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United Farmers USA Manning, SC 29102 Promoting Specialty Crops to enhance health, economic profitability, and social and economic.

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1 United Farmers USA Manning, SC 29102 Promoting Specialty Crops to enhance health, economic profitability, and social and economic equity!

2 Table of Content 1.Introduction 2.Overview 3.Types of Specialty Crops 4.Benefits of Specialty Crops 5.Outreach/Education 6.Specialty Crops Initiatives 7.Grants for Specialty Crops

3 With local chapters around the country, United Farmers USA (UFUSA) offer a variety of programs to benefit small farmers including, but not limited to: Farm Management Business Management Financial Management Cooperative Marketing Introduction

4 United Farmers USA works within the community to develop the skills necessary to become successful farmers, ranchers or forest landowners through: OutreachEducationMentorship

5 United Farmers USA is a non-profit support organization dedicated to helping the small farmer succeed. The primary purpose of the organization is to provide a wide range of outreach and technical assistance, including educational programs and resources to assist small farmers. Introduction

6 Overview The purpose of this presentation is to highlight United Farmers USA initiative to promote Specialty Crops in South Carolina. This initiative includes:  Outreach  Education  Demonstrations Definition: Specialty Crop are any crop a farmer take special interest in producing. Specialty crops are defined as fruits, vegetables, tree nuts, dried fruits, horticulture, nursery crops including floriculture, root crops and aquaculture. Specialty Crops are intensively grown for the niche market for maximum value.

7 Types of Specialty Crops Fruits and Tree Nuts Apple Strawberry Peach Pears Banana Blackberry Corn Wheat Cotton Green Beans Field Peas Squash Root Crops Potatoes Turnips Etc Crops Intensively grown for Niche Market Blueberry Walnuts Cherry Fig Pecan Basil Bay laurel Borage catnip Chamomile Chives Coriander Cilantro Dill Fennel Lavender Lemon balm Lemongrass Marjoram Mints Oregano Parsley Rosemary Sage Thyme Winter savory Wormwood Crops Grown for Medicinal Use

8 Benefits  Specialty crops (fruits and vegetables) contain larger amounts of vitamins and minerals than grain crops.  Tree nuts are sustainable crops that do not require seasonal replanting and do not contribute to soil depletion and erosion.  Specialty crops and medicinal herbs contribute to healthy diets, weight management, and help boost the immune system.  Specialty crops can provide a sizable income and bring years of sustainability for a farmer.

9 Outreach/Education United Farmers USA provide training workshops and meetings held in various locations in the 5th and 6th districts of South Carolina reaching a wide range of Constituents:  New & Beginning Farmers  Disadvantaged Farmers  Forest Landowners  Youths  Veterans

10 Outreach/Education  New and Beginning Farmers Meeting in Darlington, SC  SC Growers Conference – SC Carolina Association in Myrtle Beach, SC  New & Beginning Farmers Meeting in Paxville, SC  UFUSA New and Beginning Specialty Crop Meeting in Hartsville, SC Past Outreach Schedule

11 Specialty Crops Initiatives Projects needed to be developed to enhance the competiveness of specialty crops:  Increasing child and adult nutrition knowledge and consumption of specialty crops.  Improving efficiency and reducing cost of distribution systems.  Assisting in developing “Good Agricultural Practices”.  Providing cost-share arrangements.  Enhancing food safety.  Developing new and improved seed varieties and specialty crops.  Pest and disease control.  Development of organic and sustainable production practices.  Developing local and regional food systems.  Improving food access in underserved communities.

12 Grants for Specialty Crops Specialty Crop Competitiveness Act of 2004, signed by President Bush promoted increased consumption of specialty crops and increase the competitiveness of specialty crop producers.  The Act authorized $54 million for 5 years to help meet those goals.  The Act authorized USDA to provide grants to states through 2012. The South Carolina Fruit, Vegetable, and Specialty Crop Association (SCFVSCA) supports promotional, research, and educational efforts for improving the marketing and quality of production of fresh fruit, vegetable, and specialty crops grown in South Carolina. USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant Program provides money to any individual or group that grows specialty crops for domestic or foreign markets.

13 United Farmers USA P. O. Box 243 Manning, SC 29102 843-319-7212 Contact Us

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