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- Victor Hugo. “The DTMarket Project.” “The DTMarket Project.” “Build your mind while expanding your lifestyle” As a tribute to the twin World Trade Center.

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1 - Victor Hugo

2 “The DTMarket Project.” “The DTMarket Project.” “Build your mind while expanding your lifestyle” As a tribute to the twin World Trade Center towers, the logo of this site will be two pieces of dominoes representing them and its symbolic meaning of the power of the economy of America and its people's drive for excellence.

3 Mission Statement DTMarket (DT Market by its acronym "Dominoes Tournament") is poised to reinvigorate the American entrepreneurial spirit by creating a dynamic structure based on the application of logical mathematic on the most extreme motivated interactive IQ test based on a proved system using only the power of your mind finding all humans doing the same equation.,,, DTMarket creates a competitive, simple, and constant environment capable of rewarding participants while generating revenue, leading to a socioeconomic impact never seen before. means the Maximum expressions of freedom and equal opportunity for every human to reach their dreams in a fear, fast and fun competition. Regardless of Origen, age, gender, religion, or even the place where are you living. DTMarket. will be the door to enter in a new world…where always the demand it is over the offer.and over production disappears DTMarket. will be the freedom market place

4 The Model - Dominoker Game will be the vehicle that we will use to align the green energy of the human being. - Celebrating LIVE tournaments at any business place or using the real power of the internet. BEING CONNECTED ! - PTF721 – Matrix Designed - Open 24/7 year-round. - Limitless and boundless, there is always room for more. If there is a need for more tournaments, they can simply be created. - Ability to create millionaires by the minutes, impacting the economy of the area where they live and creating a new generation: DKT millionaires. HOW MANY? HOW OFTEN? More participant,more awards - Ability to move any sort of merchandise with a value from $64 to millions of dollars. - Able to maintain a constant productivity in the real estate market, capital and basic needs industry.

5 - For every tournament there is always a single winner. Every prize is based on a product or a service wanted by the player, with the exception of the $1,000,000 tournament. The million dollar tournament is a check award and will be the longest with 9 rounds and taking a maximum time of. 90 minutes if we are using the internet. -.Using the new game create we can determinate and guarantee the time require for every competition, eliminating rounds are based only in 4points,those depends of the combination obtained in final of every hands played like : - ……………………………………………………………one point difference or tie - ………………………………………………………….;twin-twin - ………………………………………………………….; straight connected - …………………………………………………………..; all of the kind - For every condition the winner get additional point,some hands become 3 or 4 point (,great dynamic game ) - We have patent approved for application on web matrix : The Matrix PTF-721 ELOY - P-PROCESSING - T-TICKET - F-FACTORY - 7-LEVELS(structure of TOURNAMENT) - 21-award price TOURNAMENT - E-easy application - L- low cost ($1.15 tax including) - O-order, organized, system implement - Y-yourself, yes, you can win ! The Competition

6 Revenue Breakdown - All online vendors have to guarantee 100% satisfaction of their products in order to have the right to register and sales 24hr on line,Vendors has to pay 10 % commission on product already awarded - Investors (participants in the tournament) pay only 7% fee on the purchase of the tickets. Each ticket's base price is ¢1 dollar. Therefore, 20 tickets would cost $21.40($1.40 become an enter fee )plus tax required - Combined DT Market charges this 17% fee for administration of the tournament, running the website and ensuring complete and total satisfaction for all parties involved. - ” - We need to raise $500 000 dollars to get this project done.just to open in the minimum amount of server,hosting and develop a soft-ware and applications for all kind of smart- phones

7 Registration We already set up the contract with our software development company to design and build the software and support for our website. It will be ready on the second quarter of 2014.contract If you are a company with a website selling products or services online with 100% guarantee you have to register your business. after we finalize our promotion campaign Your company will be included on our vendor network, where you can sell products 24 hours. : offer free registration for all participants on the new option market. While we complete the new software, you can play for free or by cash ticket on our affiliate website

8 Economical & Social Impact - Real Estate Market - Automotive Industry - Tourism - Development and increase of small businesses - Development of parallel markets - Drastic drop in unemployment - New job creator - Investor growth programs - True equal opportunity - - grow up a new generation ”dt millionairs ”


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