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WELCOME TO THE MARKETING ORIENTATION ON MUSHROOM National Mushroom Development & Extension Center, Sobahan bag, Savar, Dhaka.

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2 WELCOME TO THE MARKETING ORIENTATION ON MUSHROOM National Mushroom Development & Extension Center, Sobahan bag, Savar, Dhaka.




6 How is our Life ? Health ? Wealth ? Security ? All in trouble today…?!…..

7 Mushroom = What ? HEALTH + MONEY

8 Mushroom Save Life = Health Product Mushroom Bring Fortune Chinese Believe China = Billion Dollar Turnover Korea = Billion Dollar Turnover Thailand = Billion Dollar Turnover Japan = Billion Dollar Turnover Vietnam = Billion Dollar Turnover

9 Sales Knowledge Income opportunity – Additional & Residual Health, Wealth & Happiness No stress; No Risk Better life & Social work, Popularity, Self Satisfaction Not high Investment Independent Business But huge support structure Simple Skills & Knowledge required Big opportunities Of Mushroom Business

10 (Concept of Marketing) What is Marketing: is a system where Negotiation + Dealing Exchange + Two Parties + Products/Service + Time Frame Marketing System of consumer products: 1.Traditional Concept : 2.Direct Selling Concept : Company sell Product directly to the consumer through their own distributors, Or by Marketing People.

11 100 P Ws Db Mnf Cms Rt. 30 P Traditional Marketing Dist.Channel 70 Tk Adv. Direct Marketing Mnf Cms 70 Tk. Save Own D/b No Channel % % % Products Production capacity High Investment Capital Product positioning Product pricing Distributional channel Transportation system Commission plan Promotion (Advertising ) Market Competitor /High risk Market Research Products Own Distributional channel Mouth to Mouth Advertising Promotion Health campaign Low risk

12 Distribution channel Mushroom grower – wholesaler/ distributor shop – Retailer shop - consumers Fixing the price or commission for the distributional channel Advertising promotion media Pamphlets/Leaflet Dish Channel / Media Traditional Concept Direct Selling Concept /family /society. Name Card + Product Diversified UseShare Benefits of the Products Mouth Advertising

13 Mushroom for the Entire Family For ALL Age Groups : Healthy as well as Unhealthy Pregnant Child Teen-age Family-man Seniors Sharing your Knowledge

14 Why Mushroom Business ? Business Sense Investment Shade + Spawn 1000 25,00015,00,000 Workload / day1~2 hrs=38~16 hrs Loss Risk5 %50% Health Risk10% 50% Stress5%50% Income monthly25000 Not limit High Risk A Small Scale Business – Vs – Large Scale Business (Basis : Monthly 25000 Annual net income. 3.0 Lacs ; Small Business Lrg. Business

15 Production Capacity Build up on your demand and supply Create demand on basis of your production Never create demand if supply is not enough. Product Positioning Product Packaging Product Pricing Product Quality Distributional Channel Whole Seller Appointment Flow chart system Product availability

16 Commission Plan Whole Seller % percentage Distributors % Retailers % Competitor Analysis Competitor is a friend not enemy Study on his strategy Marketing Research Always find good alternatives. Find the problem and make solution Feed back analysis system

17 Selling is a art and Profession… “ Profession is a occupation where Systematic Application of Knowledge, Skills in order to achieve a specific Purpose of the Client” Do not take Mushroom Marketing is not just a pass time activity ! For Success in Mushroom business essential ingredients are KNOWLEDGE OF PRODUCTS SKILL SYSTEM APPLICATION/ ACTION PRODUCTS/PEOPLE/PLACE/PROMOTION

18 Approach Effectiveness Friends Build Personal Faith Relatives Impersonal ( Objective) Institutions Impersonal ( Objective) Employment Impersonal ( Objective) Neighbours Comparison ( Relativity) Family NW Common Excitement Strangers Concern : Helpfulness Thought, Expression & Behaviour Should reflect the above approach

19 Skill Time Management for NW  Make Daily sales Habit – its your Business !  Fix Time Frame & Work  Write down daily activities & analyze  Identify the available time  List your Clients activities :: Prioritize  Plan, Delegate and Monitor  Cut the wastage of time in your activities- phone, entertainments, shopping,socializing…  Avoid procrastination  Do not search for excuses and justification  Find some time for Self & Family

20 Buyer’s Behaviour !? Attitude Knowledge Environment Experience Knowledge Consumer Background The …… Level of Health Education is low Health & Disease are too private Preventive for the disease Med. Treatments cost is high. Benefit of the Mushroom.

21 Who is the Target ? FRIENDS : Priority F N S,, Sick person is Resourceful : keep 70% Income Group : Middle & Upper middle class Need-wise : Security & Social Demography : Basic Minimum Education Urban & Semi Urban places Involvement : Total Family participation List the people and contact systematically with time management Whom you can sale ?

22 Concentrate Communicate Convince Consume Commit 5 C’s to Progress Effort is the Key The greatest thing is not where you stand, but which DIRECTION you move !

