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My book is a non fiction novel about a man named Greg Mortonson, who gets lost climbing the Karakoram Mountains in Pakistan. His belongings were gone.

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2 My book is a non fiction novel about a man named Greg Mortonson, who gets lost climbing the Karakoram Mountains in Pakistan. His belongings were gone and he knew if he didn’t find food soon, he would starve. He thought he had found the trail home but ended up walking into a small village. The village was very poor but still found it in there hearts to give Greg food, water and shelter. While he was there he noticed the children had no school to learn in. They sat out in the cold, writing letters in the mud. Greg knew he had to repay them in some way and decided to build them a school. This story is about Greg’s struggles to help the children of Pakistan and Afghanistan during one of the most dangerous periods in their history.

3 I liked the book because I found it very inspiring. It was very well written and was very interesting with something always happening. The only thing I didn’t like about the book was that there was so much happening at once it was hard to keep track. Also there was to much tea drinking. What makes my book unique is that it is a non fiction book which I don’t usually read, and it was about helping create education while it educated me so I thought that was kind of cool.

4 Greg climbs K2 in memory of his sister and gets lost. He wonders into the village of Korphe. He promises to build them a school Plot After Greg decides to build a school in Korphe he tries to fundraise. After getting the money and supplies up there he runs into a problem He finishes the school for Korphe and starts to travel around Pakistan to find other areas to build schools He is kidnapped after Osama Bid laden threatens to kill American travelers. They let him go after they find out he wants to help. After the war in Afghanistan dies down Greg starts to build schools there. Jean and Haji Ali Die. Donations go down the toilet after 911. he learns about three cups of tea

5 In the beginning of the story Greg climbs K2 the second biggest mountain range in the world and gets lost in the wilderness. He thinks he has found the trail back when he wonders into the village of Korphe. They feed him, give him shelter, water and offer him a cup of tea. He becomes friends with the people of the village and grows very close with the village chief Haji Ali. He decides to build them a school after he sees the children writing with sticks and mud. He goes home and devotes his life to raise the money for the school he promised to build.

6 Greg has given everything to build his school. He sold his apartment and started living in his car, sold everything he owned and sent out letter after letter asking for donations; and still after all that he didn’t have enough to build the school. He lost his girlfriend and had almost given up on his plan when one of the 5o0 letters was answered. Jean Hoerni a millionaire who in his day climbed K2 liked Greg’s courage and donated $12,oo0 dollars. Once Greg had the supplies he traveled three days to get to Korphe. Once he arrived he was offered a second cup of tea. Greg then runs into a big problem. The town has no bridge to travel over the river, all they have is a little cable with a small box to pull across. He realizes before he can build the children a school he must build a bridge.

7 Greg has finished the bridge and starts to build the school. He goes back to America to tell Jean the good news. When he gets there Jean has started his own charity, the CAI (Central Asia Institute) to build schools for children in Pakistan. Jean donates one million dollars and makes Greg president of the foundation. Greg gets married to his wife Tara after six days of knowing each other and then travels back to Korphe to finish the school. After he is there he is offered a third cup of tea. Once the school is finished Greg travels threw Pakistan looking for places to build his schools.

8 Bin Laden has now been located in Afghanistan (Pakistan's neighbor) and has threatened to kill any American travelers. Haji Ali warns Greg not to go anywhere alone. Greg doesn’t listen and finds himself in a smuggling ring where he is blind folded kidnapped and thrown in a barn. He has been there for six days and is certain he will be killed that night. He is again blindfolded and thrown in a truck. When it stops and they take his blindfold off they explain they didn’t want to hurt him they wanted him to build them a school.

9 Haji Ali and Jean die. Tara and Greg now have two children that Greg never sees. He is doing seminar after seminar trying to get people to donate after 911 has made everyone think he is a terrorist for trying to help. He is flown out of the country to Pakistan. He finally learns what the three cups of tea stands for. The first cup of tea means you are a stranger, the second means you are an honored guest, and the third means you our family and you will kill for family. Greg learns that Haji Ali thought of him as family. Greg is then sent to Afghanistan to build schools in Kabul. He is caught in a gun fight on his travels and gets caught in a mine field.

10 Greg puts out a article explaining what his fundraiser is about. His presentation was so inspiring that you couldn’t help to help. The CAI’s donations were threw the roof and now Greg could start building schools in Afghanistan. Greg has built over sixty school in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He has more then dedicated his life to his cause and is spreading peace and education threw out those countries.

11 Greg Mortenson Kind Stamina Huge heart caring Doesn’t give up considerate Trustworthy Helpful Selfless Willing

12 Poverty Cruel Lowers you in society Lowers you potential Causes hunger Health Risks can make you Depressed Can make you do bad things

13 Haji Ali Jean Hoerni Tara Mortenson Adventurous Risk- taker Loving Understanding Supportive Cranky Likes to help Big heart Smart Loves his people Helpful Smart Thankful Others Jahan Twaha Syed Abbas Risvi Mouzafer Ali

14 Not everyone gets the chance to go to school so it should be valued Girls pretend to be boys to go to school Syed Abbas Rasvi had to swim across the cold river and travel many miles from home to go to school Jahan had a lot of trouble trying to become a doctor The children had only sticks and mud to write with Their teacher only came once a week People can’t afford to send their kids to school There are more opportunities if you have an education

15 Thank You

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