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Nights in Rodanthe By: Nicholas Sparks A novel by the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author.

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1 Nights in Rodanthe By: Nicholas Sparks A novel by the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

2 Paul Flanner Adrienne Willis Mark Flanner Amanda Jean

3 Paul Flanner Angular face structure, lines on forehead Gray short hair with patches of white near his ears Sold his house to get his life back on track Plastic Surgeon Mother died during childbirth Father was a farmer Not involved in his son’s life growing up Son named Mark who also became a doctor Wife Martha divorced him Works his life away & doesn’t realize it until he’s older

4 Paul ventured to Rodanthe to speak to Robert Torrelson about his wives death. Which Robert blames Paul for. Sold his house and practice in hopes of going to Ecuador to make things better between him and his son. Falls in love with Adrienne

5 Adrienne Willis Has been divorced from her 1 st husband Jack for 17 years. Thinks she could have somehow prevented Jack’s affair with a younger women, Linda Gaston Mother of three children – Matt (32), Amanda (31), Dan (29) Father passed away – close to her father, only person who knew about her and Paul, and only person who could understand her fully. Feel in love with Paul in Rodanthe Mother passed away when she was 35 2 grandchildren Changed Paul’s life drastically Devoted mother Struggles financially

6 Wavy Light brown hair cut just above the shoulders Blue eyes Medium weight Slight pump on her nose Crow’s feet around her eyes – wrinkles on the outer part of the eye due to aging. Medium skin tone 45 Years old

7 Jill Torrelson Lived in Rodanthe, North Carolina Died in recovery room (Paul was her surgeon) Had meningioma on the right side of her face. From the bridge of her nose and over to her cheek The meningioma she had was not live threatening Over weight Coroner couldn’t find the reasoning for her death Diabetic Lifelong smoker Began having emphysema Married to Robert Torrelson Robert filled a lawsuit against the hospital, Paul, and the anaesthesiologist Robert ended dropping the lawsuit Robert wanted to speak with Paul in person to discuss Jill’s death.

8 Didn’t finish school because she had to work to help her family out. Worked at the pier – Where eventually she met Robert Shy, Honest, Worked hard in her lifetime, Caring, Funny Robert took a year to finally get her to talk to him Used her hair to cover her face up Dark brown eyes Starred at her shoes so no one would see her Wonderful mom to her 7 children Wanted to get rid of the tumour more than anything Tired of the way people looked at her or stared Her whole life she jus wanted to be pretty for her husband, Robert

9 Diane Lane Diane to me played an amazing role in acting as Adrienne. She related tremendously to the character in the Novel. From the looks to the personality it was exactly as I imagined while reading the Novel by Nicholas Sparks.

10 Richard Gere From his charming personality to the lines on his forehead Richard Gere was the perfect actor to play the role. Richard made me believe in the hard-working character known as Paul Flanner. In the movie version of Night in Rodanthe Richard made Paul come to life too the devoted readers of Nicholas Sparks. For these reasons Richard Gere was a perfect match to Paul Flanner.

11 Viola Davis I believe Viola played the role of Jean well. Viola made Jean seem the same as in the novel. The age range to me was exact. The only thing I would change would be appearance. Her hair and body structure were the only things different from the novel. Jean was more of a plum, short hair character in the novel.

12 James Franco Although the novel doesn’t mention Mark a lot, James did a half decent job at acting Mark’s part. I don’t think I would change anything about his acting or appearance to suit the novel.

13 Mae Whitman I believe that Mae would do a marvellous job at acting as Amanda, Adrienne’s daughter. She has the personality, the facial and body structure that was described in novel. In the actual movie she did an exceptional job.

14 Descriptive Writing He slowed the car, pulled it to the side of the road, and switched off the engine. After taking a moment to prepare himself, he got out and started up the walkway. Page 103 Clouds swirled and banded together shifting in clumps as they passed overhead. The ocean was a sea of white tips, and the waves were rolling heavily past the high-water mark from the day before. Page 118 The wind gusted, bending the limbs of trees in a single direction. Rain blew sideways, as if trying to defy gravity. Page 122 Paul was holding his cup of coffee in his lap, rocking back and forth, taking in the view. The wind was making the sand blow, and the fog was rolling in, giving the world outside an illusion of dusk. Page 60-61 The rain beat furiously on the hurricane guards, making the house echo with vibration. Thunder rolled continuously, sounding both close and far away at the same time, like sounds in a busy train station. Page 123

15 Plot Paul in the past had performed a surgery on Jill Torrelson. Jill ended passing away after the surgery. There was no evidence to say that the surgery had anything to do with her death. Autopsy reports couldn’t find any reasonable explanation for her death. Jill’s husband Robert filed a lawsuit over her death. Robert ended up dropping the lawsuit due to the lack of evidence in his favour. He wrote Paul a letter asking to met and talk with him in person. Which is the reason why Paul ended up staying a weekend in Roadanthe. If this plot had not played out the way it did, Paul would have no reason to stop in Rodanthe to met with Robert. If Paul had not gone to Rodanthe and checked in at the Inn he wouldn’t have met Adrienne. That would be a significant due to the fact that both of their lives changed over the weekend they spent together at the Inn.

16 Title: Nights in Rodanthe I believe that this title fits the book perfectly. The nights that Adrienne spent tending Jean’s Inn in Rodanthe, and the nights Paul was the guest at the Inn changed their lives dramatically. Adrienne and Paul opened up to each other, and they got to know and understand each others lives and what they went through. They ended up falling in love. And in that they found hope to live their lives to the fullest and look forward to the future they would have together after Paul got back for Ecuador. The nights they spent together in Rodanthe proves that life is unexpected and unplanned. The real treasures in life come as a surprise.

17 Conflict … The conflict between Dr. Paul Flanner and Robert Torrelson I found was handled very well. As I mentioned earlier Paul operated on Robert’s wife, Jill Torrelson. Jill passed away in the recovery room. Autopsy showed that there was no apparent reason for her passing. Robert wrote and sent a note to Paul asking to talk to him in person. Paul after time took the offer and went to Rodanthe to met with Robert. When Paul went to Robert’s house no one answered the door so he left a note stating where he was staying and for how long. Robert’s son came from in back of the house and told Paul he had no business being there and to never come back. Robert got Paul’s note and went to the Inn to talk to Paul. Robert wanted to know if Paul really knew the reason for his wives death. Which Paul had no clue since the surgery went over without a hitch. Robert then told Paul Jill’s life story. Following that they reconciled and went their separate ways. After everything was said and down the conversation brought peace between the two of them. I don’t think this particular situation could have been solved any better than how it was handled in the novel.

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