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W ESTERN A REA I NDUSTRY F OCUS G ROUP S ALT L AKE C ITY, UT Edward Phelan Vice President Delivery Operations.

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1 W ESTERN A REA I NDUSTRY F OCUS G ROUP S ALT L AKE C ITY, UT Edward Phelan Vice President Delivery Operations


3 ® 3 Delivery Trends Gradual decrease of 0.2% per year over 8 year cycle Other modes of delivery have increased with new growth

4 ® 4 Curb / Centralized Delivery

5 ® 5 City Routes Over 4 million additional deliveries 3.29% growth rate While still reducing number of routes Cost reduction Reduction in other us more of a reflection of growth in central and curb Still only voluntary to change delivery mode

6 ® 6 Delivery Attributes for Packages Carriers scan where they leave the package

7 ® 7 Benefits of Centralized Delivery Increased efficiencies and cost savings Increased security at the mailbox with locking doors Less rolling and folding of large mail pieces Built in parcel lockers leads to more successful first attempt deliveries Fewer trips to the post office to retrieve left notice items


9 ® 9 Mailbox of the Future Urban mailboxesSuburban mailboxes Currently in pilot testing Fits 2 large priority boxes along with other mail

10 ® 10 Mailbox of the Future Signups Suburban Suburban: Four pilot routes First Box installed on 12-18-14 298 Customers have registered for the NG Mailbox 201 have been installed Customer feedback: “This is amazing. I don’t have to go to the PO anymore. “I’ve been making more online purchases because the mailbox is so convenient.”

11 ® 11 Mailbox of the Future Signups Urban Urban: Four pilot sites: Boston, New York, Pittsburgh and DC Four boxes installed as of 2/11 Customers continue to register in the pilot areas Boston, MA Installs

12 12 Conceptual Mailbox Design

13 ® 13 Variety of Design Options Blend into the feel of a neighborhood Allow convenient and secure pickup options Keyless (solar or hardwired power) Available 24/7

14 ® 14 Sunday Package Delivery Sunday Package Delivery involves the sorting and delivery of packages for multiple ZIP Codes from a designated hub. Using electronic manifests with 11 digit address data dynamic routing will create multiple routes within a large geographic region. Amazon is currently looking at expanding the service to all serviceable ZIP Codes across the country. The USPS is currently reviewing all ZIPs to determine where additional hubs can be built.

15 ® 15 MetroPost Offers same day delivery Picked up by 1 PM or Dropped off at hub by 2PM Delivered by 9 PM Currently testing in Phoenix and New York Expansion plans for over 1800 ZIPs AreaTotal OfficesTotal ZIPs Total Delivery Hubs Capital Metro18929217 Eastern931387 Great Lakes14826624 Northeast1201918 Pacific31672124 Southern55854 Western1002048

16 ® 16 Ship From Store  Ship-From-Store solutions enable retailers to create online fulfillment centers in-store, to help deliver a seamless customer shopping experience across channels.

17 ® 17 Ship From Store Allows for merchandise to seamlessly flow between stores, distribution centers, and customers. Optimize the customer experience by giving customers greater product availability. Can put merchandise in the hands of the customer quickly with next-day shipping. Gives e-tailers the opportunity to offer 100% of their inventory assortment. Reduce shipping costs. Retailers can ship locally from a store in geographic proximity to the customer’s delivery address, versus incurring shipping costs from a distribution center. Can help reduce call center customer support related to inventory availability and speed of arrival. Enable efficient returns. Provides options to route returns to either a distribution center or a store, for faster reinsertion into inventory.

18 ® 18 Delivery Instructions Leave online delivery authorization including where to leave the package Redelivery Schedule redelivery online if you weren't home when we tried to deliver your packages. Dashboard Easily view your incoming packages before they arrive at your home. Create automated notifications: New mail Email or Text alerts Setup hold mail Future Enhancement Weather impact notifications

19 19 Other Parcel Locker Solutions United States Amazon Locker Located in major US cities Emailed or texted code. No preregistration No keys or cards Secure retail locations such as 7-Elevens and grocery storesFrance Cityssimo 2,500 lockers 31 cities Smartcard with preregistration Retail sites and dedicated storefronts Germany Packstation 2,650 lockers 1,600 cities Smartcard and PIN with preregistration Street fronts, railway stations, supermarkets, gas stations

20 ® 20 Grocery Delivery Piloted in San Francisco Expanded to Southern CA: Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County Future Amazon Expansion City USPS ZIP Codes Bronx NY77 Seattle WA30 Los Angeles CA196 Bridgeport CT7 Stamford CT15 Tacoma WA49 Sacramento CA Rancho Cucamonga CA Portland WA Manhattan NY Washington DC

21 ® 21 Menu Delivery Delivery of meal ingredient packages with recipes Deliver anytime during the day Chilled for 24-48 hours Drop by 4am Free shipping for customers

22 ® 22 Fish Delivery In New York City Delivering fresh and frozen seafood from Fulton Fish Market to restaurants Dropped at 6 AM for same day delivery by 11:30 AM Testing to monitor condition and temperature of delivered items.

23 ® 23 Water Delivery With Nestle: Testing water/liquid delivery in New York City Collect product at 11:30 AM for next day delivery Delivered 99 cases during the last test Currently delivering Delivery Monday through Friday

24 ® 24 Mail My Way Creating a concierge service that includes: Picking up an unpackaged item Packaging the item with appropriate packing materials Placing the item into the mailstream for delivery Location St. Louis, MO Testing software and process for Customers, Carriers and Supervisors Courier service allowing customers to send items directly within the same ZIP code

25 ® 25 Additional Initiatives 1-800 Flowers New York City Collection twice daily at 10:30am and 2:00pm Will pilot in 3 zones when the vendor is ready

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