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 Background  Preliminary Proposals for program/course reductions  Leadership Discussions  Role of ASGC ◦ Role of COI  Process & Timeline  Budget.

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1  Background  Preliminary Proposals for program/course reductions  Leadership Discussions  Role of ASGC ◦ Role of COI  Process & Timeline  Budget Outcomes  Questions

2  CSM’s Mission ◦ College of San Mateo, the first community college in San Mateo County, is an open-access, student-focused, teaching and learning institution which serves the diverse educational, economic, social and cultural needs of its students and the community. By offering comprehensive, quality programs and services and by measuring student learning, College of San Mateo educates students to participate successfully in a changing world.  IPC Priorities (CC adopted – 5/09 based upon EMP) ◦ Priority 1: Student Success ◦ Priority 2: Academic Excellence ◦ Priority 3: Relevant, High-Quality Programs and Services ◦ Priority 4: Integrated Planning, Fiscal Stability, and the Effective Use of Resources ◦ Priority 5: Institutional Dialog

3  Budget Reality (from President’s 10/12 email and 9/23 All College meeting)  DAS meeting (5/18) with College Presidents/Chancellor ◦ No summer surprises ◦ Need for collaboration between colleges  Consolidation/reorganization of programs  All Stakeholders are to be engaged in program consolidation  Formal District-Wide Committee  Title V and ACCJC regulations must be met ◦ ACCJC:  Accreditation Standards Relating to Program Elimination or Significant Changes in Program Requirement  Accreditation Standards for Financial Resources

4  Preliminary Proposals for course/program reductions ◦ Developed by: Deans/Admin ◦ FTE*, FTES*, Load*, Fund 1 Savings, E/R, Comments ◦ Budget Reduction Considerations  Approved by BPC ◦ Budget Reduction Strategies  Approved by BPC  Brought to CC – hasn’t been approved ◦ Identification of recommended Program/Course Reductions

5  ASGC, AFT, CSEA, Administration  Impact to each area  Transparency

6  Role of ASGC: ◦ Defining & Understanding Role of AS (Excerpt from Title 5) ◦ Curriculum primacy ◦ Consult collegially ◦ Recommending body  Role of COI: ◦ Help campus assess impact of decisions ◦ Act (administratively) on decisions ◦ Reconsider curriculum in light of budget realities

7  Ad Hoc Committee (AS Pres, AS VP, COI Chair, PIV Expertise )  Role: collate and organize  Discussions at ASGC  Joint ASGC and COI, all faculty meetings (10/16/09 & 10/23/09)

8  Faculty Proposals: format, due date 10/30/09 ◦ Faculty (individually or in groups) can provide additional information (including, for example, relevance to institutional priorities and accreditation, impact on students, additional sources of funding, staffing considerations) on items on the preliminary list and can also propose additions/replacements to reduction list. Proposals (in writing, to AS President and COI chair) will require the same information “fields” as the preliminary proposals provide:

9  Required Fields  Affected program/course  Statistics (FTE, FTES, LOAD; work with division dean)  Anticipated Savings Estimate ($; complicated - multiple FSAs, district-wide seniority; work with division dean)  Comments/rationale/options

10  Ad Hoc committee: collate and organize proposed submissions  Results from submissions: Discussion and “AS approval” (note: this is approval list to VPI; not approval for removal/reductions of programs/courses) (November)  VPI brings to Cabinet and President finalize list (based in part on financial information) (November)  COI and ASGC review final recommendations in December  If the faculty, represented through the committees, is in agreement with the final recommendations COI acts (banking, hiatus) President takes list to board Otherwise, President takes list to board; COI makes alternate recommendations  COI - administrative action (banking/hiatus)  President takes final recommendations to BOT in December  BOT reviews list in December; possibly vote in January

11  Resolution ACTION ◦ Whereas the President of College of San Mateo has outlined a financial emergency status at the college in two all-college meetings, and Whereas the faculty, through its Academic Senate Governing Council and Committee on Instruction, serve as primary advisors to the college administration and the Board of Trustees on curriculum and academic program matters, therefore Be it resolved that the Academic Senate Governing Council and the Committee on Instruction jointly and separately authorize the President and Vice President of the Academic Senate Governing Council, the Chair of the Committee on Instruction, and James Robertson, Academic Senate Governing Council member with expertise in the Program Improvement and Viability process, and an adjunct faculty member selected by the AS President in conjunction with the adjunct faculty to serve as the ad-hoc committee on faculty recommendations to budget-induced curricular changes during the 2009/2010 academic year.

12  CSM will not be able to “have it all” ◦ Programs/Courses  Reductions  Eliminations  Consolidation with Canada/Skyline  Tough Decisions will be made ◦ Short time period

13  Questions/Comments?  Resources ◦ EMP ◦ IPC ◦ BPC ◦ PRIE ◦ Title V ◦ ACCJC ◦ State Academic Senate

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