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Alfredo Rangel, Owner We’re “Numbero Uno” in South Bend! 1.

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1 Alfredo Rangel, Owner We’re “Numbero Uno” in South Bend! 1

2 Strong Need for this Service I was brought up by Mexican parents who spoke only Spanish at home. Raised bilingual since I had to know Spanish at home, English at school. Spent a lot of time helping friends and family with language problems –Translating documents –Interpreting and explaining things on the internet I realized that many people need this service and are willing to pay

3 Better Communication Is Our Business A service focusing on document translation for the Latino community in South Bend We want to help people who –Are processing government paperwork –Want to understand important rules and policies at their workplace –Need to log into and understand important web sites. –Need Spanish language version of a brochure, flyer or handbook Occasionally, we may work online with companies who want to communicate with Spanish speaking customers and employees We are about satisfying customers by overcoming language barriers between English and Spanish speakers

4 Why It Will Succeed I am fluent in Spanish and have a lot of experience The SB Latino community is growing (8.45% at last census, increases by 60% in every census since 1970) I have already joined the “Robinson Enterprises” program at the Robinson Center for help and guidance during my first year of business I can keep costs low and profits high by using the computers at the Robinson Center Online opportunities help add to my income Best of all, it can be started immediately at almost no cost

5 No Major Players in South Bend Home based Didn’t answer phone during business hours or return call Translations for Business Answering machine Small business Patia Translations Listing, but number disconnected No voice mail Memorial Language Service Home based Have listing, but out of business Proton Translations All of the local competition is small and based in the home. If I provide great customer service at an affordable price, AR Translation Services can compete in this line of work. They’re ALL small. Why NOT Me?

6 Competitive Advantage Access to Notre Dame resources Good online presence Safe, professional work environment No pressure to charge high prices ThemUs Low cost Online Web Space Notre Dame helpListings Established

7 Marketing Plan (4 P’s) Product Document Translation Interpretation and Assistance Services Place Robinson Center “Freelancer” web sites like Price Varies by document Some online customers only take lowest bidder Promotion El Puente Newspaper FM 98.1 “Sabor Latino” radio station Word of mouth

8 Consumer &Market Analysis Consumer Analysis: Market Segment: [Latino immigrants in Greater South Bend area and online] Target Customer: [Individuals seeking citizenship or better understanding of work rules and policies, companies who need documents translated] Market Analysis: Location:Focus on Greater South Bend Population:Latino Income:N/A; cost conscious Behavior:Struggling to master English 8

9 Rates On Documents DocumentPrice (Dollars) General (Less than 500 words)35 General (Greater than 500 words)75 Immigration Forms10 Procedures/Manuals50 Employee Handbooks200 Brochures and Catalogues40 Website Contents15 Reports30

10 Cost of Materials/Direct Labor Definition of One Unit: Direct labor (wage per hour) Time (in hours) to make one unit Direct labor cost per unit ($) $710 $70 TOTAL Material DescriptionCost /QuantityCost per Unit ($) Paper (supplied by customer) 00 TOTAL$ 70 TOTAL MATERIALS/DIRECT LABOR $70 10

11 Economics of One Unit Definition of One UnitOne translated document Selling Price per Unit$ 200 Direct Labor$ 70 Materials $ 0 Total COGS Per Unit$ 70 Other Variable Costs (outgoing shipping, packaging, commissions) $ 0 Total Variable Costs$ 0 Gross Profit Per Unit$ 130.00 11

12 Start-up Investment Entrepreneurial hours needed for start-up Minimum wage + ($1-$5)Total start-up time investment 20 $ 7$ 140 ItemWhere I will buy this?Cost of Item Business CardsVista Print (online)N/A FlyersRCLC Computer LabN/A El Puente NewspaperEl Puente websiteN/A Sabor Latino (FM 98.1)onlineN/A CASH RESERVE covering 3 months of fixed costs $ 600 Estimated TOTAL START-UP INVESTMENT $ 740 12

13 Financing Strategy for Total Start-up Investment SourceAmount Savings$40 Relatives/ Friends $200 Investor$0 Grant$500 13

14 Monthly Sales Projection MonthUnits Sold January4 February8 March8 April8 May8 June12 July12 August12 September8 October8 November8 December4 Total =100 14

15 Selling Price Per Unit $200 # of Units Sold 100 Total Sales $20,000 Less Variable Costs Total COGS $ 0 Other Variable Costs $ 0 Total Variable Costs $ 0 Gross Profit $ 20,000 Less Fixed Costs USAIIRD $7,000 Other Costs/Unforeseen $200 Total Fixed Costs $ 7,200 Profit before Taxes $ 12,800 Less Estimated Taxes @25% $ 3,200 Net Profit $9,600 Projected Yearly Income Statement 15

16 Philanthropy Plan AR Translation Services is committed to giving back to the community After a successful first year we want to: 1.Work out a fair rental fee for using the Robinson Center 2.Employ 1-2 teenagers from immigrant families that may have trouble getting a job 3.Volunteer as a peer mentor in the Youth Entrepreneurship program 4.Help sponsor uniforms for a local soccer team 16

17 Business & Educational Goals Business -Hire 1-2 more people in the next two years -Put away 10% of my profits to save for use during college -Help with house bills to take pressure off my parents Educational - Study mechanical Engineering at Notre Dame - Go to Graduate School and get an advanced degree in the same field 17

18 We’re “Numero Uno” in South Bend! Thank you for your consideration of

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