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Energy Grand Challenge - Wind Energy R&D Wind Energy Seminar Gallagher Estate 28 September 2010.

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1 Energy Grand Challenge - Wind Energy R&D Wind Energy Seminar Gallagher Estate 28 September 2010

2 OUTLINE Strategic Context and Goals Proposed Approach Interventions –R&D initiatives and Projects Technology localization

3 Strategic Context: Vision To develop and harness technological capabilities that will support a globally competitive South African energy industry, which will in turn help ensure universal access to modern energy services for all South Africans, support sustainable economic growth, and contribute to protection of the environment

4 Strategic Context: Goals Develop and demonstrate alternative technologies that may contribute to: –Diversifying energy resources away from fossil fuels towards low carbon sources. –Reducing the energy intensity of the economy. Develop the technological capabilities that will contribute to leveraging our comparative advantage in natural resources that have a potential contribution to the energy mix.

5 Proposed Approach Sources Renewables Nuclear Coal Distribution/Con version Intelligent GridsFuel CellsSolar and WindFischer TropschPropulsion Systems End Use Energy Efficiency Energy Saving Green Transport Human Capital DevelopmentInfrastructure and technology platformsInternational partnershipsInfluencing policy options Key Focus Areas Critical success factors

6 Interventions

7 Wind Energy Interventions Wind Energy Spoke (UCT/US) –Research and development activities (modelling, permanent magnet, storage etc) –Human Capital Development Wind Atlas –Capabilities for the next phase Industrial strategy (under development) –Chapter on R&D (axis, late generation, materials, etc) Certification and testing –Exploratory (investigate the feasibility) EU Projects –Hybrid systems –Pilot Technology localization

8 PROTOCOL FOR DST ENGAGEMENT IN LOCALISATION INITIATIVES Supplier Development Plan (SDP)  Existing Framework within CSDP  DST Technology Localisation Plan Identification of Technology Products Supplier Networks (vertical and horizontal) Stage Gate Analysis  Technology Capability Analysis  Gap Analysis Product-Market-Technology Combinations Strategic Choice (Drivers for Competitive Advantage) Technology Assistance Package (TAP) Develop Strategic Partnerships Cost/ benefit Analysis Monitor, Evaluate, & Review TAP Implementation

9 Technology localization – DST Role Identification of Technology Localisation Opportunities (Strategic) Supplier Network Development (technology related) Benchmarking & Technology Capability Assessments (systems development) Inter-Governmental Partnerships and Joint Planning Regional Government Support for Localisation Technology Assistance Package (TAP) – mobilisation of resources

10 Conclusion Knowledge based economy –HCD –Platforms Wind Energy Spoke Program Technology localization RE Projects

11 Thank You

12 COC Positioning in the NSI science Product/ Application Technology Basic R&D Human Capital Industry Local & exports DOE/NRF DST HCD Strategies TIA TIA/ VC’s / IDC/ DBSA etc CoCs

13 Strategic Context: Mission To address and inform national imperatives and policies through stimulating a sustainable energy technology capability, growing human capital, and applying scientific knowledge for addressing our socio-economic needs.

14 Strategic Context: Objectives (1) Develop the requisite human capital to champion the vision Developing the required energy platforms Using international partnerships to enhance our energy capabilities Informing policy decisions relating to energy options for the country

15 Strategic Context: Objectives (2) Developing local cost competitive hydrogen energy in the energy mix Advancing the adoption of renewable and alternative energy Creating an innovative energy management system that empowers end users

16 Strategic Context: Objectives (3) Advancing South African capabilities in energy efficient technologies Harnessing and developing leading edge South African energy technology capabilities Ensuring socio-economic value is captured from technology development

17 SUPPLYTRANSFORMTRANSPORTEND USE Oil Natural Gas Coal Gas Electricity Eskom and Others Coal PetroSA Export Sasol Road/Rail Pipeline Oil Refineries Rail Road Pipeline Liquid Fuels Biomass Wood Person/Road Hydro Nuclear Transmission Wires “Washery” Koeberg Sasol SOUTH AFRICAN ENERGY SYSTEM

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