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IR-4 Project Update from HQ Van Starner & Jerry Baron Assistant Director, Research Planning & IR-4 Executive Director (2009 Western Region SLR/CLC Meeting.

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1 IR-4 Project Update from HQ Van Starner & Jerry Baron Assistant Director, Research Planning & IR-4 Executive Director (2009 Western Region SLR/CLC Meeting – 3/17-18, Bozeman/Pray, MT)

2 My roles/responsibilities Research Planning (food use program): plan/conduct annual FUW & NRPM trial/study budgeting; establish field/lab program database/website management & oversight partnership meetings with registrants HQ Management Team: supervise HQ staff oversight of GLP aspects of residue work Project-wide HQ Liaison/Training: between HQ and regions, and between regions member ( & past chair) of Training Comm.

3 Current IR-4 Core Objectives Food Use Program : mostly GLP residue trials, limited efficacy & crop safety trials (80% of funding) crop grouping enhancements international activities on behalf of specialty crops adds $7.7 billion to U.S. GDP Ornamental Horticulture Program : efficacy and crop safety trials (10% of funding) adds $1.4 billion to U.S. GDP Biopesticide and Organic Support Program : regulatory support; efficacy grants programs (10% of funding)

4 New Tolerances Achieved by IR-4 1110 991 1014 793 538 564567 281 212 1998199920002001200220032004200520062007 647 999 2008

5 Crop Group Revision Successes Expanded Berries & Small Fruit from 8 to 45 commodities Expanded Bulb Vegetable from 7 to 26 commodities Established Edible Fungi containing 20 commodities

6 Pending Crop Group Revisions Will be codified soon  Oilseed group 20  Citrus Fruit group 10  Fruiting Vegetables group 8 Under EPA Review  Pome Fruit group 11  Stone Fruit group 12  Tree Nut group 14 In preparation (IR-4 & ICGCC)  Herbs and Spices group 19  Tropical/subtropical edible peel group  Tropical/subtropical inedible peel group

7 IR-4 International Activities Canadian partnership - joint residue studies, joint reviews - Canada as Study Director/Sponsor Global leadership - Global Minor Use Summit (2007 & 2010) - global residue study (25+ trials/20+ countries) - harmonization of crop groups and MRLs - involved in multi-national submissions and global registrations

8 IR-4 Strategic Plan: 2009-2013 - Dec. 9-10, 2008, Strategic Planning Conference in Washington, D.C.; 110+ attended - Strategic Plan drafted and reviewed by CLC and PMC Feb. 24-26 - revised draft distributed by email March 5, and posted on IR-4 website, for broader review by specialty crop stakeholders - final plan is to be completed in April for the May 19-20 USDA peer review of IR-4

9 Proposed 2009-2013 Objectives Sustain/enhance Food, Ornamental Horticulture & Biopesticide and Organic Support programs Comparative product performance testing (Food program) Harmonize MRLs, remove trade irritants (Food program) Invasive species management (Food/Ornamentals programs) Registration assistance for products for organic markets (Biopesticide and Organic Support program) Regulatory support for USDA/ARS & Dept. of Defense public health pesticide development (HQ only)

10 Food Use Workshop 2009 September 15-16 Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center  Sept. 14: 8:00 – 10:00 p.m. Dessert Reception/Mixer  Sept. 15: 8:00 – 5:00 p.m. Welcome/“State of IR-4” Entomology discussions/prioritization Begin Weed Science discussions/prioritization  Sept. 15: 5:30-7:30 pm reception  Sept. 16: 8:00 – 5:15 p.m. Complete Weed Science Pathology discussions/prioritization  Sept. 18 – FUW prioritization results will be posted on the IR-4 website

11 Prep for Food Use Workshop 2009  Website Project Nominations - August 8-30  HQ deadline for receipt of new PCRs to be considered at Sept. workshop - August 28  MAJOR CHANGE FOR 2009  FUW PARTICIPANTS WILL HAVE THE TASK OF SELECTING 55 “A” PRIORITY PROJECTS FOR 2010 RESEARCH (vs 39 in ‘08)

12 Thanks to SLRs and CLC! Serve as links between IR-4 and those who research and grow specialty crops Serve to communicate: 1) the mission of IR-4 to the agricultural community, and 2) the pest management needs of growers to IR-4 Provide guidance and advice about how the IR-4 Project can best serve the needs of producers of specialty crops Support federal funding initiatives for IR-4 (CLC)

13 Commodity Liaison Committee Dr. Michael Aerts, Florida Fruit and Vegetable Assoc. Mr. Mark Arney, Nat'l Watermelon Promotion Board Mr. Kirk Baumann, Ginseng Board of Wisconsin Dr. Lori Berger, California Specialty Crops Council ** Dr. Michael Bledsoe, Village Farms, L.P. Dr. A. Richard Bonanno, Bonanno Farm Trust Mr. Bruce Buurma, Buurma Farms Inc. Mr. James Cranney, CA Citrus Quality Council ** Dr. Thomas G. Davenport, National Grape Cooperative Dr. Brian R. Flood, Del Monte USA Mrs. Ann E. George, Washington Hop Commission ** Mr. Hank Giclas, Western Growers Association ** Mr. John Keeling, National Potato Council Mr. Phil Korson, Cherry Marketing Institute Mr. Rocky Lundy, Mint Industry Research Council ** Mr. Reed Olszack, Tropical Fruit Growers of S. Florida,Inc. Ms. Laura Phelps, American Mushroom Institute Mr. Ray Prewett, Texas Vegetable Association Mr. Ray Ratto, Ratto Brothers, Modesto, CA ** Ms. Lin Schmale, Society of American Florists Mr. Todd Scholz, USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council ** Dr. Alan Schreiber, Agriculture Development Group, Inc. ** Dr. Marc Teffeau, American Nursery and Landscape Assoc. Mr. Dave Trinka, MBG Marketing ** 8 of 24 in Western Region

14 Thanks to State Agr. Exp. Stations! - Provide direct funding to IR-4 via Regional Research funds (~$500.000/yr) - Host many of the facilities (field sites/ laboratories/offices) - Significant amount of in-kind support - Some provide additional direct funding for IR-4 research activities - Support IR-4 on The Hill

15 Thank You! Van Starner: (732) 932-9575 ext 4621

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