howard Beyer Captain Walter M. Schirra Jr. Robert W. VanHouten Arthur L. Lewis Edward Rogers

11 Being a Sigma Pi in NJ… You will be expected to: –Demand the best from yourselves and from your chapters Hold each other accountable –Learn about your fraternity –Meet your obligations as a member Sam Givas will talk today about our Creed –Participate locally, regionally, and nationally –Properly represent Sigma Pi Fraternity



14 Remember Your Pledge “I ______, of my own free will and accord,” “I declare my willingness to be initiated into the secrets and mysteries of Sigma Pi as soon as I am eligible…” “I promise to hold this, my solemn pledge, sacred and inviolate…”

15 Remember Your Obligations Basic expectations of our members Adhering to the obligations builds honorable qualities in a young man Following the obligations creates a strong chapter today and tomorrow

16 The Results… NJ is home to the highest quality chapters in Sigma Pi Fraternity –#1 Chapter in the Nation 2004, 2006 –#1 ACE Project in the Nation, 2006 –Each of our chapters is the strongest on their campus –Alpha-Mu & The Discovery Channel

17 The Results… NJ has the top-ranked volunteers in all of Sigma Pi –#1 Chapter Director, 2004, 2006 –#1 Province Archon, 2006 –Chris Brown, Grand Council Individual Awards –3 Scholarship Award Winners –Runner-Up for Service, 2004 –Top Campus Awards each Year

18 Welcome to the NJ Province Get involved in your chapters Make us better

19 Questions, comments, or concerns?

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