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Modern Greek Poetry in its socio-cultural context.

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1 Modern Greek Poetry in its socio-cultural context

2 1. The struggle for independence and its impact upon poetry Dionyssios Solomos writes poetry which becomes a symbol, motivated by the struggle for independence Hymn to Liberty Free Besieged

3 Andreas Kalvos Essentially a romantic poet, lived in Europe for most of his life. He wrote wonderful poetry inspired by some tragic events of the Greek war of independence (Psara, Souli)

4 Alexandros Rizos-Rangavis A diplomat (Ambassador in Washington DC) who incorporates the classicism of late 19th century. The most prominent representative of the Old Athenian School

5 Angelos Sikelianos A more mature concept of classicism pervades his work. He was an existentialist with admiration for oriental philosophy, and sought purity of spirit in ancient Greek culture

6 Papadiamantis Novelist (The Murderess: a woman who kills infant girls out of pity) Short Stories Religious, traditional, an admirer of simple country life and customs. Rich characters of simple people

7 Myrivilis and Venezis Both influential novelists who represented the sorrows and up/downs of the 1920’s. Myrivilis wrote rich prose in rich language. Life in the Tomb

8 Kostas Karyotakis His poetry captures the depression and dark mood of the 1930’s. He finally committed suicide. Most of his poems are the words of a depressed man

9 Konstantinos Kavafis He stood in the fringes of the Greek world, which gave him the opportunity to observe and theorize on what is Greek identity. He sought through history to find Greek Spirit and Culture

10 Georgios Seferis He lived at a time when the Nation was trying to recover from the 2nd world war. An intellectual with deep sense of national pride, he captured images of Greek life in his poems.

11 Kostis Palamas The most prominent figure of the 1930’s and 40’s. He wrote beautiful emotional poetry in smooth verse. Somewhat mainstream for modern taste, but very influential and highly respected

12 Nikos Kazantzakis The most prominent Greek novelist, theater writer and intellectual in the 20th century. He annoyed the Church, toyed with communism, with a very cosmopolitan approach and a deep existential spirit.

13 Kostas Tachtsis Novelist and Prose writer. The Third Wedding: a very influential novel on modern Greek prose. He reflects the focus (or luck of it) of the 1950’s and 60’s on the mundane, and the moral ambiguity of his characters reflects the changes in the character of Greek society after WW2 He influenced seriously Ioannou and Xanthoulis, two important figures of contemporary prose.

14 Giannis Ritsos A troubled poet, but a great one too. His poetry captures Greek Life. He was persecuted for his political beliefs, and thus he became the symbol of a whole generation, in the struggle for democratic rights and freedom of speech

15 Lili Bita An actress, and poet living in the US, she is representative of a period where women sought to assert their freedom to own their bodies and fate. Sensuality is a political statement in her work Lili Bita

16 Katerina Angelaki-Rooke Her poetry encapsulates the angst of late 20th century, a certain degree of sadness and existential torture, but also optimism and hope. She tells us how late 20th century Greece felt.

17 Conclusions History is very important for Greek Authors What was happening around them affected their work, infiltrated it, and often became a source of inspiration. In troubled times literature provided a refuge, and a way out. In it people sought answers, and discussed answers for the difficult questions that the real world around them was posing.

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