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Virginia M. Barry, Ph.D., NH Commissioner of Education, welcomed conference participants.

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2 Virginia M. Barry, Ph.D., NH Commissioner of Education, welcomed conference participants

3 Governor Lynch spoke about what the Partnership for Next Generation Learning would mean for education in NH.

4 Paul Leather, Deputy Commissioner, presented a Powerpoint explaining the Partnership for Next Generation Learning. The Powerpoint can be found at erence05-23.ppt. erence05-23.ppt

5 Susan Patrick, Executive Director, International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) spoke about the need for change to enter the 21 st Century in a quality way.

6 Panel and presentations by New Hampshire Educators and Administrators, distinguished in their use of educational technology and Next Generation Learning Attributes.

7 David Backler is the Principal of the Milan Village School, Milan, NH. It is a K-6 school, where he has been Principal for the last 8 years. He has demonstrated substantial innovations in the use of educational technology by using on-line lesson expectations (elementary version of competencies) tied to embedded formative assessments. His school is project based, and he has pioneered mentoring with 6 th graders leading multi-grade problem-based teams. Last year these teams created GPS guided trails and developed pamphlets that are used by the Milan State Park for hikers. Contact information: phone – (603) 449-3306, e- mail -

8 Gail Paludi is Superintendent of Schools in Lebanon, NH, SAU 88. Previously, she was Assistant Superintendent of Schools in Pembroke, and was also an architect of the SAKAI Network with Peter Warburton. She discussed this work, and about bringing Lebanon on board the network. Her HS Principal, Nan Parsons, has been a state model in putting together a competency based system, supported by the Lebanon community. Contact information: phone – (603) 448-1634, e-mail

9 Peter Warburton is Superintendent of Schools in Pembroke, NH, SAU 53. His district has led the establishment of a “SAKAI Network” with over 30 schools and districts in NH participating. He discussed this, and the e- portfolio system they have constructed on this open platform system. He also discussed his competency based learning system. Contact information: phone – (603) 485-5188, e-mail

10 Marie Ross is Superintendent of Schools at Newfound Regional, SAU 4. Newfound was a pilot district in the Nellie Mae Education Foundation funded Extended Learning Opportunities Project, instituting competency based, student- centered extended learning for high school credit. Newfound has also recently been a part of the Asia Society work on Global Competencies, and is piloting that work as well. Marie discussed both efforts and the issues involved in Innovation in a small, rural district. Contact information: phone – (603) 744-5555, e-mail

11 Steve Kossakoski is the CEO of the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS). He discussed how he has provided on-line learning to the rest of the state and done it in a quality way to support local educational efforts. He is now entirely competency based, and is a model for the country. He is very concerned about how technology can be driven solely by cost, not quality, and the negative implications. Contact information: phone – (603) 778-2500, e-mail -

12 Richard Lasalle is Superintendent of the Timberlane School District, SAU 55. Several of his schools have been involved in innovative uses of technology as part of learning communities. Timberlane HS has done an impressive job transforming to integrated, project-based learning, with extended opportunities for credit. Contact information: phone – (603) 382-6119, e-mail -

13 Gene Wilhoit, Executive Director, National Council of Chief State School Officers, (CCSSO) invited NH to join the six state education agencies (SEAs) (Kentucky, Maine, New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, and West Virginia) that stepped forward to be part of this bold effort, and demonstrated both readiness and capacity to establish an Innovation Lab-comprised of the SEA, district(s), school(s), and partners-within their state.

14 Tom Carroll, Executive Director of the National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future (NCTAF), leads the NCTAF in its mission to empower educators who are transforming their schools from teaching organizations into learning organizations.

15 A panel surveyed conference participants regarding the critical attributes of Next Generation Learning.

16 Joseph A. DiMartino, President, Center for Secondary School Redesign, Inc., spoke on Personalize Learning and Performance Assessments.

17 Kim Carter, Executive Director, QED Foundation, spoke on Authentic Student Voice.

18 Rose Colby, Competency Based Learning & Assessment Specialist, spoke on World Class Knowledge and Skills

19 Mariane Gfroerer, NH Department of Education, Office of Guidance & Psychology, spoke on Anytime, Anywhere Learning.

20 Mary Heath, Dean, School of Education, Southern New Hampshire University spoke on Comprehensive Systems of Support.

21 Joanne Malloy, Institute on Disability, UNH, spoke on Implementation, even though it is not considered one of the attributes it is very important to consider.

22 Conference participants were asked to rank (high/low/no) whether these attributes were implemented in their school/district. They were then asked to rank whether they would like to implement these attributes in their school/district.

23 Nick Donohue, CEO of Nellie Mae Education Foundation, closed the conference by saying New Hampshire is in a position to do this.

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