23 Team Building Strategy Structuring who can be prospect Activating the person Educating the person Training Motivating Monitoring Continuous correction of course Trainings & Meetings

24 Team Building Process Rej. 25 List & Contact 100 FU: 3 days Meet 50 Consumer 15 Start & Develop “ Both” Pendg 50Interested 25 work 10 No Resp. 15 X 5 = 75 kg for the month 75kg X 80 tk = 6000 15 X 5 = 75 kg for the month Same way the 10 people Will sale Now you can think how much your income

25 Skill Meetings – How to Speak ? ACTION … Introduction of Topic and Subject Capture the Audience Attention Delivery of Lecture - Go prepared with Q & A Close with enthusiasm and motivation USEFUL TIPS…..Stick to Time Frame, Core subject Use Eye contact & Body Language Modulate your Voice suitably Use Jokes, and stories Hold on to Dignity, Grace and Trust It is the Practice which makes it Perfect !

26 Goal Setting Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Time Bound Skill Never shoot without a TARGET ! SMART Analyse Understand Utilize YOUR STRENGTH OPPORTUNITIES NOT SMART

27 Skill Effective Communication Depends on your Personal Equation & their Background ! What to Say ? When to Say ? How to Say ? ( For Private meetings )

28 Mushroom -Talk CONSUMER Compassionate Personal Faith Health Benefits Testimonials Credibility Personalized Service BUSINESS BLDR. Co’s Background Market Potential Bus. Opportunity Team supports Your Experience PROFESSIONAL Scientific, Logical, Reliable info. References & Testimonials. Professional support. Credibility of the Co. & Mktg. System. Don’t force. Don’t act smart. Be sincere and confident. How to do ?

29 Chronology of Action Burning Desire is the seed for SUCCESS. If the seed is right, so is the fruit. Goal should be SMART. Success & Failure are merely the process. We learn from failures, but we are scared of them. Failure to plan is NOT failure of a plan. Never give up Goal on facing failures, but modify Plans and Actions. Dream Goal PlanActionResults

30 Efficiency & Effectiveness Success & Failure are merely the process. We learn from failures, but we are scared of them. Failure to plan is NOT failure of a plan. Never give up Goal on facing failures, but modify Plans and Actions. Skill Correction Analyse Plan ActionResults OK Not OK

31 Skill Communication Blockers For Private Meetings 1.I do not accept your idea Logic / Science lacking Certifications, Supports, approvals lacking Unpopular, negative rumour 2.Unable to accept immediately; shall think it over More info, books, testimonials, references needed Second opinion required Approval by family Members or Doctors 3. No Comments ( Do not understand, Do not appreciate ) Comprehension is low; May go by relationship Prescription works, rather than Description I do not accept, because it comes from You ( Ego ?) All well ….. But ……. I do not want to do I have tried… it does not work for me (already a DXNer)

32 Skill Communication Troubles Know : Product, Co., NW, System Income Opp. & Social Response Avoid Ego Problems Take Knowledge & Training Show Perseverance Self Motivation Lead by example Personality Good will & Ethics Starting Running Leading All communication Blockers can be overcome by Knowledge & Practice For Private Meetings

33 Closing the Deal Address these questions….. Have you understood the Prospect ? Has he understood you, towards his NEEDS ? Have you clarified all his doubts & apprehensions ? Has he overcome those doubts & apprehensions ? Does he accept your Relationship and Guidance ? Did you allow reasonable time for his Decision ? Did the transaction end with a positive feeling ? If your answer is “YES”, go ahead and CLOSE DEAL. If any of them is “NO”, re-attempt after a gap of time. Don’t be hasty or desperate at any time.

34 On your Marks…. Prepare yourself Working Tools : Presentation folder Samples (fish drawing) Testimonials Adequate Knowledge & FAQ Scientific Data & Facts Schedule the Work: List of 100 contacts Allocate TIME & RESOURCES Schedule your Meetings Action ……. Work like a Professional: Take appointment :: Be Punctual Learn Attitude Be well dressed. Be Cheerful.. Confident.. Relaxed.

35 Why People Drop Out of profit ? Listen to negative mind people. Bad / Hasty Start The right NEED is not felt No Motivation No Team spirit / Commitment ‘I KNOW’ syndrome Ignorance of Opportunities Lack of Training Wrong Assumptions / Judgments Poor service from team / Company Negative social / family influence No personal values Selfish ; Indifferent ; Lazy

36 Objections Handling 1.Listen Carefully and Completely. 2.Acknowledge & Appreciate : Do not confront or object. 3.Appeal to Logics & Common Sense. 4.Express your Keenness to sort out all objections. 5.Confirm / Clarify what you can and what you know. 6.Assure to revert on what you do not know. 7.Prompt and Lead on any other issues unexpressed. 8.Do not Pressurize. No Insult, No Ego play, No Confrontation. 9.If successful, Close the Deal. (Allow time if needed). 10.If NO, walk out Gracefully. Better on a later date. 11.………. Never Close Doors Permanently to Anyone

37 How to solve problems ? ATTITUDE :Be confident ; Never give up Do not cry & No Self-Pity Involve Only if Concerning / Relevant APPROACH:Think Professional Issues may not be Problems Stand outside the problem & see Look for alternative solutions ACTIONS : Analyze Objectively everything - SWOT analysis - note down the observations Discuss / Consult with concerned people Action plan with Time frame committed Implement & Monitor A good seller does not create problems…. But He always finds solutions !

38 Be sincere, honest and transparent No snatching of prospects from other Mushroom sellers Beware of ‘ Dream-Stealers’ No politics ; No back-biting No false promises ; No tall claims No complaints ; No jealousy ; No negative attitude No financial manipulations with the consumers Do not fish for the consumers Work on Your STRENGTHS., Do not cry for your WEAKNESS Associate with +ve people, Avoid –ve people. Believe in Yourself - You are a Great creation Few Direction ethics to save you ?



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