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Anna Fitzgerald’s Hero Journey

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1 Anna Fitzgerald’s Hero Journey
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2 Description of the story
My Sister’s Keeper Publisher House: Atria Books Author: Jodi Picoult Publish Date: April 6, 2004 Anna Fitzgerald is a very conflicted character in the book because of the hard decision she has to make about control of her own body or her sister’s life. For example, she tells Campbell, that of all things she wants to be in ten years, most of all she wants to be Kate’s sister. But at the same time, she wants to exist separately than Kate. Eventually we learn that Kate no longer wants to live. So to satisfy her sister’s want, Anna brings a lawsuit upon her parents for medical emancipation. It gives both girls what they want. For Anna its independence and since Kate will die without Anna’s Kidney, the lawsuit fulfill Kate’s wish to die.

3 The Ordinary World Location: Providence Hospital, Rhode Island

4 Call to Adventure Anna Fitzpatrick was born for the sole purpose of keeping her sister Kate alive, whom has an extremely aggressive form of Leukemia. Anna has under gone several painful visits to the hospital that includes blood transfusion and bone marrow donations to her sister. Her parents tell her that as her sister enters the ending stages of Kidney failure she must donate her kidney to her sister Kate.

5 Refusing the call

6 Meeting with the mentor

7 Crossing the threshold

8 Test, Allies, and Enemies

9 Approach to the innermost Cave

10 Ordeal

11 Reward

12 The road back

13 Resurrection

14 Return with the Elixeer

15 The hero

16 The mentor

17 Threshold guardian

18 The herold

19 Shapeshifter

20 The Trickster

21 The Father

22 The Mother

23 The Child

24 The Maiden

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