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Self – respect and Self – assertion Ms. Jayalakshmi R.

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1 Self – respect and Self – assertion Ms. Jayalakshmi R.

2 To create an awareness on the importance of having self – respect and being assertive. Pin pointing how self – respect helps us to be assertive. Sharing tips and techniques to gain self – respect and for being assertive. Giving ideas on how self – respect and self – assertion influences behavior.

3 Role play Presentation Activity

4 Introduction through a role play – An aggressive husband and a submissive wife. Self – respect: Defining self– respect. Why is self – respect important? How to gain self – respect? Benefits of having self – respect. Self – assertion: What do you mean by assertiveness? Comparison of assertiveness and aggressiveness. Activity1: Assertiveness, Self-analysis (Worksheets will be given). Building up assertiveness. Techniques for assertiveness. Activity2: Some ways you can say “no” without being rude or impolite (Situations will be given) How self – respect leads to assertiveness? How self – respect and self – assertion influences behavior. Queries. Conclusion.


6 Self – respect can be defined as a proper sense of one's own dignity and integrity which comes from within. “If you want to be respected by others, the great thing is to respect yourself. Only by that, only by self-respect will you compel others to respect you.”

7 An earned positive feeling about ones self. Without self-respect, you can have no respect for others and if you don’t respect others, you will not get the respect you deserve. Breeds confidence. People who have made the greatest positive impact on humanity have seemingly had tremendous self-respect. Helps you to succeed in life.

8 Figure out who you are and be true to that. Own up to your mistakes and move on. Silence the self-criticism in your head. Try not to care about what other people think. Begin to give yourself the importance you deserve. Have the feel that just like anybody who seems to be so important to you, you are important too. Spend time with people who like you and make you feel good about yourself. You have self respect within yourself, or you would not have been trying for finding ways to develop it. It is something within you, and you simply need to find a way to discover it.

9 Enables you to learn to observe to your own values. Holds the key for achieving the peace of mind you seek. The person with self-respect will start liking herself or himself. Helps to gain satisfaction in life. Encourages you to keep the promises which you have given to yourself. Helps to fulfill your potential. Facilitates to develop healthy relationships.



12 The act of considering the rights and needs of everybody. A way of making sure your needs are met while still considering the needs of others.

13 Assertiveness: Sees everyone as equal with equal rights and equal responsibilities. Increases the chances of our needs being met. The most appropriate way of handling relationships. Allows you to remain in control. Brings greater self – confidence. Assertive people have more friends. Reduces stress.

14 Aggressiveness: The aim of aggression is to get our own way – to win whatever the cost to other people. Aggression often breeds aggression. Destructive, either physically or psychologically. Discourages people from helping us in the future. Can make us unpopular. Can make us feel good for a short while, but not in the long run.



17 Avoid stress. Deep breathing, relaxation. Don’t anticipate trouble. Replace thoughts. Check your mental state. Making up.

18 Be honest about your own feelings to yourself. Be as specific and clear as possible about what you want, think and feel. Always respect the rights of the other person. Keep calm and stick to the point. Adopt appropriate body language to back up your assertion. body language Be direct. Own your message. Ask for feedback.

19 Situation 1: A person asks you to spend some time with him/her to do a task. But you are too busy. Situation 2: You are invited as a chief guest for a Programme. But you are not confident to accept that. Situation 3: Your friend is calling you to accompany him/her for a party. But you are very tired and you don’t want to go with him/her. Situation 4: You are invited for an event, but you don’t have time or honestly you do not want to attend that. Situation 5: You are asked by your close friend to lend money for him/her. But you don’t like to do that.

20 A person with self – respect will start respecting others. When you respect others, definitely you will consider the rights and needs of others. At this state you will assume that everyone is equal. Then you are assertive.

21 A way of resisting anxieties associated with living in an often impersonal and competitive world. Empowers the behavior by preserving the right to refuse, the right to request and the right to correct a wrong. Helps to generate a positive attitude. Enables to maintain a relaxed posture. Supports to keep direct eye contact. Can improve your inter-personal relationships. Facilitates to have a calm and controlled voice. Feel very satisfied and happy.


23 Self – respect and self – assertion helps you to create a win-win situation and opens the door to new opportunities – for yourself and others. Self – respect and Self- assertion allows you to take control, be proactive and grow as a person. Instead of seeing a world of limits, you see a world of opportunities. Instead of living small, you live large.

24 Thank You

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